I Am $80 Happier

It’s true. I am, along with Maggie, approximately $80 happier. This is our excuse when we spend money on music–we may be so many dollars poorer, but we are also so many dollars happier. My mom doesn’t agree with this claim.

Remember how in my OK post, I mentioned not liking downloading music, but instead wanting to buy it? Well, we our now officially well on our way to doing so. Me and Mags each had $20 of Easter money to spend, as well as Mags’ $30 of PayPal money she earned. For the mathematically challenged, that’s $70 total. $70 to spend on k-pop (because neither of us has anything else to buy). Plus, this isn’t including SHINee’s Lucifer album, which we ordered a while ago and should be arriving any day now 😀

We would have liked to buy the hard copies of every CD, but the truth is, not only is that SUPER expensive, but we also often only like half the songs on a CD. So instead we made up some lists, and decided what to buy for reals and what to buy on iTunes (if available), and also what to buy later. It took us HOURS (literally, that’s why I didn’t post on Thursday) but we finally did it. We ordered four CDs online (through yesasia.com, who are currently having a sale) and 26 songs on iTunes. The total amount of money spent came up to about $75-$80. Whoo!

So for actual CDs, we only wanted CDs that were pretty solid–as in, we like all the songs on there. Therefore, we decided on Dalmatian’s 1st Mini Album, CN Blue’s Bluelove, U-Kiss’s Bran New Kiss and Super Junior’s Bonamana (which was on sale for $5! Woohoo!) The U-Kiss CD comes with a 46-page photobook or something XD Yay. I get to keep that. And also the SuJu CD. Since Maggie paid more, she gets to keep the other three CDs and I just get burnt  copies 😦 Boo. (And no, that’s not cheating because we’re still paying for the music. I just get my own hardcopy in case Maggie moves out. Because, y’know, you can’t really each take half a CD)

So anyways, we are now anxiously awaiting their arrival. For reals, we are crazy excited. Yay music! We still have about a gazillion CDs/songs to buy, though. Ah well. All in good time, I suppose. Doesn’t help that I just downloaded three (or was it four?) new Beast CDs that I’m starting to like. Time to add to our list… Sometimes me and Maggie are hesitant to get new music because if we like it, it means more money to spend XD But more happiness in the long run. Huh.


PS-Mom was not too pleased with our purchases. What a killjoy.



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I'm a music-obsessed girl that decided to keep this blog for my future self and my friends. I also have too much free time ^^
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