My First Post

Hey. Hi there. How’s it goin’? So, I’ll go ahead and admit that this blog is pretty pointless. But hey, it’ll take up some of my abundance of free time. And I get to write. And obsess over k-pop some more. What’s so bad about that? I’ll prolly be posting again today, a real post, but I’ll go ahead and tell you what to expect from this blog in the future.

First: Songs of the Day. I usually write these in my journal, but I decided that I’d like to keep track of them, and also share them with my friends so that they, like myself, can experience Asian music to its full potential. Does that makes sense? I seriously doubt it. But I think you get the idea. I’ll be posting links to videos as well, if the song has an MV, and rambling on about this or that band member, and how much I love the song, and why, etc. I think I’ll be posting lyrics (and translations) as well, if I can. I think it’ll be fun 🙂 If I abandon this project right away, I apologize.

Second: Band profiles. So that you can get to know my favourite bands as well as I do. I’ll be starting with my favourites, and likely updating them as I go, and helping out with telling members apart and such (because I have so much trouble with that). I will hopefully also be posting updates on bands’ activities, any news, etc. Hopefully this will be not boring and stupid. Bear with me. I’m doing this primarily for myself, so I’m sorry if it bores you to tears.

And third: Probably some useless k-stuff, like awesome dramas, news, and the like. Anything that catches my interest, I suppose. Again, sorry if it’s boring junk. I like it, and so should you.


So there you have it. I hope you look forward to future posts and whatever. Yay!


About beckysmusicblog

I'm a music-obsessed girl that decided to keep this blog for my future self and my friends. I also have too much free time ^^
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