SotD#2-Sunny Hill’s “Midnight Circus”

I’m not going to lie–I first watched this video because Beast’s Kikwang is in it. I didn’t know anything about Sunny Hill or this song. But it’s actually pretty awesome. Not my favourite ever, but definitely worth mentioning. It’s Sunny Hill’s “Midnight Circus,” and I just heard it for the first time today.

This video is pretty much epic in its creepy eeriness. Seriously. Like, Tim Burton, nightmare fairtytale kind of creepy. It almost scares me. And that’s why I love it. It fits the song perfectly, and it’s awesome. I would also like to point out that my first impression was “It reminds me of Britney Spears’ Toxic…” You know…that creepy first part…anyways. After a little bit it didn’t anymore, which is good because that song annoys me. Also, it reminds me of a song I played in band, a creepy halloween song. Can’t remember the name. It was also awesome.

Here’s the MV:

As you can probably guess, it’s circus-themed. There’s a long and rather pointless intro with a mysterious man walking through the rain to get to his strange tv-filled house, carrying a large case or breifcase or something. Then there’s a weird old guy playing the accordian. Huh. The actual song only starts at 1:23. A long wait, but oh well. The music video has no real plot, and actually, it’s pretty much impossible to explain what’s going on. It’s really weird. So you’ll have to watch it yourself and make of it what you will. Because I have no clue.

As a sidenote, you can see Kikwang (I love him!) at 3:24 and 3:36-3:38 and 4:03. I’m not sure what the point of him being in the video is, but I adore him, so it doesn’t matter.

I don’t know much about this band. Actually, nothing. Except that they have five members–4 girls and 1 guy. The guy doesn’t have any singing parts in this song, and he doesn’t dance with the girls–all you see of him is him standing around looking mysterious in a blue suit. I don’t know any names or who’s who, and there’s no Wikipedia page for them (nooooo!) so I can’t provide much info right now. If I find out more, I’ll update.

This song is mostly just awesome because it’s so eerie, and it’s so catchy. The chorus goes “Midnight Circus, riddle me (omo)” and I find myself singing that over and over again, all the time. The vocals are not particularly amazing or anything, nor is the dancing. I just sincerely like the song, and the music video is really cool, in a strange and scary way.

The use of lighting, scenery, props, acting and costumes made this video. It wasn’t the dancing or plot, for once. Everything about the direction of this video is so perfect. Everything is so bizzare and weird and unexplainable, and I can’t find any problems with it. It’s so good. The director is a genius. None of it makes any sense, but that’s the point. It’s just a whole bunch of creepy nonsense. Their costumes, down to the tape on their fingers, are awesomely perfect. Their makeup, too. The fact that they’re in a dark forest, the extras with blue hair, the lack of any properly-lit rooms–awesome. I have zero complaints. Also, the ancient-looking, black-and-white and sepia photos at the very end are an excellent touch. Chilling.

This video was preceded by two teasers, one starring IU (link) and one starring Ga-in of Brown-Eyed Girls (link). I like the former better, just because it’s positively bone-chilling in its creepiness. Makes me shudder a little bit. So good. There’s also a “Stage Versionhere, which is just basically the dancing scenes, not the storyline scenes. I like.

And that’s about all I have to say. Excellent job, Sunny Hill. I am a new fan. Very impressive work. Dang. Great video, and totally catchy song. It’s so creepy! 😀



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