SOtD#2-B1A4’s “OK”

I wasn’t planning on doing this song as a Song of the Day. In fact, I didn’t know this song existed until about 4:00 today. I have no idea how we found it, but suddenly Maggie and I found ourselves clicking on a YouTube video that said “[OFFICIAL] B1A4 (비원에이포) – O.K FULL MV” Aka, B1A4’s “O.K.” I had no idea what to expect. But what I found was a pleasant surprise. (PS-Here is the link–>

I know absolutely nothing about this band, or this song. In fact, all I know is what I just looked up on Wikipedia. Which is that B1A4 is a South Korean 5-member boy band formed by WM Entertainment in 2011. Ok, so I already did know they just debuted. But still. They are a mystery to me. But I still really like this song. Which, by the way, was just released today.  Whoo! We’re so loyal!

Wait, I know one other thing! Me and Maggie discovered this while watching the video. We were wondering what their name could possibly mean (K-pop band names always stand for something) and we finally figured out that it stands for ONE member having Blood Type B and FOUR members having Blood Type A. Yeah. I told you Blood Type was a big deal in Korea. The video actually features little bio boxes that state each member’s name and Blood Type. It’s so weird.

Kay, so the video seems to be about them hanging out with–I’m not sure if it’s just one guy’s girlfriend or if it’s…all of theirs. Or if they’re all just in love with the same girl. If that’s the case, they don’t seem to mind, because they’re all very cheerful as they play basketball with her and rock out. Ah, yes, the rocking out. This band seems to play their own instruments! Hurrah! But I’m not sure if that’s only for this music video. I know nothing. The song is a mix of pop and rock, and I love it. I also really like the dancing 🙂 They’re all super cute, of course. I think I’m really gonna love them. As a sidenote, me and Maggie started downloading the album before we even finished listening to the song. Yeeeeah.

The video also features the guys dressed in shiny blue coats/overalls/pants. Which is…pretty awesome. Even apart from that, I’m really lovin’ their outfits. They’re all like punk-rock and way cool, and they pull it off easily, despite their boyishly adorable faces. Nicely done, unfortunately-named-band! (I actually really like the band name. I just don’t like the fact that it stands for something incredibly lame, and slightly weird.)

So that’s my review. I will be anxiously awaiting more stuff from this band, and listening to their album (named “Let’s Fly”) and possibly updating you on any other epic songs. For now, B1A4 fighting!



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