SotD-SHINee’s “Lucifer”

So, like I promised, here’s my review of SHINee’s “Lucifer,” in honour of the arrival of my Lucifer CD ^^ Yay, so happy! Anyways, this is one of our all-time favourite SHINee songs, and DEFINITELY one of our all-time favourite dances, ever. Seriously, it is mind-blowing. SHINee, you have done us proud.

The song itself is super catchy, has a great beat, with an intense sort of techno vibe and amazing vocals. It took us a while to get past the use of the word (or rather, name) “Lucifer,” because it implies a lot of not-good things, but we do understand that it’s a metaphor and we can’t dock them points for that. The kind of “main line” of the song is “Her whisper is the Lucifer,” which I suppose is talking about a girl who basically speaks lies all the time. Or something. Actually, the whole song’s lyrics are kind of creepy. But I won’t go into that. Except for the English parts, which are really funny 😀

You see, apart from “Her whisper is the Lucifer,” they don’t use a whole lot of English. The only other line just happens to be “Loverholic, robotronic.” Excuse me, what? Not only is that a totally random thing to say, but none of those words are actually…real words. I can even understand robotronic to some point (kinda) but loverholic is just unacceptable. I know what they’re trying to say, but please, loverholic? They could have at least said lovaholic. Sorry, SHINee, but I have to dock points for that one. Bad grammar is bad grammar.

The MV (here), on the other hand, is pure AWESOMENESS. It’s actually mostly just them dancing and looking intense, but that is not relevant. It is so freaking great. However I do feel it’s necessary to point out that I, as an individual, do NOT like their “concepts” for this music video. Especially the haircuts. Taemin, you already look like a girl. No need to grow out your hair. People are going to start questioning your gender. And Key, I’m sorry, but you should really never shave your hair again. At least he didn’t shave it all. From the right it looks fine (great, even, all spiked up and awesome) but from the left it’s just awful. I understand some people love it, but I am not one of them. I’m fine with Jonghyun’s hairstyle, but both Onew’s and Minho’s could be better. Sorry, guys. Just not feeling it.

Also, their clothes are kind of ridiculous on several levels. Well, at some parts. At the beginning, they have like these awesome white and silver space outfits on, except for Taeminnie who’s wearing red and black, which is a really cool contrast. I like it a lot. But then you see Taemin wearing this weird hood with a green plastic visor and it’s totally creepy and strange. Bleh. You also see him wearing a headband sometimes, and it’s kind of weird-looking. Not too bad, though. Well, I’ve seen worse. But the absolute worst is Jonghyun’s outfit. Just one of them. It’s like this leather vest (which he wears on its own), and it looks okay from the front, but then he turns and you see that it’s backless, which is just not okay. It is hideous. I’ve seen something similar in the “Love Ya” MV by SS501, and it was not okay then, too. Guys should not have backless tops. Period. *shudder* All in all, not their best video in terms of clothing (their best, in my opinion, was Love Like Oxygen 😀 Still love it)

Anyways, onto the dance. It. Is. Amazing. You can find the AWESOME dance version here (see PS at the end of the post). It is considered by many to be the BEST dance of 2010. I must agree. It’s really super complicated and has all these little movements and cool, memorable moves, and a lot of “tutting”, which is basically defined as changing the angle of your arms at each beat while dancing (the real definition is a bit different), but is often used to describe a lot of complicated hand/arm movements. It’s really impressive in itself. In fact, it’s freaking amazing. The crispness of all their movements, the precision and exactness and especially their mind-blowing synchronization–it’s so crazy. They are so, so synchronized. It is unbelievable. All of their movements are flawless and pperfectly matched. Taemin’s especially outstanding (as usual), because he’s so fluid and felxible at some parts, but then at others he’s perfectly stiff and robotic (or robotronic, whichever you prefer). I cannot even believe it.

I’m proud to say that Maggie and I actually know this dance. It’s one of the six (going on seven) dances we know. It took us FOREVER to learn (a month? or more?), especially to perfect the really fast parts, but we did it. We’re actually not too bad at it (as in, we have it pretty well memorized). It was the fourth dance we learned, after Hello, Ring Ding Dong and No Other. After it, we learned Wonder Boy and Perfection, and we’re currently working on Supa Luv. Go us. But anyways, we still make a lot of mistakes, but we’re not terrible.

But knowing the moves doesn’t mean much. Even thought we know it, we look pretty terrible compared to SHINee. We’re not amazing dancers in the first place, and this dance is incredibly hard to make look good whoever you are. We don’t do a great job. We look sloppy, our movements don’t match, and we stumble a lot. It’s somewhat sad, and also somewhat a shame to SHINee’s name. Nevertheless, we are extremely, ridiculously proud of ourselves for knowing it. Seriously, we think we’re the coolest people ever. I doubt many others agree…(shh)

Anyways, I feel like that’s all I have to say about this song. Actually, I could go on for a while yet but this is getting way too long. Again, for those of you who are curious, in the MV the members are found here: Taemin: in red and black during the dance scenes, in the wind-tunnel-thing, and solo at 1:05. Minho: rap solo at 2:55 Key: solo at 0:58–the one with the weird mohawk thing. Jonghyun: lots of parts (since he’s the main singer) but you can find him at 2:45–he’s the one with the car. Onew: he sings first, at 0:04, and you can also see him at 1:34-1:36.

So that’s all, I guess. In short, I adore this song, and this video and dance. Another amazing number by SHINee. When do they ever disappoint? (Except for hair- and clothes-wise…) Way to go, guys! Fighting!


PS-a note on the dance version–is Taemin’s shirt not the trippiest thing you ever say? Haha, it’s so great. Also, Key’s hair cracks me up. He has his half-head of hair up in a little ponytail on the top of his head…so adorably awful. This is really common in Korea (the ponytail thing) but it’s super funny because he only has half his hair. Also, am I the only one that fins them in their normal, everyday clothes strangely attractive? I am weird.


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