SotD-Beast’s “Fiction”

I’ve finally gotten around to reviewing this song! Yay! It’s Beast’s newest single, “Fiction,” and it is awesome.

I had been looking forward to this song (and its album) for a while before it actually came out. I really love Beast/B2ST, and I was looking forward to anything new. They hadn’t come out with anything new in a while except for their Japanese album, which was basically a bunch of their hit songs translated into Japanese (don’t get me wrong, they’re great, but they’re not new and fresh like an all-new album). “Fiction and Fact” is their first full-length album, though they’ve come out with five mini-albums, and it has ten (awesome) tracks. And boy, if it isn’t the definition of “new and fresh,” if you look at Beast’s past songs. Remember when I said back in my K-Pop vs. Western Music post that Korean bands like switching styles? Well, Beast’s pulled a good old switcheroo on us in this album. But not in a bad way. Not in a bad way at all.

Today I’m focusing on their single from this album, “Fiction” (though “Freeze” is another favourite from the album). The MV came out on the 17th, which was the day Maggie left for China, so she hasn’t even seen it yet. And I won’t lie, it took me a while to get used to the song, just because it’s so not Beast’s style. But after a few listens, I really started to fall in love with it.

The song’s a sort of sad, mournful ballad–comme U-Kiss’s “0330.” Only it’s even more sad and mournful than 0330. It’s downright depressing, if you watch the music video. It’s about this guy who’s girlfriend either died or left him (I’m going to guess the first, by the mood of the song) and he’s talking about how he can’t forget her or let things end like this, so he’s going to “rewrite their story” so that it can go on forever. Actually, the translated lyrics (which I found here) are super-depressing and make me want to cry. Wow. Excuse me while I go shed a bucket of tears.

The MV (found here) is actually really really well done. It’s not the kind of addicting music video that you watch over and over (at least I don’t) but it’s so good and so great at capturing the emotion that I’d have to say it deserves a solid 10 out of 10. Also, the guys are totally looking good in this video. The first thing I said when I saw the teaser was “Hyunseung! You have orange hair! I like it!” (Seriously, I said that out loud). No more weird hairstyles for him. I like it a lot.

The video’s about the same thing as the song–the lyrics and video match up perfectly. Junhyung, the main character of the MV (and the lead rapper of Beast, FYI) is writing sad letters to his (dead) girlfriend, and then somehow walks all the way from Seoul, Korea to…the African Desert? looking for her, going slightly crazy (and all the while keeping his hair and clothes perfect) and carrying around an ancient-looking photo of her. Okay, I make it sound lame and weird, but it’s really good, I swear. The guys’ acting is superb, and the dance scenes are fantastic. They’ve got this funky foot-shuffle dance during the chorus, and personally I love it. It looks freaking impossible to do.

One thing I love love love about this song is the vocals. I’ve always liked Beast’s vocals, but this song was amazing. Every member gets their moment to shine (though I’m disappointed by the amount of lines Leader Doojoon gets–he usually gets more), even Maknae Dongwoon, who does an absolutely amazing job at 3:11, with his falsetto “Fictioooooooooooon.” I never knew he had such a great voice. Well done, Dongwoon. And I also really like Junhyung’s “Saranghae saranghae saranghae saranghae” at 3:15. It just sounds so cool. And the way the scene changes each time he says it works really well. Yoseob’s vocals are outstanding, as usual (especially because he can also perform them perfectly live), as are Hyunseung’s and Kikwang’s. All in all, I think Beast is one of the strongest k-pop bands in terms of vocals. Also, there’s a pleasant lack of English in this song (because in Beast’s case, the English usually sucks, grammar-wise) and what they do say (“Fiction in fiction”) is even understandable. Go Beast.

And for all you new Beast fans out there, the members int he MV are as follows: Leader Doojoon–0:40. Rapper and Main Character Junhyung–rapping a 0:54 and seen pretty much all video. Vocal and Dancer Kikwang–1:12 and 2:07. Lead Vocal Yoseob–1:37 and 2:43. Vocal, Dancer and Orange Hair Hyunseung–1:29 and 2:12. Maknae Dongwoon–2:37 and 3:22.

Anyways, this is some awesome stuff. I’ll probably end up writing reviews for several other songs from this album at some point, at least brief ones. Maybe I’ll do an album overview. I really love this song and music video, and I look forward to seeing more from Beast in the future. Well done, boys. Also, they do a great job performing this song live, as I’ve mentioned in the past. I hope they get a lot of attention and get really popular, because they deserve it. Fighting!


PS-I just want to say that EatYourKimchi has once again beat me out when it comes to reviews–their review of Fiction (found here) is absolutely hilarious, as does it cover all the same stuff as I did. I feel like I’m becoming a free advertiser. Huh. Anyways, watch it, it is super funny, and they love this song probably even more than I do. They even call it the best song of 2011 thus far. I might have to agree. Yes, it is that good.


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