0330 Part 2

Here it is at last! Part two of my “0330” by U-Kiss post. This one won’t be so much about the song as it is about the band, and it should be very short. I hope.

You see, I mentioned Simon and Martina of EatYourKimchi in Part 1, and how they also did a review on “0330” for their K-Pop Music Mondays a while back. Here’s the link–> link. For those of you that didn’t watch it (shame on you! It’s so funny!) they basically made fun of all the same stuff I did. Only better XD They’re so great. They talked about the r-squared-pi line a lot, and also at the part where we see Dongho doing all this stuff alone, they keep saying, “Cuz you HAVE no girlfriend!” And so on. Very funny.

Now, just recently this couple was able to attend the Inkigayo concert on Jeju Island, which included a bunch of awesome k-pop bands like Big Bang, U-Kiss, Infinite, TVXQ, and more. I am crazy jealous right now. They got backstage access, and were able to see a whole bunch of stars up close. They even got to talk to some! So lucky! Man. But the best part was when Kevin of U-Kiss (he speaks English) recognized them and said, “I remember you! I watched your videos!” and AJ chimes in with a “You made fun of us!”

Hahahaha! Oh, SO funny. Simon and Martina are all like, “Oh noooo!” and then AJ (who also speaks English) says, “I’m the one who wrote the pi thing!” (as in, the r-squared-pi line they made fun of). Martina’s like, “Run, Simon!” It was so great. I love that Kevin’s seen all their videos. So funny. They all laugh together, and I fall in love. They then offer to do an interview. Wow. I am so jealous.

As they do this interview, they are joined by the other members. They’re all so down-to-earth and–human. It’s weird, seeing them as normal people. It catches you off guard. But in a way it just makes you love them more. My favourite part is at the end when Dongho joins them, and Kevin turns to him and says, “He doesn’t have a girlfriend.” (Referencing the joke they made in the video). So great. I love them so much, it’s not even funny.

During the interview, they also talk about how many days off k-pop idols get–which is literally zero. How many a week? None. How many a month? None. They’re working from morning till night, every single day. And we wonder why k-pop idols are always getting hospitalized for exhaustion (this just happened to SuJu’s Leeteuk). All they get off are major holidays, like Christmas, because everyone else is busy anyways. That is sad. That’s why we have to keep supporting them! U-Kiss, fighting!

So, I guess that’s all I have to say. That’s kind of a lame post. I’m sorry. It was supposed to be cooler, I swear. By the way, here’s a link to the EatYourKimchi Backstage Access and the U-Kiss Interview. It’s all in English, so no worries 😀 I love their accents! ♥

Also, just yesterday I finished watching U-Kiss’s show (U-Kiss Vampire) and now I not only know the band pretty well, but I am totally smitten. So excited for our U-Kiss CD to come in! Whoo! 😀 I am in loooooooove. ♥



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