SotD-Super Junior’s “Bonamana”

(Author’s note: I wrote this post two days ago, but I actually forgot that I hadn’t posted it until after my Tonight post. Oops.)

Man, I was totally going to review Super Junior’s “Bonamana” either Tuesday or Wednesday, but I completely forgot for some reason to actually write it until today D: Fail. You see, April 11 is Bonamana’s Music Video’s anniversary–this was its 1-year birthday. (It was the 11th on Tuesday in Korea, because they’re some 14 hours or so ahead of us). But now I feel bad for doing so many SJ posts in a row XD Oh well. A celebration has to be celebrated, even belatedly.

This was one of the first Super Junior songs we ever fell in love with, after Sorry Sorry. Mostly just Joe, actually. Me and Mags love it, don’t get me wrong, but Joe is seriously obsessed with it. He’s kind of weird. The dance is really great, but the main thing is that the song is SO catchy. Like, almost as much as Sorry Sorry. The chorus is insanely good at getting stuck in your head all day. It sounds like a bunch of cool gibberish words, but apparently it’s actually words. Huh. Go figure. But the thing is, every time I look up what it translates to, I get something different. So if you absolutely need to know what it means, try finding out for yourself, and then come tell me.

The Korean name of this song is actually “미인아,” or “Miinah” which means “Beauty” in Korean. The song seems to be about this “beautiful girl” that can’t make up her mind about whether or not she loves him. Or possibly about how he likes her so much but he can’t decide if he should go for it because she’s so unpredictable. At least, that’s what I’m getting out of it. I’m not very good at this lyrics interpretation thing :/ Here’s the translated lyrics I used, if you wanna see ’em –> link

One thing about this song is that I can hardly tell their voices apart (well, it’s harder) because it’s very heavily electronicized. Not exactly auto-tuned, just–techno-y. I actually kind of like it. But you don’t get to hear the power of their voices that well. Awww. Though I must say, the voices I have some trouble telling apart in the first place (Leeteuk and Heechul, mostly) are a lot harder to recognize like this, and because the voice quality has been digitalized, I can hardly even recognize Donghae’s and Sungmin’s.

Anyways, onto the video, found here. I really like it, for some reason, even though it’s mostly just dancing and it’s so dark you can barely see them. Their clothes are pretty kick-butt, and their hair is looking pretty sick these days. I’m liking Yesungie’s ‘do in this one. And Sungmin’s and Donghae’s. Actually, the only hairdo I really have a problem with is Shindong’s, which is kind of half-shaved or something. Maybe a mohawk. Bleh. And Heechul’s isn’t his best, though it DEFINITELY isn’t his worst. The whole video is just them either dancing or looking intense in the half-darkness. They’re all wearing black and white and grey, and the contrast is really nice, and even though the video’s in colour it almost looks like it’s not (the only reason you can tell most of the time is because of Leeteuk’s yellow hair. And their skin, of course, but even that’s pretty pale.)

The best part of the video, I’d say, is the dance solo. It’s not technically a “solo,” per say, but it’s kind of like a dance break. There are no words, and this little music bridge isn’t even included in the normal audio version of Bonamana. It’s from 3:45 to 4:00, and it is epic. The last move, from about 3:54 to 4:00, is so awesome. One day, I WILL learn that dance. (It’s on our list :D)

So I think that’s all I have to say about this particular song. It’s not on my top ten fave songs list, but I definitely love it. I think Super Junior did a great job with it, and their live performances are always amazing. Especially Kyu’s slide XD Watch out for it. He does it in the MV. It is great. And the members for the curious:

Yesung: 1:01 to 1:08 (at the solo shots–he doesn’t get a lot of extended screen time) and 2:08. Kyuhyun: 0:55 and 3:21. Donghae: 1:54. Leeteuk (with no shirt under his blazer) : 2:58. Siwon: 0:39. Sungmin: 1:13. Heechul: 0:46. Ryeowook: 1:09. Eunhyuk: 3:07. Shindong, sadly, has no solo lines at all (which is dumb) but you can see his face briefly at 1:34–he’s the fourth picture (you can usually pick him our–he’s the chubby one) and for a split second at 2:35. At the dance solo from 3:45 to 4:00, the four main dancers from left to right are Kyuhyun, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Shindong (as I mentioned in my last post, Kyu’s been getting solo dances lately–go Dancing Kyu!^^) As a sidenote, this video was filmed after Kangin, Hangeng and Kibum were already gone. Therefore, only 10 members are seen. And yes, Eunhyukkie is wearing a helmet. And weird makeup. Don’t question it.

Well, I guess that’s it. Please enjoy, and support Super Junior 😀 Almost at 20 million views on YouTube! Whoot! Gotta say, I’m pumped for their 5th album.


PS-I cannot waaaaait for my Bonamana CD to come in! ^^


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