SotD-U-Kiss’s “0330”

This song is great. Everyone I’ve showed it to has loved it. It’s U-Kiss’s “0330,” and it is pure perfection. Love.

I honestly never expected this from U-Kiss. When this song came out in the end of March this year, all we had of U-Kiss was their songs Man Man Ha Ni and Bingeul Bingeul, which are both electro-pop, synth-y, dance songs with a lot of autotune (but both very good and very catchy). This song, however, is a beautiful, powerful ballad with a gorgeous piano melody, outstanding vocals and a sad, mournful tone. A very different side of the U-Kiss I know. I like.

So, I plan to do a U-Kiss profile as soon as I watch one of their reality shows. I will yet, I swear! Maybe even starting today (I actually wrote this post on Sunday–I have now started watching U-Kiss Vampire, which is even awesomer than I anticipated :D) But until then, here’s a brief recap: U-Kiss is a 7-member boyband, made up of Soohyun, Kevin, Eli, Kiseop, Hoon, AJ, and Dongho. Yes, a couple English names in there. Hoon and AJ are both very new (just joined this year) and they replaced Kibum (another one–also the brother of SS501’s Hyung Joon) and Alexander, respectively, who left for slightly mysterious reasons. I never knew either of them too well, but I miss them. We got to know U-Kiss through Maknae Rebellion (which I mentioned in my FT Island post), though we had started listenign to them before that after listening to the Hot K-Pop Mix 2010 song by DJ Masa. Maknae Rebellion included Dongho in its regular cast (whom I love–and who is also one year my elder. Wow!) Until recently, I could only recognize Dongho and Kevin, but now I can recognize them all. Whoo! Such an accomplishment!

Anyways, the song is beautiful. Even Joseph loves it. I’ve wanted to review it for a while. But the reason I am today is because of Simon and Martina (from EatYourKimchi–I mentioned them in my last post). They’re Canadian vloggers who live and teach in Korea. I love their videos. They also reviewed 0330 a while back, and recently they were actually able to meet U-Kiss, and it was just a huge bowl of hilarious. But I will talk about that in part two of this review, so it won’t get to long. Suffice to say, I am now even more in love with the band.

The music video (found here), though beautifully made and very emotional and everything, is confusing on so many levels. It opens with Dongho (yes!) playing the piano outside in the rain. Okay, a little weird. You also see him sleeping peacefully while his friend (Eli) watches him, which is also weird. After a few more inexplicable scenes of him and his friends, it goes on to show him meeting a girl as they both seek shelter from the rain and he gives her something to dry off with. They become friends, and you see them doing stuff together, like drinking coffee (I think) at a cafe and playing piano, while his  friends stand in the background and watch him kind of stalkerishly. It seems they are either creepy, or concerned. Then you see Dongho talking on the phone (presumably to his girlfriend) and suddenly Eli comes over to confront him and there’s a little tussle. You then see that he’s been doing all these activities alone, and that this girl doesn’t actually exist (anymore–I am under the impression that she died). Ahhh. So he’s crazy. Alright then.

So his friends confront him about his craziness, and then suddenly they’re like, “We’re here for you, man.” And they all start laughing and everything’s fine. Then they go to sing soulfully on the rooftop and that’s the end. Huh. I actually get a little bit depressed when I watch it, now that I know what’s going on. Poor Dongho 😦

But I do realize that there are several different interpretations. The above seems to be the correct one, but I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t get it until I looked into it on the interwebs. When I first saw this video, I thought that he was just sad his girlfriend left him and now he was doing the same activities alone and remembering her, and his friends were concerned that he was depressed. And I thought she came back at the end, so I was happy. I also at one point thought his friends were upset because he was spending too much time with her, and were pressuring him to dump her. Whatever. Think what you want. I still love you, Dongho!  I try not to think about the meaning too much, because it makes me sad.

Nevertheless, I still seriously love this music video. It’s so beautiful and heartfelt, and the dance scenes are great, as are the close-ups and singing shots, and the mood is perfect. I watch it all the time. Loving U-Kiss’s new style. And for those of you who are curious, that’s Dongho as the main character and rapping at 2:07. Eli at the very beginning talking in English (0:27-0:37). Soohyun singing at 1:34 and with that amazing part at 3:17-3:27 (and onwards). Kevin’s at 1:25 (briefly) and singing at 2:30. AJ‘s rapping at 1:01-1:21. You see Kiseop up close by himself a whole two times in this video (ridiculous, I know)–once during his only solo line at 1:49-1:52 and again just sitting at 2:16. Sad. And last but not least, Hoon, who is seen singing at 0:38 and closer up at 0:44.

As for the name of the song–no one really knows how to say it. At home, we call it “three-thirty“. My friends at school call it “zero-three-three-zero.” Maybe it’s “yeong-sam-sam-yeong,” the Korean numbers. Who knows? One day I’ll find out. Also, the meaning of the name (we think) is that 3:30am is often quoted as the time that insomniacs can’t sleep at night (or some time around then. It’s very vague). Since one of then lines of the chorus translates to “And I can’t sleep at night,” this makes sense. Also, near the beginning of the music video we see a clock changing from 3:29 to 3:30. Aha.

As for the English in this song–not exactly the greatest. Which I don’t get, because three of the members are totally fluent (as in, they grew up in America). The grammar’s fine, but the lyrics just don’t really make sense. Like “Why did I turn on this love show?” and “Don’t deny our r-squared-pi.” It’s just awkward. I don’t get it, U-Kiss. But I’ll leave you alone, because I don’t like to nag. Needless to say, I laugh a little every now and then when I listen to this song. By the way, you can find the lyrics and translation here.

I think that’s all I have to say about this song. Part two will be about the EatYourKimchi interview with U-Kiss, and it will be shorter. I still love love love this song, and I will continue to do so for the rest of eternity. It’s so beautiful. In a breathtaking way, y’know? Gets me every time.

And just for funsies, here’s a link to the studio dance version. Here. It’s them filming the dance part of the video. Am I the only one that likes watching those?

Anyways, I’ll go now. Please enjoy. Part two will come either later today or tomorrow. Hopefully. I seem to have less time these days…too bad 😦 Too much U-Kiss Vampire! (That’s what I do with most of my free time nowadays XD) I love U-Kiss!



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