SotD-SHINee’s “Hello”

Yay! I was all excited about this post. I even wrote it like four days in advance. Today I present to you (and you probably already know it) SHINee’s “Hello.” It’s only the most adorable video ever. I loved it from the moment I saw it.

This was the video that turned my love for k-pop into an obsession. It was the first time I realized I needed to know the names of every member, and be able to tell them apart, and know everything about the band. I’m not sure what did it. But it spurred a whole new development in my obsession. It was the pivotal point between love and addiction. There was no going back.

I fell in love with SHINee shortly after seeing this music video for the first time. It’s a cheesy thing to say, but so true. After all this time of knowing them, I still adore this whole video. It’s just so great.

Here’s the music video:

So, MV. Best thing in the world. The dancing? Freakishly awesome. It was the first dance Maggie and I decided to learn. It’s so fun. I think it took us two weeks total to learn it, with hour-long practices/learning sessions. The first day was a Saturday, and we learned for four hours straight. It actually turned out to be a lot of fun. Me and Mags were a little crazy by the end, and sore, but we laughed our heads off. We also went a little batty after hearing the song a million times in sloooow moootion. Agh. It was hard going, but we managed. Unfortunately, I have now heard that song so many times from teaching the dance to others and constant practices that sometimes I want to strangle someone when I hear it. It’s hard to appreciate it now. All I think about is the choreography. I’m working on that. Such a good song.

So, this video is about the five members, who all want to give a present to their girlfriend, but are too shy/nervous. It’s so cute. The into and outro are too adorable. They’re basically arguing with themselves, trying to gather the courage to do the deed. There’s Taemin with a hand-decorated doll, Key with a couple’s ring (very popular in Korea), Minho with a huge teddy bear, Jonghyun with a mysterious box, and Onew with flowers. I could watch it a million times, just because it’s so cute. Very fitting to the lyrics, too.

The lyrics are MEGA-cute. Seriously. And they match the music video perfectly. They’re all about being in love and being too shy to confess, and they’re freakishly adorable. I got mine here: link. I love them. The English is pretty basic and well-done, too. A couple words here and there, they all make sense. Yay! I’m super-biased because this was one of my first k-pop songs, but I will forever love how they use the word “hello.” It’s pretty cheesy, but so cute.

The dance is amazing. You don’t realize how complicated and amazing it is until you try to learn it. We ended up learning a really dumbed-down version of it. It takes serious skill to pull this one off well. And they do it so perfectly. It’s a really cute dance, with the jumping and waving and such, and they all move so fluidly. It’s not as precise and intricate as some of their other dances, but it’s still quite outstanding. SHINee always is.

I really, reallllly like the sets and such for this MV. Again, very biased. But the apartment thing is so cute, with the members in various places around or inside it (are they all after the same girl? Again??) and the whole atmosphere is unbearably sweet. The clothes, on the other hand, are somewhat questionable. The only time I like them are in the storyline scenes. Key’s red onesie is a tiny bit laughable, as are Taemin’s super-tight black leather pants, and all the leopard print going on. I’m not saying they’re all bad. But I don’t like a lot of them. Oh well. The cuteness of the video makes up for it. I like Taemin’s hair better than I have int he past, but it’s not his best. Minho’s isn’t great either, but it isn’t bad. Very average and boring. I don’t like Onew’s much, either. I kind of like Key’s, though, and Jonghyun’s. None, however, are awful, and that’s what really matter ^^ (Oh! But Key’s outfit when he’s standing on the stairs, especially his shoes, are awesome. LOVE!)

Favourite parts! Whole thing? Pretty much. But my favourite favourite parts have to be Key’s “Ooh yeah, baby baby baby girl!” at 2:43, Jonghyun’s soulful line at 2:34, Key and Taemin’s V-signs at 3:12, Kay’s line at 1:37, the dramatic turns at 3:20, and, of course, the best parts of all; the intro and outro. SO CUTE. I love the whole video! :’D SHINee, why so perfect?

Lastly, members, for those who don’t know them. Maknae and lead dancer Taemin at 0:01, 0:52 and 1:47. Leader Onew at 0:16, 0:43, 1:39 and 2:27. Lead vocals Jonghyun at 0:06, 0:33 and 2:15. Rapper Minho at 0:13, 1:27 and 2:36. And, lastly, triple-threat Key at 0:10, 1:37 and 2:56.

Anyways, that’s about it. This video probably changed my life, as ridiculous as that sounds. It seriously did. I will never be the same because of it. No, I haven’t changed as a person or become better because of it. But I think I’ve become happier. And it changed how I would spend the next year of my life. And that counts for something. I am still thoroughly in love with SHINee, and I probably won’t stop for a while. Enjoy the song! I know I heckin’ did! SHINee, fighting!



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