Lucifer CD!

Yay! I’m so excited right now XD You see, back on the 8th (of April), Maggie and I ordered this–the SHINee Lucifer Album (Vol. 2, Type A, etc etc). At the time, it was on sale for $8.99 😀 Woohoo! Ever since, we have been awaiting its arrival most anxiously. In fact, we were getting rather upset that it hadn’t come in yet. It’d been over a month!

But today–wait, let me go back. All this time, I’ve been sad because since Maggie’s home all day (she’s done school), she always checks the mail before me, so I was sure I wouldn’t get to be there when it arrived. But today I was walking home from the bus stop and I passed by the mailbox, and I was thinking “I’m sure Maggie’s already checked it today. I doubt it came in anyways.” But as I passed by, I saw that the lock wasn’t closed. So I figured it’d been checked for sure. Nevertheless, I looked inside. And lo and behold, guess what was there???


I was so excited that I jumped and yelled, just as the bus passed by on its way back. Oops. But I didn’t care, because I was grabbing that baby and running home as fast as I could. I burst inside and yelled for Maggie, but guess who wasn’t home? I was pretty bummed. But I opened it anyways (since it’s half mine) and I almost died with excitement as I looked through my handy-dandy photobook (which is like a huge, awesome version of a CD booklet, with more pictures and stuff), and my Taemin card (I could have gotten any member–I was totally excited I got Taemin XD).

Still not sure why the mailbox lock was open. And it’s pure luck that Maggie was gone today of all days. Thank you, God! I really appreciate it ^^ Anyways, when Maggie got home we got excited together and looked through everything and listened to the CD and got totally pumped. Plus, it came with bubble wrap! I am excited beyond belief. I almost fainted. I love you, SHINee! Saranghae!

Well, I guess that’s all. In honour of my CD I’ll be doing a Lucifer review next. Whenever that is. Totally pumped for our next CDs to come in! XD


PS-planning on ordering more CDs soon….yay!


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I'm a music-obsessed girl that decided to keep this blog for my future self and my friends. I also have too much free time ^^
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