SotD-N-Train’s “One Last Cry”

Another R&B, balladsy song. But another good one. This one is rookie band N-Train’s “One Last Cry,” and though I’d heard it once before, I only fell in love just recently.

Because they debuted right around the same time as Boyfriend (who I fell in love with right away), and they weren’t really my style, I never paid a lot of attention to them (also because they’re not so hyped up, or mainstream k-pop). I listened to their debut song (this song) once, on the day it came out (which was May 26), but didn’t fall in love, so once again I ignored it and forgot about it. Then, just recently, I happened to click on a poll for favourite rookie k-pop bands of 2011 so far, and N-Train was kicking butt in the Vocals department (at the time). I couldn’t remember who they were, so I looked them up, and clicked on the first link I saw, which happened to be this one:

This isn’t the real MV–that you can see here–it’s them performing it live. And I almost like it better, for some strange reason. Their voices are seriously amazing. But the first reason I fell in love with this song and this band is because of Yujin–the cutest freaking person I ever saw! Okay, maybe not quite, but to be honest, he looks like a little puppy. I love him. He’s so adorable. He sings at 0:32, and I fell in love at 0:32. He’s not as cute in the MV, I swear! I love him. I also want to pinch his cheeks, and give him a hug. No lie. Also, I love his shorts XD

This band is comprised of 5 members–leader and main vocals Jungkyun (23), main rapper Seunghyun (just turned 24) (yes, another Seunghyun -_-), main vocals Soul J (22), maknae and vocals Yujin (19) and other maknae and lead vocals Sangwoo (19). (Fun fact: Yujin and Sangwoo were born on the same day, Feb 22 1992, making them both legit maknaes). They seem to be an R&B based group so far, with amazing, powerful vocals and not so much dancing. Then again, that could easily change. They debuted on May 26, 2011, under the label Media Line. I have high expectations for this group. I think they’re really talented, even if I’m not usually an R&B fan, and I can see them going far. They are also very cute. 😀

This song is really powerful and beautiful, and I actually began to really like it after a couple listens. The melody’s catchy and sweet, and the song is emotional, and the choreography, though simple and scarce, is definitely cute. But once again, I have to repeat that the main reason I love this song (apart from Yujin) is the mind-blowing vocals. They’re just all so good. It’s outstanding. You know a band’s actually good when all the members have awesome voices, and you can’t judge based on the dancing or their looks (because even though Yujin’s way cute, overall they’re not the most adorable band out there. I think Boyfriend actually has that covered…)

I do have to deduct a couple points for their English, though. They only have one line (“Baby one last cry”) but to be honest, that’s kind of awkward. The only time I ever hear “cry” used as a noun is when people say “He/she/I went and had a good cry” and usually then it’s used as a joke. I know it’s not their fault at all, but still. Only a minor unfortunate mistake, but it had to be pointed out.

I also like that in this song, each member gets a good, lengthy part. No “3-second-singers,” as some would say. Makes me happy. I always feel bad for those members that are mostly just there to look cute (*coughU-kiss’sKiseopcough*) and never get to sing or even dance. I mean, SHINee’s Taemin didn’t get a lot of parts in most of their songs (or at least not main songs) but he’s the lead dancer and usually at least gets a kick-butt dance solo. Thankfully, N-Train fairly distributes singing parts, everyone gets a solo, and all fans are happy. Especially me. In the video posted above, Seunghyun raps at 0:20, Yujin sings at 0:32, Sangwoo sings at 0:43, Soul J sings at 1:43, and Jungkyun sings at 2:17 (you can see him better at 2:28).

As a sidenote, I am not lying when I say I remember who’s who like this: Yujin is the one that looks like a baby, Soul J is the blond, Jungkyun looks like Lee Hong Ki, Sangwoo’s the one with the cheeks, and Seunghyun’s the not-quite-as-cute-as-the-others one. (Sorry Seunghyun). Also, it happens pretty often that there a “the one with the cheeks” member in a band. Beast’s Junhyung…SJ-M’s Henry…U-Kiss’s Soohyun…. I use it as a member-label quite frequently. I still have trouble telling Asians apart sometimes, so I have to do these kinds of things to learn names and faces.

Okay, let’s talk about the MV (link posted above). Not a lot to say, actually. It doesn’t have a plot, nor does it have anythign very stand-out-ish, crazy dancing, or special effects of any kind. It’s basically just them singing. I like it–it’s a good MV–but it’s not overly exciting, nor is there much to talk about. The use of camera angles is good, I like the outfits (especially the matiching N-Train One Last Cry t-shirts, Soul-J’s hat [which totally reminds me of Eunhyuk’s Bonamana hat] and Yujin’s shorts and fluffy scarf), and I like the emotion that the members manage to portray through the video. Still loving the choreography. There’s not a lot you can do with such a slow, sad ballad kind of song, but they did an awesome job. Love how it looks.

By the way, the lyrics (which are so basic that I could practically understand the whole thing O_o Not a bads thing, of course) are basically telling a sad love story. This guy’s girlfriend left him and has a new boyfriend, but he still loves her, and he’s asking her to come back, and he’s crying and crying…awww D: Poor guys. English translation found here.

Well, I think that’s all I have to say. I have a lot of hope for these guys in the future. They have some real, solid talent, and from what I’ve seen, they can dance really well too. They have a lot of potential, and I hope to see more in the future. N-Train, fighting! ♥


PS-No idea what their name is supposed to mean…


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