SotD-Block B’s “Tell Them”

Okay, so I have SO MANY songs of the day lined up right now. You don’t even know. I haven’t had any time recently to write posts because of exams (over now!) but now it’s summer so I’ll have more time to write (I hope). I might have to do some bulk-posts (as in, include more than one song in a post and not expand on it so much) to catch up, because I have so many new songs, but I don’t have my iPod with me, so I’ll do that later. I actually have another post already written up but I haven’t had time to type it up, and I don’t have it with me either, so you’ll get that one later. For now, let me talk about Block B’s newest single, “Tell Them.” 

A little background info–they debuted on April 15, 2011 under Brand New Stardom with 7 members. The members already have dancing, singing, rapping, and composing experience, so you can expect a lot from them, even if they are a rookie group. Their name Block B is short for the term “blockbuster” which I guess means that they want to be really popular and such. I like the name, actually. I think it’s catchy. Their official fan club is called BBC, which stands for Block B Club. Ohh, original. The members range in age from 18 to 21, so they’re not the youngest band out there, but pretty experienced.

Block B is a band that debuted at the same time as B1A4, and therefore didn’t get a lot of attention from us because we loved B1A4 so much. Also, we weren’t big fans of their debut songs, “Freeze” and “Wanna B.” They’re actually a hip-hop group, more than a pop group, and we’re not really hip-hop fans. Don’t get me wrong, both of those songs are totally catchy and awesome, but we didn’t love them, and we kind of dismissed them as a group that was cool and talented, but not for us.

However, I kept seeing Block B getting TONS of attention on the internet, and everyone seemed to LOVE them but me. So I listened to their songs again–and again–trying to see what I was missing. But I still didn’t like them that much. I kind of liked the members more than the music, actually. Especially P.O.! He’s like a mini-TOP! 😀 Anyways, I liked the songs more, but still not enough to actually have much interest in them. I did, however, find two Block B songs that caught my interest;”Billionaire” and “It’s Not Over”. Now, neither of these are actually Block B’s. “Billionaire” is a Korean cover of the English song by Travie McCoy ft Bruno Mars. This version was by Hanhae, who was originally supposed to be in Block B, ft Zico, Block B’s leader. It’s really good, and I really like it. “It’s Not Over” is a cover of Miss $’s song, performed by Block B members U-Kwon, Zico and Kyung, and former trainees Hanhae and Mino. Also an amazing song. Not at all Block B’s style.

The next I heard of the band was when they came out with a Music Video teaser for “Tell Them” with a song teaser for “Halo” (that’s pronounced Hah-low, not Hay-low, by the way). The song didn’t sound promising–very gangsta and hip-hoppish, not my style. But crazy catchy nonetheless O_o Anyways, when the new music video came out, I watched it anyways, not expecting a lot.

However, it turned out I loved it a LOT. It’s quite a bit different from Block B’s other stuff. It’s upbeat and catchy and fun, and in the video they’re all wearing yellow clothes…and I really like it. I downloaded their new album “New Kids on the Block” (and yes, they know that that’s an old boyband) immediately after, and I’ve grown pretty fond of them 😀

So here’s the music video:

It starts out with a kind of long intro, but after that it gets really good really fast 🙂 Love their outfits in this. So good. Also, I love Zico’s “Boys and girls” line. His accent is so great XD The first part of the song is mostly rap, and I’m not a HUGE rap fan, but when it hits the chorus at 1:05–so great. Their dance is so awesome. 

This video has no real plot that I can make out, which is good because I’m pretty awful at interpreting meanings and stuff. Same goes for lyrics. But from the English translation here, it seems like the song is about escaping your boring life for a day and going totally crazy. I don’t know. I thought it was pretty cool. Not exactly meaningful, but at least it makes sense. And it’s not a love song for once! (Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with love songs–but every k-pop song in the world seems to be a love song O_o)

This song is so catchy, and honestly, the best part is the thumbs-up dance during the chorus (1:21-1:28). It makes me smile every time. Love the band, love the song, love the dance, love the yellow clothes, love the breakdancing, love everything. Except Zico’s awful, awful hair. Oh my gosh. So ugly. (He’s the one with the dreadlocks, if you couldn’t tell). Minus that, this song and video is really solid. I am seriously thinking about learning this dance. 

I’m in a hurry, so I think I’ll end there. Except for members! In the video, they are seen: Leader and rapper Zico–0:22 and 1:39. Rapper Kyung–0:43, 0:58 and 3:15. Maknae and Rapper (and mini-TOP!) P.O.–0:51 and 2:39. Lead vocals Taeil–2:28, 3:10 and 3:22. Lead vocals Jaehyo (and yes, his hair is green :D)–1:10 and 2:55. Lead dancer U-Kwon (who claims he is the member “in charge of the smiling”)–1:12 and 2:31 and 2:37. Lead dancer B-Bomb–2:17, 3:01 and 0:18.

They’re a really crazy, hyper, loud band from what I’ve seen, and I’m starting to like them a lot. I like their album quite a bit, even if it’s not my all-time favourite, and I hope to see more of them in the future. Also, they’re doing a reality show with B1A4! ♥♥♥ I love those guys! And these guys! And the bands are so opposite XD Can’t wait to watch it. Block B, fighting! Please love them a lot!



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