SotD-2AM’s “No. 1”

[I wrote this post a while ago, before Block B’s “Tell Them.” Please keep that in mind when reading the first part.]

Ahh! So many new songs recently! Seriously, it’s overwhelming. In the last week or so (since I posted One Way’s “Magic”) I’ve downloaded or bought a grand total of 22 new songs O_o Whoa! Crazy, right? So I had some serious difficulties picking out a song to blog about, especially since exams are starting [again, I wrote this a long time ago -.-) But I finally settled on 2AM’s “No. 1” for several reasons.

One–I love 2AM! And I haven’t talked about them yet, and I just talked about their brother group 2PM. Also, this is one of the greatest songs ever. Totally love it.

Two–This song is very not 2AM’s style. I currently have (and love) three 2AM songs–this being one of them, and the other being depressing ballads that make me want to cry (seriously, I cry every time I watch the videos). This song is happy and cute and bubbly. Yay! Go 2AM, for not being sad anymore! ^^

Three–they have a lot of Engrish! Woohoo! More on that later. Just know that Koreans–evens the ones that speak zero English–looooove putting English in their songs.

And four–this song had been stuck in my head all freaking day. It’s so good! I downloaded it before I even finished listening to it for the first time. Soooo great.

Anyways, this is the MV:

The first thing I have to mention is their English. Or rather, their lack thereof. Because really, it hardly counts. I love 2AM, I really do, but if I had to rate their English on a scale of 1 to 5, I’d give them a 1.5. And that’s pushing it. Seriously. I would have given them a 1, but there are two slightly redeeming factors. The first is that I can understand pretty much everything they’re saying. Their pronunciation is pretty good. Also, I can pretty much understand what they’re trying to say. You know, I get the message and all that.

But the Engrish. Oh, the glorious Engrish. And the grammar. SO BAD. All of it. If it makes sense, it’s cheesy beyond belief. “I’m number one. You’re number one. There’s no number two.” And my personal favourite, “You can dance with me if you wanna do.” The list goes on. And yet somehow the song is awesome enough, and catchy enough, that I still listen to it all the time. I try not to sing it in public, though O_o

Before I get any further, the band. 2AM is much, much more ballad- and vocal-based than 2PM, and they have a lot less choreography (that I’ve seen–correct me if I’m wrong). From my personal experience (which is admittedly limited) all they have are sad, slow songs, with amazing vocals. The band consists of four members–Jokwon, Changmin, Seulong and Jinwoon. I’m still getting used to who’s who, but I can tell them apart 98% of the time. They all look very different. Not the best-looking group of all time, but I kind of like that about them. They focus on music, not dancing or personality. They debuted in 2008, alongside 2PM, under JYP Entertainment. That’s about all I know about them. The only member I kind of know is Jokwon, because everyone knows Jokwon. He’s seriously all over the place. I love him. He acts, he was on We Got Married, he goes on all sorts of variety shows, and he’s hilarious. One of my favourite people ever.

Now, as I mentioned before, this particular song is not at all 2AM’s style. You see, like SuJu’s “Victory Korea” (another fantastic song) this song was created to support Korea in the World Cup Soccer Tournament. Whoo! Anyways, it explains the video. Still not the lyrics, though…why would a soccer player want to dance with 2AM? I mean, I totally would, but they’re a little busy playing soccer. Huh… (As a sidenote, soccer is VERY big in South Korea. So is Starcraft…)

2AM has outstanding vocals. All 4 of them. That’s the point of the band. They all have very powerful, amazing voices. It makes them perfect for ballads. They are certainly not lacking in the talent area. However, in this song, their voices are rather electronicized, which takes away from their raw talent. It makes for an awesome song, and I’m not complaining. Just know that this is not NEARLY their full potential.

Onto the video itself. Isn’t it cute? ^^ I love it so much. The guys are so adorable. This, of course, has led to many people mentioning that they look gay. I’m not surprised–in America, they totally would be. Bot honestly, people, in Korea they’re just cute. Get over it. Especially Jokwon. He is freaking adorable. Seriously. He’s the one second from the left when they stand in line, with the curly hair. I always just end up watching him. Jokwon is possibly the BIGGEST diva in all of k-pop. Even more so than Heechul or Key. He’s such a girl, seriously. I love him. He’s known for these three things–being very girly and diva-ish and feminine, being ridiculous and strange, and for crying in almost every 2AM MV. Haha. He’s a very convincing crier.

Also, although this MV doesn’t have any choreography, I love their random dancing. XD They’re so cute. My favourite parts are def 0:29, 0:47, 1:03, 1:59, 2:05, and 2:33. Also the whole video. 😀

And no, the lyrics don’t make any sense. I’m not sure exactly why they list colours. Are they flag colours? Skin colours? I don’t know. I am at a loss. If this song wasn’t so good, and by 2AM, I think I might hate it. But I don’t. Because it rocks.

Last but not least, members! Diva and leader (at 21 O_O) “Kkap” Jokwon–0:13 and 0:48 and 0:55. Lead vocals, rapper, and oldest (but not leader) Changmin–0:10 and 0:35. Vocalist and second oldest Seulong–0:04 and 1:33. Maknae and vocalist Jinwoon–0:07 and 2:52.

Anyways, that’s about all I have to say. Freaking awesome song, freaking awesome band. I wish to see more songs like this from them 😀 Go 2AM! Fighting!



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