Why I Like K-Pop

So, I bet at one point or another you’ve wondered why I like k-pop so much. No? Well, I’ll explain anyways. There are several reasons why (and yes, one of them is because it’s so awesome, but I won’t expand on that one too much) and I hope to make some sense of it myself. THIS is why I like k-pop.

1. It’s not mainstream. Well, in Korea it is, but it isn’t in Canada/America, and if there’s one thing I love, it’s doing something other people don’t. I like that it’s something most people don’t know about and it’s not constantly on the radio or being talked about. It’s something I can have all for myself and sometimes share with my friends. I know it’s kind of a pride issue, but I love it because it’s not popular or well-known or “cool” to listen to. It makes me feel unique and hip and awesome.

2. There’s the foreign appeal. I know, this is applied to all non-English music, but that’s why I like non-English music. Because it’s not English. It’s new and interesting and cool. For some reason I like listening to songs that I can’t even understand and singing stuff that has very little meaning to me. I love that it’s not my language. At first it’s weird and turn-offish and awkward, but once you get used to it, it makes it that much better. It’s somehow mysterious and attractive. I don’t know what it is, but I love things that aren’t…American or Canadian. Or at least not English American/Canadian. Me and Maggie are both like that.

3. It’s so clean. And by that I mean pure and chaste and non-sexual. It’s not hard to beat America in that respect. Now, Korean music isn’t always completely clean–especially with some music videos, which I’ve seen get pretty racy and scandalous. And I also know that I can’t understand Korean, so you’re probably wondering how I can know if their lyrics are clean or not. Well, I do know that all the songs I’ve looked up the lyrics to are completely clean, but the main thing is that I know Korean censoring is VERY strict. Songs will be banned if they have any sexual content, swear words, suggestive lyrics, etc. I’ve also seen bands get in trouble for too sexual of dances, and even showing too much skin. They aren’t allowed to sing certain songs live or on tv shows. Their dances and outfits are becoming more and more regulated. They have quite a bit of freedom with MVs (we can see that from Big Bang and a lot of girl groups) but when it’s to the general public, they’re very closely watched. Oh how I wish that was the case out here. Now I’ll admit, I think Korea goes a little overboard sometimes (like with DBSK’s Mirotic, which got banned for the lyrics “I got you under my skin” and Rain’s Love Song MV, which was banned on KBS because he’s seen running on the streets, which is illegal in Korea, apparently). But they have the right idea. And I can listen to K-pop happily, without having to worry about being fed immoral, dirty trash. Thank you, Korea! I could go on about this subject for hours, but I’ll stop now.

Those are the main three reasons. There are others, though, too. For one…they’re all so cute! I know this is very shallow of me, but it’s true. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the bands when you see their adorable faces. Seriously. And I love that I don’t like them because they’re sexy or steamy or hot. It’s because they are literally adorable, in an innocent and huggable way. I am also aware that plastic surgery is very prevalent in Korea (as in, almost every idol’s gotten it), which is saddening, but oh well. They can’t be perfect.

Another thing is that they dance. I am a huge sucker for dancing. As soon as I see them dancing there on stage or in their music videos, I fall in love. It’s what got me into k-pop in the first place. America is seriously low on boy bands. All they have out here are female dancers, and all they do is dance seductively in skimpy outfits. Well, for the most part they do. I love boy bands! I’d still like k-pop if there was no dancing, but not as much. To all American artists–dancing is key. And real dancing, not the crappy kind we seem to consist of.

Another thing–it is so easy to fall in love with the bands and the members. It’s because of the popularity of variety and reality shows in Korea. There are dozens of them, and in each one you get to see the adorable, hilarious side of your favourite bands. I fell so in love with SHINee and Beast and Super Junior this way. After one or two, it’s impossible not to. They’re just so great. Now, I’m sure a lot of it is staged or scripted (at least partly) but that doesn’t matter. It’s not gonna stop me. I. Love. Them. End of story.

I could keep going on and on, but I think I’ll stop here. I think you get the picture. There are lots of reasons why I love k-pop. I know it’s the weirdest thing, to be in love with music I can’t understand or relate to, but I just am. It surprised even me, when I discovered this obsession. I know I’m an extremely obsessive person in the first place, but this was new to me. But I couldn’t help it. I fell in love, and I doubt it’ll fade anytime soon. Those Koreans have grown on me to the point of no return. I am completel yin love with the music, the tv shows, the culture, the langauge–everything. One day, I will go to South Korea. And it will be awesome.

So there you have it. Those are my reasons. It’s weird, it’s different, and I don’t fully understand it myself, but love…is an unexplainable thing. Even when it’s for foreign music. I’m just trying to spread the love.



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