SotD#2-Brian Joo’s “In My Head”

Yes. It’s that song. The super-catchy but too-dirty-to-listen-to “In My Head,” originally by Jason Derulo. Well, now Korea’s taken it’s shot with this song, and I love it. So good!

The remake (which is a legit cover, made with permission from Jason) is by Brian Joo, a popular Korean-American singer that was part of the duo named “Fly to the Sky” (he now has some solo material–he just came out with a mini-album in May). I’ve heard his name quite often lately, but never looked into him. All I know, really, is that Siwon (Super Junior) mentions him pretty often in Tweets, and that he is having an American mini-tour very soon. Cool!

I actually heard of this song through my best friend, who got it from her friend. I was excited to hear it, and was not disappointed. I downloaded it immediately, and have been listening to it all day. So good. I’ve also discovered that Jason Derulo travelled to South Korea specifically to sing this song (the original) as a duet with Brian on a couple music programs and such. Very cool. This is the only time I’ve ever liked Jason Derulo.

Anyways, the MV is here:

I must admit that I way prefer this version of the song, as the original is obnoxiously dirty and makes me feel uncomfortable, even if the song is constantly stuck in my head. This version is a lot cleaner (translated lyrics here) and the lyrics fit just as well. Nicely done, Brian. I love you for this. I can now comfortably listen to this song. Also, the video has EPIC DANCING (gotta love Koreans). Jason’s version had some dancing too, but…it just wasn’t the same. Though I can’t say I’m a fan of the scantily dressed girls in Brian’s version. I am, however, a fan of how adorable Brian is. Or is that just me? Of well.

So I think that’s all I have to say about this song. As catchy as ever, and a great find. Go Koreans! Not only are you better than most American pop, but you are now bettering their original music. Well done.

As for Brian Joo…I think I’ll have to look him up. In any case, fighting!


PS-Just remembered where I first heard of Brian Joothis clip of him being sassy during a fake argument with G.Na (another Korean-American artist) Funniest thing I EVER WATCHED. Holy crap. Also, this clip of him doing pretty much the same thing XD Apparently Brian is quite the diva ;D

PPS-Holy crap…Brian Joo is 30. O_O He looks 18. No lie. Korean are seriously ageless >.>


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