SotD#2-ZE:A’s “Here I Am”

Kay, so I forgot to mention this in my last post, but I really was planning on taking Good Friday off. But then I realized I had nothing to do. I am currently home alone, lazing around, being bored. So I figured I might as well to something productive. (Actually, earlier me and Maggie started learning the dance to Perfection by SJ-M, but she had to leave :()

Anyways, my second Song of the Day today is “Here I Am” by ZE:A (this is supposed to be pronounced “zee-ah”, I believe, but since Koreans can’t make the zzz sound very well, they usually say it “jee-ah”) We’ve known about this song for a while (we discovered ZE:A at the same time as Dalmatian) but we only recently discovered this music video. It is soooo cute. Here’s the link:

First off, a bit about the band. They debuted in January, 2010 with 9 members. They are all adorable and between the ages of 19 and 23. Their company is Star Empire Entertainment, and their band name used to be “Children of Empire” before they changed it (probably because Children on Empire is way lame). I just discovered very randomly that Kwanghee, one of the members, has the same birthday as me (epic!) That is useless information. Too bad he’s not my bias, though. Ah well, it might change. Maggie and I usually establish biases within the first minute of a music video, often based on clothes, hair, voice or looks. Maggie’s favourite to this point is Siwan, because his suit jacket and pants are the same colour. Seriously, that’s why. My favourite is currently Hyungshik, because he’s cute and I like his clothes. Go us. As a totally random and pointless sidenote, Yesung of Super Junior (my SJ bias) was born the day before me. Score! I’m always happy about things like that.

The song is basically all about how much the guy loves the girl and how he’ll always be right beside her (Here I am, here I am, etc.) It’s pretty cute. But not as cute as the MV. For one thing, the dance is unbearably cuuuuute. I don’t know what it is, but Maggie and I looooove it. After the first time we watched it, we added it to our list of Dances to Learn (it’s a very long list, sadly). You can find the Dance Version here. I like it very much. The dance is simple, but funny and cute. Yay!

The MV seems to be about this girl who is about to go confess her love to the guy she likes. However, she keeps messing things up, by doing things like waking up late and not dressing as well as she’d like, etc. But–good thing!–she happens to have these nine adorable guardian angels (aka ZE:A) watching her back! Throughout the day they do things like magically change her clothes, wake her up, divert crises, and so on, in order to make sure she gets things right. It’s pretty cute. Also, they’re all wearing classy clothes! Whoo!

One thing that strikes me as odd is that the people in the music video are never very perturbed when time stops for a few seconds, and then suddenly they have or are missing things, such as flowers, or a perfectly-made cake, or new clothes. They’re all just like “Whoa! This is sweet! I’m so happy!” and go on their way (as for the people that lost these things–sucks for them!)

At the end, the girl hesitates before ringing this guys’ doorbell, and Kwanghee is nice enough to do it for her. She shyly stands by as said guy opens his door, and Kwanghee goes back to stand with the others (looking very excited–he’s so cute) to watch as she greets this guy.

And that’s pretty much it. Not much substance, but a whole lot of fluff and aegyo. I just wanna pinch their cute little cheeks! Ahahaha…yeah. Anyways, I love this band, and I love this song. Therefore I feel that you should also love them. And now, just because I can, I will tell you who’s who at about 3:45, when they’re all standing in a line (in the MV). From left to right: Dongjoon, Hyungshik, Siwan, Kwanghee, Taeheon(behind…can’t see him that well), Junyoung, Minwoo, Kevin, Heechul (like the SJ member).

And that is all! I hope you enjoy it fully! ZE:A fighting!



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