SotD#2-ZE:A’s “Love Coach”

ZE:A! Yay! Ever since “Here I Am,” I’ve started to like this band more and more every day. They are so great. So today I decided to review one of my favourite songs by ZE:A, “Love Coach.” (Lame names for the win!)

This song actually doesn’t have a music video. Whoa! I know, right? I never knew this song that well (though I always liked it since I first heard it) until Maggie told me to watch them perform it live. I fell in love–with the song, and with the band. I don’t know why. It was just so great.

I talked about ZE:A a little bit in my Here I Am post, but I’ve gotten to know them better since them (though not that well). I’ve been working on who I think is my favourite, but for once it’s a really hard decision. Maggie’s bias has changed from Siwan to Minwoo, specifically because of them performing this song live. I still like Hyunshik, but I’m also starting to love Dongjoon and Kwanghee and–well, most of the other guys. Such a difficult question.

So, this song is super adorable. It’s cute and upbeat and catchy, even if it makes no sense (“Just-just-just-just a-a love coach”???) Also, I can’t make heads or tails of any of the English translations, so I’m just gonna leave it alone. It remains a mystery. Nevertheless, love this song. Too cute.

Also, the dance is sooooo cute, and funny. It makes me laugh so much. I don’t know how grown men pull off dances like this, but they nail it. Wow. They are ridiculously adorable. I’m just sitting here, giggling because I love it so much. I am lame.

Here’s two videos I usually watch of them performing it live: link 1 and link2. The first one is better quality, I must say. Since I don’t have much else to talk about, seeing as I’ve mentioned the dance and lyrics and overall song already, I’ll just give like a running commentary on the performance (the first link, FYI) and give you the members’ names and when they sing and such. Useless, but oh well.

First up is Kevin at 0:07, with some cheesy English lines–he grew up in Australia, if I’m not mistaken. Next, at 0:27, is Hyunshik–yay! I still love him. He’s a main vocalist, so he has quite a few lines. Then comes the chorus, and they break out with some adorable dance moves. Haha, so cute.

At 0:31 is Kwanghee. Honestly, I have never seen a smilier person in my life. He is just ALWAYS SMILING. And he has this big, contagious grin all the time, and it’s just plain adorable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not smiling. He’s also ZE:A’s “diva”, which I find funny, and I hear he’s always great in variety shows. At 1:09 maknae Dongjoon is singing–and he is awesome. Honestly, he’s a fantastic live singer. He sounds just like he does on the track. And his voice is so good, too. He’s the lead vocalist, which is rare for maknaes.

Siwan is singing at 1:15, after which he takes a really long walk around the dancing band to get back to his spot. Kwanghee is singing again at 1:35–and still smiling. Minwoo’s singing at 1:40, when his voice cracks (I felt so sorry for him then–unless that was just the sound quality of the video, which is possible).  I absolutely love the move at 2:02–so great XD At 2:09 is Leader Junyoung–it’s strange that he’s the leader, because he’s actually only the 4th oldest. There’s probably some reasoning behind that, but I don’t know it. Maybe he’s just a good leader.

I really really like Dongoon‘s part at 2:14 to 2:17 for some reason.  And then Hyunshik’s following part at 2:29–pure AWESOMENESS. (Hyunshik is on your right, by the way, and Kevin was standing next to him on your left). And then comes the BEST PART–Minwoo’s sick “Yeaaaaaaahhhhhh!” at 2:33. He walks past the line of guys, and they fall like dominoes as he does, which is sweet. And then–this is so great–he breaks out into some hilarious dance moves at 2:42, which I believe is where Maggie fell in love. We have copied these moves so often. We get a kick out of it every time. They’re just so awesome and cheesy. It’s especially funny because Minwoo is ZE:A’s lead dancer, so you’d expect him to have some kick-butt, sweet moves up his sleeve, but instead he does–this. It is fantastic. Minwoo, you are out to steal my heart.

At 2:48 he walks back to his spot behind the guys, who are still sitting, waving their feet back and forth adorably. Then they get up and start turning as circles to face each other as they sing, which is also great. Taeheon comes out with some gangsta “No no no”s at 2:59, wearing sunglasses (apparently he always wears glasses or something during performances…weird). And then they finish singing, and all is well, and I am grinning and laughing away.

And I just realized I haven’t mentioned Heechul, because he doesn’t actually have a single line in this song (he’s a rapper–this song has no raps). You only really see him at 0:59, behind Kwanghee. Well, that’s where I finally found him. Oh, you also see him for a bit at around 1:48-1:50. But is it just me or does he remind you of a round-faced version of SuJu’s Ryeowook? O_o

As a sidenote, I really love Kwanghee in the background at 0:23, smiling away behind a V sign. Haha, I love him. And yes, this was a useless comment.

So yeah. This song=amazing. I will love it forever. Beauuuutiful! ♥ I’m actually always surprised they can perform this song live so well, because I’d imagine it’d be suuuuper hard, with all the changing keys and that impossible chorus. They do such a great job. ZE:A, fighting! I will find my favourite member yet!



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3 Responses to SotD#2-ZE:A’s “Love Coach”

  1. Holley says:

    Wow Bex, I’ve never known you not to have a favorite… they must really be Amazing 😛 which they are…. but one question… What in the WORLD are they wearing in the second link? It’s like trench coats, and khaki shrugs, and randomness that I just do NOT understand… jut thought I’d put that out there…

    • You know…I really don’t know. What ARE they wearing? I never thought about it before. The trench coats are cool, but some of their outfits are definitely questionable XD Weird.

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