SotD-Beast’s “Shock”

Yay! A Beast song! I’ve been wanting to review one of their songs ever since I posted their profile, and this song was perfect–Beast’s “Shock.” I’m sorry it took me so long.

So, I picked this song for several songs. Its one of my favourite Beast songs–it’s super-catchy and the vocals are fantastic. I fell in love with it the first time I listened to it, even though the version we downloaded was ridiculously loud and almost made my brain explode. Also, it’s got a sick dance to go with it–it’s high on our Dances to Learn List. You can find the dance practice video here. And the MV–I don’t actually really remember it. Excuse me while I go watch it quickly.(Found here, by the way)

Ah, right. It’s pretty sick, I gotta say. It doesn’t have a plot or anything–it’s just the guys singing and dancing inside a dark, mysterious building, wearing cool clothes. Like a freaking awesome version of the dance version. It opens with Yoseob lying on some kind of table with all these electric cables wrapping around him, but that’s pretty much the end of any plot. As it gets closer to the end, the room bursts into flames and it’s freaking sweet. It’s not one of my favourite MVs, but dang if it isn’t really cool. I still love it. Also, might I add that Yoseob and Kikwang are looking really good in this video? Seriously. They’re already my favourites, but I really like them in this one. (That’s Yoseob with the blond-ish hair at the beginning and during the chorus, and Kikwang at around 1:08 and 2:14). Hyunseung‘s got another strange hairstyle, as usual, and Junhyung (the rapper) has a weird mohawk (you can see them at 1:00/2:22 and 0:30, respectively). And Doojoon‘s at 0:47, and Dongwoon right after at 0:50. If you were wondering.

Anyways, the real reason I chose this song among all the other great Beast songs is because it is a perfect example of English in K-pop, and my relationship with it. (And yes, I am aware that doesn’t make sense).

Remember back in my Love Girl post, where I said CN Blue introduced me to English in k-pop? At the time, it was pretty weird to me. And as I found more songs, I discovered that almost every single song has some English in it. However, back in the day, if the English grammar was really bad or their pronunciation was way off, it was a major turn-off. I hardly even wanted to listen to it. It was embarrassing.

I have long since grown out of that. I no longer even notice if there are random English words. It doesn’t really register, because it’s so normal. I have gotten used to it completely. If the pronunciation is a little–or even way–off, I might chuckle once and then leave it alone. Sometimes the lyrics will make sense, but be super-cheesy, and in that case I might listen to it even more often, because it’s so laughable. Even if their understanding of English is perfect, they still don’t know what is and what isn’t insanely lame. You can’t blame them. But it does make for some really great songs, and conversation material. But usually, I don’t really even notice it.

This is made obvious by the fact that I didn’t know Shock made absolutely zero sense until about four or five days ago, when Simon and Martina of mentioned it in one of their videos. Beast uses a lot of English in their songs, and their pronunciation is usually great, or at least understandable, but the lyrics make NO sense. Whatsoever. And I didn’t eve know for almost three months–I’ve known this song since Feb. 3. How did I never realize it? I’m a little bit ashamed. It never even registered in my brain as gibberish. Huh.

You see, the chorus goes like this: “Every day I shock (shock!) Every night I shock (shock!)” It never occurred to me that this song is actually about how his girlfriend left him, so he’s in shock. Only–“Every day I shock” implies something completely different. It doesn’t even make sense. There are more gibberish lines, too–“Come to me oh, oh, oh, tonight, so, so crazy. Come back, back, back to me (I’m waiting you, you)” Okay, so most of it’s not gibberish, but what are they even trying to say? There are a gazillion more examples, but I won’t even bother going on.

I know it’s not your fault, Beast. You just need to hire a new songwriter. Or at least an English consultant. Especially you, Junhyung–I know you write a lot of your own lyrics, and you definitely need a better grasp on the language. No offence. I will still love you all forever. But you are not doing yourselves any favours.

Nevertheless, I still freaking love this song. Love Yoseob’s voice at the chorus, love the beat, love everything. I’m even starting to love the fact that it doesn’t make sense. I just love Beast. Forever a B2uty! Whoo!♥

It still appalls me how I could sing the words to this song dozens of times, and not realize I was talking gibberish. I know the words–I just didn’t put them together. I am so dumb.

And for those of you who are curious, here’s a link to the romanized lyrics (and who sings what part) and the translation (which also includes the hangul and romanization without who sings what). Please enjoy, and support Beast. Fighting!


-On an entirely random and unrelated note, please watch and enjoy this 11 second video of Taeyang of Big Bang hugging an adorable little American (I’m assuming) girl. I know I said before that I don’t like Taeyang all that much, but since I watched this–I totally do. It is just too cute. Wow.


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