SotD-IU’s “Good Day”

I could have discovered this song a long time ago. I’m sad that I didn’t. Because it’s seriously outstanding. It’s IU’s “Good Day,” and while IU is amazing in the first place, this is one of the most impressive songs I’ve ever heard. Wow.

I first knew IU from the drama “Dream High,” which I watched with Maggie early this year. She was one of the main characters, Pilsook, and she was super-cute, especially with Jason, her crush (played by 2PM’s Wooyoung). She was also a very good singer, even if I didn’t know her as IU at the time. The show was all about singing, and she sang some of the OST, as well as often in the show itself. She’s so good. I’m jealous. How can someone be so adorable, and so freaking talented, at age 18? Unfair, I say.

So anyways, I got my first taste of this song in the Hot K-POP 2010 mash-up Part 2 by DJ Masa. Just a little, five-second clip, which was slightly overshadowed by the fact that it was playing at the same time as FT Island’s “Love Love Love” (another amazing song, by the way). But I obviously didn’t pay much attention to it, especially because I hardly knew IU at the time, apart from her role as Pilsook.

However, I later watched her MV for “Marshmallow” (because I saw MBLAQs Mir dancing to it on Maknae Rebellion XD), and saw Good Day in YouTube’s sidebar. I love that sidebar. Anyways, I watched the video, and I heard that same part–the insanely amazing “I’m in my dreeeeeeeeeeeeam” around 4:45 in the MV. I had to stop it for a minute, to try to remember where I’d heard that before. It took me a while to recognize it. But it’s a pretty unmistakable sound. So good.

A quick bio on IU–her real name is Lee Ji-eun, she’s 18 (born May 16, 1993), she’s an actress and singer, she debuted in 2008 under the record label LOEN Entertainment. She’s suuuuuper talented and getting pretty famous, and she is fanboyed over by many male idols. She’s also already won a scad of awards, and she deserves them. She’s also one of the prettiest, most adorable females I’ve ever seen. Look at her!

IU is adorable

IU is also freaking pretty

Haha. Anyways. This MV, found here, is nothing too amazing. I mean, IU is adorable as always, as is the male lead, but there’s nothing crazy outstanding about the video itself. The little intro and outro are kind of tiresome to watch, even if they’re importnat to the plot. It’s basically about IU being in love with this (older) super-good-looking candy store guy, and going in to buy something just as an excuse to watch him. However, her parrot (what’s with that thing, anyways…?) surprises both of them by squawking “I love you, oppa.” Awkwaaaard. He rejects her “confession” and walks away, leaving her devastated. Oh nooooooo!

She then goes home and is sad, wondering what’s wrong with her that he doesn’t like her back. She spends a looong time picking out a new outfit, and then goes and…dances on the rooftop? Anyways, later on this guy comes to her house with her parrot (because she was an idiot and left it at the store–bad owner!) and then turns to leave, but she hugs him from behind. However, he rejects her again and leaves. Awwww, so harsh. This is closely followed by the grand finale I mentioned before–the infamous “3-octave-note,” which is one of the most impressive sounds I’ve ever heard. I’m not sure why they call it this, because it’s not actually three octaves, but whatever. It’s three very high notes. She also performs it live, if you can believe that (not always, but she has, and she’s done it perfectly).

So there ya go. That’s the MV. Mostly I just think the song itself is amazing. I don’t know how she does it. It sounds so hard. I can’t hit a single note of it. IU is fantastic. I also really like the instruments they use–some strings, some piano, some of pretty much everything. I think I love any song with cellos and violins, actually. And the vocals, of course, are freakishly good. The dancing is cute too 😉 Not that I could ever pull it off. But IU does a good job. So adorable.

Also, I recently saw a video of Dalmatian’s Jisu (who is known to have the most beautiful voice ever) singing this song with only a piano accompaniment. I’m not sure exactly how the topic came up, since I didn’t watch the whole show, but I’m under the impression that bandmate Daniel (who was also in the video clip) would buy him pizza if he managed to hit the “3-octave-notes.” Haha. Anyways, he sang the whole thing in mind-blowing falsetto, and hit all the notes. I almost died. I also downloaded the MP3 of him singing, because it’s so incredibly good. Wooooooow. I am so jealous right now. I love Jisu.  Anyways, you can watch the video here.

So I think that’s all I have to say. This song is awesome. IU is awesome. Jisu is also awesome. Also, Dream High is awesome. I’ll have to rewatch that sometime. ♥ Well, back to working on my school projects….bleh. IU, fighting!


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