SotD-Yesung’s “Trap of the North Gate”

I’ve mentioned several times how much I love Super Junior’s Yesung. He’s my favourite, after all. And this video is one of the reasons I love him so much.

Ahhhh! It’s his solo song from his musical, called “Trap of the North Gate” (the song, not the musical) (And yes, I did learn how to insert videos 😀 Yay me!) I love this song so much. It’s pretty much really creepy and bloody and violent, but the power, and the emotion…so amazing. Yesung is so fantastic. His voice is outstanding. And so steady O_o If I tried to sign this song, my voice would give out or crack after the first verse. I am amazed at his awesomeness.

As a brief explanation, Yesung was in a musical (NamHanSanSeung) as the villain, hence the scary song. So he had to sing this live. Talent! This video is basically him recording his song for the soundtrack. The song seems to be about his evil plans to take over the “North Gate” of NamHamSanSeong (the NamHan Mountain fortress) to get his revenge on the ruler living inside. Y’know. All that villainous stuff.

I came across this video randomly….don’t even ask me how. I have no idea. But even though I didn’t like it so much the first time (creeepy!) I really fell in love with it, just because it’s so crazy amazing. I ended up watching it about a million times. Seriously. Also, might I say that Yesung looks really good in this video? Seriously. He’s adorable. ♥ And I love how at the end he’s just like *singing his heart out* *okay done, wow my throat…*

So yeah. I totally downloaded this song. So good. It’s almost chilling. Gives me goosebumps. I love Yesung! Love love love! ♥ Fighting!


PS-I try not to fangirl too much, because it’s lame, but when it comes to Yesung…sometimes I can’t help myself.


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