SotD-Big Bang’s “Haru Haru”

So here’s the post I mentioned yesterday: my overly long and over-explained recap of Big Bang’s “Haru Haru” (or Day by Day, if we go by the English translation). I also mentioned it in my Big Bang post, but I didn’t really expand on it. I was actually really looking forward to this post, because not only do I love this song, but I love Big Bang, and I feel bad for not posting any of their songs before now. Sorry! Anyways, here is my recap-thing. Sob sob sob. I want to cry already.

This is possibly the saddest music video I’ve ever seen. Also, in existense. I cried so much the first time, and Maggie had already told me what was going to happen. So I’ll tell you, because it is both difficult to understand and I want to prepare you. If you don’t want me to spoil the entire music video, but would still like to know what’s going on, feel free to skip the next several paragraphs. I know I needed an explanation when I first watched it. It was very confusing. Anyways, prepare for me to explaint he ehck out of every scene (or pretty close).

Okay, so I won’t spoil the big secret just yet. I will later, even though it’s a major spoiler. I will warn you ahead of time. Anyways, the MV opens with a girl standing and talking with TOP–which would be fine if the girl wasn’t G-Dragon’s girlfriend, and TOP wasn’t…not G-Dragon (by the way, that’s Seungri sitting in the car). GD (and co.) sees them together and watches in horrified shock as she hands TOP her couple ring (which I’m guessing signifies that she’s giving her heart to him instead of GD. As I’ve mentioned before, couple rings are very popular in Korea). This leads to a very in-your-face confrontation between GD and TOP (as the girl walks away quietly) and then a little fistfight (literally, they get RIGHT up in each others’ personal space. Like, noses touching. This is not as weird in Korea as it is here, as their personal space bubbles are very small to non-existent). Their faces get a little beat up, but eventually their friends pull them off each other and they go home or whatever.

This leads to an extremely emotional G-Dragon, who cries and breaks a mirror as his eyeliner runs and stands in the shower fully clothed. It is very sad, and makes me want to cry (this is where the tears started the first time). Oh, poor GD.

After that, there’s a little incident where TOP and the Girl are sitting in a car somehwere. G-Dragon shows up again (does this seem planned to you?) and gets very upset. I would also be quite upset. I can see where he’s coming from. But really? The headband? No wonder she broke up with you.

(I joke. I love you, G-Dragon! I feel your pain! I still love you, even if your hair sucks and you have scrawny arms and too much eyeliner.)

Anyways, this leads to zombie-GD, who walks numbly through the streets as the Girl watches with teary eyes. Then GD goes home and cries and trashes his house in his overwhelming dispair and heartbreak. This part really gets me. It’s just–so sad. I’m getting a little emotional.

Then there’s this all-important scene where you see the Girl sitting and crying as she watches G-Dragon walk around in a daze, and you see her hair falling out. And that’s when you know (major spoiler) she has Cancer.

Noooooo! Not The Cancer! In Korean media, it seems ever other boyfriend/girlfriend gets either The Cancer or The Amnesia. OY. It’s so cliche, it’s not even funny. Anyways, apparently Cancer Girl decided she “doesn’t want to hurt him (G-Dragon)” so she decided to pretend to cheat on him with TOP so that he wouldn’t love her anymore and not be heartbroken when he finds out she has Cancer. WTF? I do not see her reasoning. How is that at all helpful? How? I feel like she is making matters 1,000,000x worse. What an idiot. Anyways, it appears that TOP and all their friends are in on it. They apparently would like to help  break G-Dragon’s heart. I do not know why TOP would ever agree to this. Do they all think it’s a good idea? Really?

Soon after, you see the Girl sitting on a hospital bed, surrounded by G-Dragon’s friends, who are trying to be cheerful for her sake and keep her company. Taeyang watches from the doorway, looking uneasy. Finally, just before the Girl goes in to some sort of operation room, he decides to call GD and tell him everything (or at least “She’s dying, come see her.”)

This results in an emotion-filled all-out running scene, with G-Dragon so desperate to get to the hospital in time that he–takes off his shirt? Okay. Anyways, he runs in, but TOP stops him, gives him back her couple ring, and says something along the lines of “I’m sorry, she still loves you” (yes, I just translated that myself. I looked it up and he actually says “I’m sorry I lied, Minyoung really loves you.” Score!) Gah! G-Dragon starts clutching his chest and crying, and I fall apart once again. So, so, SO sad! *cue hysterical crying*

G-Dragon then waits for the Girl to come out of the room. When she does, he kneels by her side, crying, and says, “You’re–my heart–say goodbye” and as he does, her heart monitor goes flat with a long beeeeeep. He never even got to say goodbye to her.

Wow. I’m honestly getting a little teary-eyes over here. See what you’ve done? I hate this music video! At the same time, I love it to death. No pun intended. But the acting and the emotion are so good. Wow. Now allow me to go cry in a corner for a while. Oh, poor G-Dragon. So sad. *sob*

And I won’t include lyrics, because they’re actually not that sad or relevant to the video and they kinda ruin the effect (apart from the one line in the chorus that goes “Day by day, I’m going numb” Awww :() On another note, Maggie can play this song on the piano and we know the chorus and bridge off by heart, which results in some kick-butt karaoke. We totally love this song. Our favourite BB song, I’d say, and definitely makes our top 10 K-Pop list (although we haven’t updated it in a while…) Anyways, here’s the link. Enjoy! And keep tissues nearby.

PS-those scenes/flashbacks of GD and his girlfriend are so adorable it’s heartbreaking. I love him so much.

PPS-I still have to laugh every time at those parts where they’re just sitting and singing, and Taeyang is wearing a crown. I mean, really? A crown? Where did that even come from?

PPPS-This video can be very funny with a running commentary. However, it destroys the emotion completely. So if you don’t want to cry, come watch it with me sometime.

And that is all I have to say. Goodbye.



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