SotD-Super Junior-M’s “Perfection”

Ta-da! I now present to you Super Junior-M’s “Perfection,” one of my favourites from their new album. I chose it, though, because Maggie and I just finished learning this song’s dance (as a sidenote, I wrote this post a while ago, but just got around to actually posting it. I actually finished learning on April 29th). Woohoo! It was pretty hard and frustrating, and we still can’t really do it (at all), but dang if we didn’t learn every move! So proud of us! We’re so pro!

When this music video (found here) first came out in late February, I wasn’t sure what to think. I was used to “Me” and “Super Girl” from SJ-M—both cute, fun songs. This was all dark and mysterious and hardcore. But I soon discovered that I totally loved it. The guys are all looking sharp in suits and dark eyeliner, especially with the addition of Eunhyuk and Sungmin (though I do miss Hangeng :() I was especially pleased with Henry’s solo English rap. Love you, Henry! ♥ Saranghae!

So this song, as you might notice, is in Mandarin Chinese. Of course it is—this is SuJu-M. There’s actually also a Korean version, but I don’t really like it. Meh. I just think the lyrics don’t flow as well. Anyways, it takes a while to get used to the Chinese lyrics, but I love it. The official title is “Tai Wan Mei” which means “Too Perfect.” I’m not exactly sure what the song’s about—I’m guessing a girl that’s “too perfect.” Something like that. Here’s a link to the pinyin and translated lyrics. Make of it what you will.

The music video is pretty flippin’ great. It’s kind of grungy and dark and intense, and the guys are dressed in their suits and these odd fluffy hats that I’m assuming are supposed to be original and sexy, but are really just a little laughable. I don’t mind, though ^^ There’s no plot or anything—just dancing. No complaints! The dance is epic—hence why we learned it. It just looks so cool. A bit of a different style then what we usually do. Very impressive. Love! Also, I like how Kyuhyun’s doing more and more dancing up front these days; he’s actually pretty good. Lead singers aren’t usually lead dancers, but Kyuhyun is starting to be in the front more and more. I love it. Apparently he’s started calling himself “Dancing Kyu.” ^^ Omo, I love that guy. Hahaha.

I especially like how Siwon is only seen in the very beginning during his solo, and then disappears, only to reappear later on for his other part. When they perform it live, he does the same—just kinda stands off to the side and then jumps back in for his parts. You see, he doesn’t actually know the dance—or if he does, he’s not included in the choreography. This is because he’s insanely busy right now filming a drama called Athena. So he didn’t have time to learn it. Understandable. But it’s still funny 😛

So their style changed quite a bit for this song. It won’t be for everyone, but personally I love it. Well done, boys. Especially you, Henry, because I freaking love you. Also, you don’t get enough love ♥

Oh! Another thing is Zhou Mi’s solo, where everyone else jumps and freezes in the air while he sings. So cool, seriously. I really like Zhou Mi these days. Even though it’s a little bit lame, I find it totally sweet. Nice!

Also, as a sidenote, Kyuhyun’s looking really good in this video. Who’s with me? I love him. I don’t know what it is, but he’s just looking especially good. Again, nice!

And as for the members, they are found here: Henry’s at 1:32-1:38 and rapping at 2:54-3:02. Kyuhyun’s at 0:19 and 0:55 and 1:21. Donghae’s at 0:36 and 3:13. Sungmin’s 1:12 and 2:23 (briefly—he doesn’t have a lot of parts). Siwon’s at 0:09 and 2:26. Eunhyuk’s rapping at 2:45-2:54. Zhou Mi’s at 0:46 and 1:59-2:06. Ryeowook’s at 1:04 and 3:01. I feel so cool being able to tell who’s who just by listening to them (because I can’t see the screen very well in the sun). Yeah.

And that is all. I love this song, and I’m so happy I know the dance. Epicness. SJ-M, fighting!



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