SotD-Infinite’s “Nothing’s Over”

Another completely new song and band (to us). This one’s Infnite’s “Nothing’s Over” (yes, the same Infinite I mentioned in my Candy post. I looked them up at last). I really, really like this one, and just yesterday I downloaded their two mini-albums, and I love those too. If I can say nothing else about this band, I can say that they are amazing dancers. Honestly, they are mind-blowing. They are so in sync and so perfect that I kind of want to cry. Wowza.

So first, a bit about the band and how I found them. They debuted not too long ago with seven members (ages 17-21), in mid-2010, and they must’ve been working really hard, if they already put out two mini albums and a single album. They’re under Woollim Entertainment, and their fans are called “Inspirits.” I found them by their most recent MV (Nothing’s Over) which came out on March 16, and was uploaded by one of the people we’re subscribed to, who uploads a new k-pop MV every week or something. Anyways, Maggie watched it and told me she kind of liked it, so I watched it too. I liked it too, but we didn’t look into it much more (we were distracted temporarily by B1A4) until a different person we’re subscribed to uploaded the dance version (found here) to this song. I watched it, and loved it. They are so. Freaking. Good. How long must it have taken them to get so synchronized? It’s insane.

Anyways, from there I clicked on some of Infinite’s other dance and music videos, and they amazed the heck out of me. So I checked them out a little more thoroughly, looking into them, and re-watched these dance versions, which still amaze me with their awesomeness. I will certainly be reviewing them later on. Anticipate it. So anywho, I looked up their discography and downloaded their two mini albums. That was yesterday. Since then  I have listened to them quite a bit, and I’m loving them. One more kick-butt band for the list! Whoo!

As a completely off-topic sidenote, I know I say I download a lot of songs (for free), and I do. But don’t think I’m being a bad fan or a dishonest person. I’m not that disloyal (like a lot of people are). Like a good fan, and a good person, I fully intend to purchase every single CD that I download, as soon as I have money and such. If I don’t like the songs, I delete them, and if I do, I write down the CD names on my list and plan on when to buy them. I wouldn’t download them at all if I had easier access to Korean CDs. But the whole process takes a while, and I’m anxious to listen. Working on purchasing my first CDs! Yay!

So, the video. Found here. I love it. It has this one-take, continuous feel, even though it’s obviously not all taken in one shot. But some parts are. The actual video plot is about this guy whose girlfriend broke up with him, and he’s really sad and depressed, and for the entire video his friends are trying to cheer him up by telling him “Nothing’s Over” (which I guess means…just because she left doesn’t mean your life is over? Not sure. Koreans and their English grammar…and yes, I am aware that it sounds like they’re saying “Nothing Sober” They have pretty brutal pronunciation. Once you get used to it, it’s a lot better) So for the entire time, they’re showing up and being like “Hey man, get over it, we’re here for you!” And it’s really cute.

Also, as a warning, this music video includes a lot of touchy-feely moments between the members. I will remind you that this is NORMAL in Korea. Boys hold hands and hug and such all the time. It’s completely normal. So don’t get the wrong idea. It’s a little weird at first, but again, you get used to it.

Anyways, the concept’s great, the acting is great, and the guys are adorable in their pastel pants. I love how a lot of parts are one long take, with one scene leading into the next, with walls of toilet-paper rolls and boxes falling over and beds tipping back to reveal the next set. It’s so cool. I also love how the main character is completely deadpan and zombie-faced for the entire video, except for when his friends are trying to cheer him up and he gets kind of ticked off. I mean, all I could think was “That’s so true! I would totally react like that!” Like at 1:35-1:40 ish, when his friend pokes him in the side, and he kind of grimaces and shrugs him off. That’s so realistic. I know exactly how that feels. It’s like “Just leave me alone and let me mope! Geez!” Well done, Infinite.

Also, it seems like in the end…he never cheers up. Actually, in the end for some reason all the members start goofing off and running away. It’s very strange and random, but I love it. What a good conclusion.

So there you have it. I love them all so much. And this song…not sure why, but I kind of feel like it’s reminiscent of U-Kiss’s “0330”. Same kind of feel, only a bit less soulful. I don’t know. I really like it. And the dance video is nothing short of mind-blowing. They are super, crazy talented. I have very, very high hopes for this group. Seriously. They’re so good. Check ’em out. Amazing. Fighting!

UPDATE: I’ve gotten to know the band a bit better now, and would just like to throw out their names and where to find them in the video. Because I’m the kind of person that always wants to know these things (hence why I looked it up). Here they are: Main character (and vocalist) Sungyeol–0:01 and 2:06 and pretty much everywhere else. “Face of the group” L–0:13 and 1:55. Leader and main vocalist Sungkyu–0:29 (on your left) and 2:39 (through the window). Other main vocalist Woohyun–0:36, 2:06(singing), and 2:43. Maknae and diva Sungjong–1:19 and 0:52 (in pink) (they have a lot of Sung- names). Rapper and main dancer Hoya–2:23. And main rapper Dongwoo–1:30 (the one rapping). And that’s all! Love these guys 🙂



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2 Responses to SotD-Infinite’s “Nothing’s Over”

  1. emilytazen34 says:

    Wow… just wow. That, was amazing, and I have only watched the dance version… the only question I have, is why do they raise their hand when it’s there turn to sing? I don’t know… I just kind of find that… weird… but yeah, AWESOME SAUCE!

    • Haha, to be honest I cannot fathom why they do that. Maybe it’s to keep track and make sure they know themselves, or its for curious watchers. Apparently a lot of k-pop artists do it when they practice. But aren’t they freaking amazing? It still baffles me. So good at dancing O_o

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