SotD-CN Blue’s “Love Girl”

Yay! I’ve been excited about this one for a couple of days now, since the MV Teaser came out. It’s CN Blue’s “Love Girl.” I absolutely love CN Blue. I really love their new album, First Step. Absolutely zero complaints. Well done, guys.

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned CN Blue yet. I feel kind of bad for not kicking off my CN Blue posts with “LOVE”, which was the first song I heard, and the second Korean song I heard after I Hope. CN Blue introduced me to English in Korean songs. I used to listen to their album Bluelove every day on the bus, twice a day. It was awesome. That was before we had over 250 K-pop songs, of course. At the time, we had like…7. Whew.

So, we discovered CN Blue the same way as FT Island. The lead singer, Jung Yonghwa, played Kang Shinwoo in You’re Beautiful, who was the nicest, sweetest, most adorable person I have ever laid eyes on. Maggie and I were–are–legit in love with him. Our hearts broke with his. Even if he’s not the best actor. His amazing character made up for it. When we looked up his band, we loved them immediately–even if at first we couldn’t tell Yonghwa apart from Jonghyun (yes, another one) and Minhyuk, the guitarist and drummer. At this point we were still learning how to tell Koreans apart. I can now without even thinking.

CN Blue’s style is generally a mellower rock. I really, really love them. They have some very soft, slow ballads, and they have some cute, faster songs, and some harder rock songs. I love them all. They can pull it all off. They all have very good English, pronunciation-wise (well, except for Jungshin) to the point where they can even pronounce Vs, Fs and Zs. Go guys! They even have some great all-English songs.

I will, at some point, be writing a real bio for these guys, and I will expand more then. For now I will move on to the music video, before this gets way too long. Anticipate a band bio in the future!

So, I absolutely love this song. I liked it from the first time I heard it, which was around April 5, if I’m not mistaken. It’s cute and fun and upbeat, and I’ve always loved CN Blue’s cute side. They’re so adorable. The song’s super-catchy, too. Also, they–like all Koreans–have trouble pronouncing the V sound (they generally replace it with a B, as seen in Nothing’s Over). However, this didn’t stop them from making the main line of the chorus “L-O-V-E girl!” Now, I know I just said that they all have really good English, and it’s true. I’m constantly impressed with their English. Their pronunciation is usually spot-on. But they still have trouble with that pesky V, as expected. They amazingly don’t succumb to the overwhelming B sound, but there’s an obvious effort behind that V. You can tell they’re really trying, and they put extra force into the V. Like, “Ell-oh-VEE-ee-girl.” It’s somehow cute, and funny at the same time.

But my favourite is the music video. OMG, they are too cute. Just–unbearably so. And not in the same way as, say, SHINee, either. It’s a little different. I don’t know how to explain it. They’re just so fantastically adorable. Especially compared to the cool chicness of LOVE, the seriousness of I’m a Loner, and the bad-boy-ness of Intuition. Suddenly they’re these shy, playful guys and I’m dying over here. Wow.

The music video (found here) is basically about this girl whose CN Blue poster comes to life when she isn’t looking. Lame, I know, but it gets better. This girl is busy listening to her iPod (to Love Girl, of course) and the guys and shyly watching her, hiding when she turns around, and for some reason trying to touch her (and also at one point stealing her food). Just their facial expressions are enough for me. So cute. How much do I love Jonghyun pretending to be a lamp at 1:43? 😀 Anyways, eventually she discovers them (I love how Jonghyun throws his arms up at 2:59 :P) but is strangely not freaked out, as most normal people would be. She just happily gets them to play their song for her as she sits by in joy. Huh. Y’don’t say. However, in the end it turns out it was all just a dream. Aww. She’s pretty bummed, for good reason. No CN Blue? Boo.

Oh, also, for clarification that’s Yonghwa in the red+white stripes, Jonghyun in the dark plaid button-down, Minhyuk in the grey shirt and yellow scarf, and Jungshin in the orange sweater. Yonghwa is the lead singer, rhythm guitar, leader and rapper, Jungshin is bass, Jonghyun is lead guitar and vocals, and Minhyuk is sub-vocals and drums. They are all freaking great. I love them. Go CN Blue! Fighting!



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