Lee Hongki–Still/As Ever

So, here I am, for some reason not in bed at 3:46am, watching YouTube videos because I can. Well, I found this gem, and I for some reason decided I wanted to share it with you. It’s a video of Lee Hongki (FT Island) performing Still/As Ever from the You’re Beautiful OST. You’re Beautiful is the drama that Hongki starred in as Jeremy, the Most Adorable Person Ever. Wooooow, I forgot how much I love him. This is the video I found:


There’s Lee Hongki, dressed in Jeremy’s yellow sweater, holding…a banana? Ahahaha XD It makes sense if you watch the drama. Anyways, he just looks so dang cute, I almost died. He’s singing and holding this banana, and at one point (around 1:11) his banana falls onto the ground, and he stops int he middle of his song to say “Ahhh!” and look completely devastated. Then he just jumps right back into the song and keeps going, taking a bite of what’s left of his banana later on, and eating it completely, adorably Jeremy-style, and still managing to sing in perfect clarity (wow!) And then at 2:29 he says something along the lines of “Where did our Jolie go?” which is making a reference to Jeremy’s beloved dog in the drama, whose name is Angelina Jolie (^^). And then at the end he shouts, “Annyeong!” (“Bye!”) and runs away yelling “Jolieeeeeeeee!” Oh my gosh, so cute I might die. Lee Hongki, I will love you forever. I don’t know how grown men can be this adorable and not be ridiculous, but he totally pulls it off. Woooooow.

On another note, there’s also a little clip on YouTube I watched where he says, “Jolieeeee…I miss you” (in English). Adorable.

Anyways, pointless posts at now 4:05 in the morning are pointless. I should probably go to bed…but I won’t. Bahahaha!


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