SotD-SHINee’s “Replay”

Another SHINee song! Woohoo! I’ve been wanting to review this SHINee’s “Replay” for a while now, but I finally decided to in order to honour SHINee’s long-awaited Japanese debut, with the release of the Japanese version of this song ^^ Yay, so excited! I can now enjoy this song in two languages! It actually came out on the 26th, but somehow I only found out today…Shame on me.

So, Replay was SHINee’s debut song, way back in 2008. Back then, Taemin never sang (because his voice was still changing :P) and they all had black hair. And they were all freaking adorable. Oh wait, they still are. In the newly-released Japanese version, Taemin gets a lot of parts (yay!) and actually, the meaning of the song’s a little different. In the Korean version, the point is that they’re in love with a “noona” meaning a girl that’s older than them (ooh, taboo!) In the Japanese version, there is no “noona” and the song is about how they’re in love with a perfect girl but they’re not sure how long the relationship will last.

Both versions of this MV are crazy cute. There’s a comparison video here, if you’re curious 😛 In the first one (found here) they’re all so little and cute. ^^ Taemin has his bowl cut, and Onew’s looking kind of gansta, Minho looks like a baby…it’s easy to say their style has changed a lot since then. The dance is sheer awesomeness, as is the norm for SHINee. It’s SO synchronized, and complicated, and awesome-looking. Me and Maggie plan to learn it eventually. As if that’s possible! They got a lot of attention from this dance, because it was their debut and they were already so impressive. It’s no wonder they shot to stardom so quickly. Taemin’s in the front almost the whole time, because he’s the lead dancer, and he’s so dang good it hurts. He even gets a couple solos, and they’re freaking amazing. I’m so jealous of him. How can he be so good at dancing, and be prettier than me? That’s just unfair.

The video is basically just the members all falling for this girl and following her around, and it’s cute because they’re all so young and adorable. I love the part where they’re dancing in a circle around her ^^ Jealous! You can find the translated lyrics here, as well as who sings what part. In the video, Jonghyun’s at 0:22, Leader Onew’s at 0:31, Diva Key’s at 0:45, Rapper Minho’s at 1:25, and Maknae Taemin’s at 2:47. So cute!

In the Japanese version (found here), Taemin actually gets a lot of Jonghyun’s parts. This is impressive, because Jjong’s a really powerful singer and Taemin…isn’t, but it’s also kind of disappointing because Jonghyun was so good at his parts. I am proud of Taeminnie, though. Fighting! Also, Onew is looking really good…or is that just me? Key, however, is not looking his best with that haircut. Eck. The dance is the same as last time (still awesome!) and Taemin still gets his solos. I really really like the scenes near the end (starting around the 2:53 mark) where they’re all chillin’ in a big room, and Key’s wearing his epic glasses (and looking totally adorkable) and Onew’s wearing that great plaid shirt (so cute!) and Jjong’s playing a guitar and wearing an awesome fedora and they’re all just laughing and looking cute. I love these guys so much…I forgot how much I adore SHINee, honestly. It’s been way too long since they came out with something new. Ahhh! ^^♥ (Also, as a sidenote, I think my fave part of all time is when Jjong’s dancing with his mop at 2:21-ish when the girl walks in. Hahaha….so great. Love him)

I’m just going to throw it out there that I really really like this music video. I like it even more than the original version. But I think I prefer the original song. I might be biased because I heard the other one first, but I do love the Japanese one as well. I think they did a really good job. They sound amazing, as usual, and they look great. SM Ent never disappoints, not with SuJu, and not with SHINee. (Well, at least they haven’t recently). But I would also like to say…when is Taemin going to get a good haircut? I mean seriously! I liked his hair a lot in Love Like Oxygen and in A.Mi.Go. Those were his good haircuts. There are a couple others that are pretty okay (Hello, RDD, Juliette) but several of them make me cringe a little. Those bowl cuts, though cute, were a little bit awful. I wasn’t a fan of the long Lucifer ‘do. Though I’m exaggerating, I do wish he’d get a better hair stylist. (FYI, not liking his hair in this video. Bleh.) On a note completely unrelated to this video, I do have to say Jonghyun has very consistently good hair, Minho’s only ever had two or three not-good hairdos, same goes for Onew, and Key…well, he’s a little closer to Taemin’s luck when it comes to hairstyles. Several I don’t like at all in his repertoire.

 Aaaaanyways, back to the video. The lyrics fit really well, considering what they had to work with (a set theme and tune and music, but a whole new vocabulary to make lyrics out of). I was impressed. Some songs don’t translate well into other languages, but this one worked out. You can find the translated lyrics here. You can find the members as follows: Taemin sings first at 0:21, Onew next at 0:31, followed by Key at 0:44, Minho playing basketball at 1:49, and finally your first really good look at Jonghyun at 1:50. I don’t think I’m exaggerating very much when I say this video is kind of Taemin-based. You see a lot of him, especially compared to the original version. It’s weird how even at Jonghyun’s parts, you don’t get to see him that well :/ Poor Jjong.

Soooo…I think that’s all I have to say. Not sure. For some reason I always forget what all the things are that I mention in my Songs of the Day posts. Lyrics . . . meaning . . . dance . . . members . . . video . . . vocals . . . acting . . . English . . . I think that’s about it. Well, I’ve already talked about most of those, no? Vocals…I talked about Jjong and Taemin, but I did forget about it otherwise. Oh! I wanted to say this: when we first got this song, I wasn’t a huge fan. I thought this song was pretty average. but then I fell in love with the last part, where Jonghyun (and the others) have a bunch of kind of adlibs overtop of the chorus. I don’t how to explain it, really, but that part was so addicting, and got stuck in your head so quickly…from then on, it was love. I even got Maggie hooked that way. This song is just way too catchy to be healthy.

As for the English of the song, I can’t really complain. For the most part, the only English is “Replay replay replay” and “I think I’m gonna hate it girl” and “I keep thinking ’bout you/keep dreaming ’bout you” and other random English words thrown in there. The only line I didn’t like was “You make me wanna make up, shake up, break up.” I mean, I know what they’re getting at, but the “shake up” part didn’t make a whole lot of sense. But I’ll leave it alone. Overall, not badly done. At least there’s no “fantastic, elastic.” That one was unforgivable.

I think that’s it, now. This song and video, both versions, were and are amazing. The guys did a really awesome job, which is made obvious by the fact that it made SHINee crazy-famous and won them a bunch of awards right after they debuted. SHINee is freaking great, and that’s why I continue to love them unconditionally. The first version’s MV I’d give a 9 out of 10, and the new one def deserves a 10. Both versions of the song get a solid 10 out of 10. Well done, boys. I’m proud of you. SHINee, fighting!



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