SotD-Dalmatian’s “That Man Opposed”

(Author’s note: I was planning on doing a post on Haru Haru today, but I decided it was too long and I was too tired, so I opted for a shorter post today :D)

OMG. I love this song. I promised I’d do a post on it, and here it is—Dalmatian’s “That Man Opposed.” I loved it since the moment I saw Youngwon’s blue hair. I fell in love; in fact, I loved it so much that I listened to it some eight times a day. Then I got scared I was going to get sick of it, so I stopped listening to it altogether—like a diet of sorts. That’s how much I love it. I don’t do this with a lot of songs—pretty much just this one and SuJu-M’s “Off My Mind.” I now skip it every time it comes on my iPod and never choose it on purpose. Every so often (like, once or twice a week) I allow myself to watch the MV. Because of these measures I’ve taken, I am still just as much in love as ever.

I talked about my discovery of this song in my Dalmatian post—because my discovery of Dalmatian was this song. I was drawn in immediately by Youngwonnie’s hair and Jisu’s beautiful voice (he sings first). I loved everything about it. The tune, the voices, the people, the video, the outfits, the dancing, Bbanku the dog…so great. All the English—other than the title, yikes—is very fluent and well-pronounced, with excellent accents. And the English translation of the lyrics is nothing short of adorable. What a bunch of cuties.

So the song is basically about this guy who is telling the girl he has a crush on that the guy she is currently dating is not the guy for her—in fact, he is. He’s telling her things like “he’s the worst guy I’ve ever seen” and “he changes when he drinks” and other stuff. Kind of like he’s trash-talking him. But for good reason! He just wants her to realize that he’s way better! And he probably is!

Whoa. Just realized that it’s basically the male, Korean version of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me.” Aww. It’s cute on so many levels, because as adorable as You Belong With Me is, this song is by adorable Korean guys! Ah! Too cute! (BTW, don’t think I’m bashing Taylor. I love that song. She’s great.)

The video goes along with the lyrics pretty dang well. It’s basically the six members standing in a line with six girls—boy, girl, boy, girl, etc. And it seems that all of them are in love with the person on their right—problematic. It’s like an entire love circle—this guy likes this girl, who likes this guy, who likes this girl, who likes this guy, who likes—this dog? Dari’s stuck with Bbanku until he changes places to the other side of the line to talk to his own crush, but that sucks for the girl who liked Dari. Anyways, they’re all trying to get the attention of their crushes and periodically turning around to yell at the person pestering them on the left—it’s pretty hilarious. Occasionally they’ll get fed up and throw a few punches or pull each other out of line. At one point, one of the girls kisses her crush (Daniel) unexpectedly, much to his surprise, and much to the horror of the guy crushing on her (Jisu). So funny and adorable.

In the end, all the guys end up with the girl they wanted—except Day Day, who apparently gets two girls, leaving Daniel with…Bbanku. Bahaha. XD Poor Daniel. But anyways, they all go into a photobooth to take a bunch of adorable pictures, which is precious (and I seem to recall Daniel going in with a girl—where did Bbanku come in? Also, as you can see, I won’t allow myself to watch the video even now, so I can’t go check any of these facts.) Everyone is happy, especially me.

I would also like to point out Jisu’s beautiful voice at the end, where he gets a fantastic back-up falsetto part. You’ll hear it. Thing was, when me and Maggie saw it, we were like, “Why is he mouthing that girl’s part?” Seriously, he sounds just like a girl. Once we got over the surprise, though, we were like “He—is so awesome. Oh my gosh.” It was love. Even Joseph loves him. Or at least his voice. See what we’ve done to that poor boy? Anyways, Jisu. Is great. The end.

So that’s basically all I have to say. I could sing praises for this song forever. But I wont. I’ll simply give you the link ( and the English lyrics. Here they are:

Don’t wanna be lonely I wanna just fall in love. I love you, so won’t you come in to my heart

Oh yeah (oh oh follow me follow me) oh yeah (oh oh follow me follow me)
I need you girl (oh oh follow me follow me) I love you oh oh you you you

The guy you like is the worst guy I’ve seen ever
It’s frustrating (hey). It’s a sticky situation (she played you). Why don’t you know he’s a player baby

Why are you a fool and living your life being tricked. It’s obvious that you’re going to be played and end up crying in the end.
Why do you love with your eyes closed and ears shut girl.
I oppose that man, he’s not the one. Come to me and don’t believe in him.

Fall in love with me. Let us fall in love. Open your eyes
So won’t you come in to my Come in to my heart

If that guy betrays you, I’ll beat him up. If he doesn’t take care of your anniversary date, I’ll do it instead.
I’m the complete opposite of him, but you don’t have to worry so follow me follow me follow me follow me oh girl

Because I thought you’d hurt, I couldn’t say anything. If you like it, then I’ll like it too.
But I can’t bear it any longer to see you get hurt.
When he drinks, he changes and he has too many girls aside from you.
Why do you love with your eyes closed and ears shut girl.
I oppose that man, he’s not the one. Come to me and don’t believe in him.

Fall in love with me. Let us fall in love. Open your eyes
So won’t you come in to my Come in to my heart

Follow me follow me. Trust only me and follow me. You’re my l.o.v.e l.o.v.e. I only have you.
Girl I wanna be wanna be the love you wanted.
So I believe I believe oh! I believe I believe L.O.V.E LOVE

You the one I love, I want to place you in my heart and if you want, I’ll hug you.
Fall in love with me. Let us fall in love. Open your eyes
So won’t you come in to my Come in to my heart.

Dang. I love them so much. I was very tempted to watch the video just now. But no, I must contain myself. So instead, you should watch it, and love it as much as I do. I look forward to seeing a LOT more of Dalmatian in the future. Fighting!



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