SotD-Jay Park’s “Tonight”

A new song that I recently fell in love with 🙂 I added the artist in the title for once because I actually know two k-pop and one non-k-pop songs named Tonight (the others being by Big Bang and FM Static–both of which I also love). So to avoid any confusion, I just threw that in their. And so you already know that I’ll be doing today’s review on Jay Park’s “Tonight.”

I actually discovered this song by accident, while hacking my friend’s Facebook (because I’m cool like that–and also she said I could). I don’t actually have Facebook, for those of you who don’t know, and I was just being bored and browsing my friend’s wall and some of her friends’ walls (because I’m slightly creepy like that). I don’t know where or how I found it, but one of her friends had posted this video on his wall or someone else’s wall or some such thing. And I recognized Jay’s name, so like the k-addict I am I got very excited and quickly clicked on it.

Now, I won’t lie, I don’t usually like Jay’s stuff. Or at least I thought I didn’t. He used to be a part of the band 2PM, and I’m not a huge fan of theirs either, though I do like some of their songs. They focus more on having dancey, techno-ish songs than what I usually listen to. They are also amazing dancers–often seen as one of the best dance teams in Korea. They have a kind of b-boy, acrobatic style. Very impressive, but not exactly my style. Jay’s no longer part of 2PM (though I won’t go into that–long story), but since I wasn’t huge about 2PM, I figured I wouldn’t like his new solo stuff that much. When his new song and MV “Abandoned” came out, I listened to it eagerly (it was on the front page of YouTube for a couple days :D) but I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I didn’t look into Jay much more until I saw this video. I now plan on checking out his stuff further before I jump to anymore conclusions ^^

Before I go into the song and video, let me just give a tiny bit of background on Jay. He’s American-Korean, and he can speak perfect English. Yay! His Korean name is Park Jaebeom, he’s 24, and he was the leader of 2Pm before his contract was terminated due to some issues concerning something he said a looooong time ago about Korea. He decided of his own will to leave 2PM, and went back to America to pursue some solo stuff, and has now returned to Korea to promote his new solo album, “Take A Deeper Look.” He’s an amazing dancer, and I believe he also wrote all but one song on his new album. Go Jay! He’s extremely talented, even if he’s not my favourite k-artist. I think he’s awesome, seriously. Also, he’s pretty dang cute. He should get bonus points for that, right? As a sidenote, I recently read that his fans are called “Jaywalkers.” How awesome is that? I would become a fan just to be able to call myself a Jaywalker. That is so great. What an amazing fan name. (Better than ELF :/ Sorry SuJu)

Anyways, I really like this song. It’s cute and upbeat and catchy and I really like the tune and lyrics and everything. I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard it, and I’ve grown to like it more with each listen. It seems to be about how he’s feeling kind of down because work’s been hard and him and his girlfriend just broke up, so he decided to go out “tonight” and party and leave all his worries behind, just for one night. Even though it’s kind of promoting irresponsibility, I actually really like the message of this song. Kind of like “you should always take some time now and then to have a good time, and forget about how stressful your life is.” Good idea, Jay. I might take you up on that one. (By the way, translated lyrics are found here. Thanks to whoever translated these so quickly! This song just came out on the 10th O_o)

Now, onto the MV. I really like it. But first, for some reason you have to get through about 40 seconds of Jay and this mysterious other person just power-dancing together, wearing snazzy suits and sunglasses on a half-lit stage thing. I have no idea what the point is. I was very skeptical when I first watched it, because I was like “Ooh, dancing. They’re really good. Wait, is this going to be the whole video? This music does not sound that promising. I hope it gets better. This is really long. When are their going to be some words?” And then suddenly it’s over and they move onto the real video, and it’s completely different. Huh. But anyways, once you get past that, you get to see the actual song’s video, and it’s awesome. Jay’s dressed up in these cool, casual clothes for the first half, and then suddenly he’s wearing this cute purple sweater and a cap and I just love him (though, a word of advice–lose the hat. I don’t know why, but I like him a lot better without it. His hair is so cute! Why cover it up? Also, when he wears the hat, for some reason he reminds me of a bald person. I dunno. Maybe I’m crazy.)

Anywho, the MV’s basically just about him walking around and dancing with these random passers-by, and he seems to be slowly learning this dance, until he is magically wearing this adorable sweater and he knows it perfectly. Okay then. But I love the dancing, and I love the cute, colourful theme, and everything was really well done. I also like how when he “stumbles” at 1:42, he quickly dusts off his shoes and pants, because they’re so going to be dirty from that. Haha. Koreans and their meticulous images.

Also, at the end, they’re just–back to dancing again! What’s with that? This time it’s Jay and two other b-boys (seriously, they call themselves b-boys–B-Boy Jotee, B-Boy Rookie, and B-Boy Jay Park. Kind of weird) dancing in a club. They’re awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see what it has to do with the rest of the video :/ It goes on for the rest of the video. Well, at least it’s cool.

So I think that’s about it. I really, really love it. I plan to buy it, in fact (it’s available on iTunes, folks! Support your k-pop artists!) Now, I must–go to sleep. It’s 12:30. I’m so lame. Jay Park–I seriously am starting to love you. Fighting!


PS-I plan to review 2NE1’s “Lonely” next–it’s been on the front page of YouTube for a couple days now. K-Pop is taking over the world! 😀


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