SotD-ZE:A’s “Watch Out”

"Exciting" Album Cover

Another one by ZE:A! Oh boy! It’s only been three months since their last comeback with “Here I Am” but the boys are back again, this time with “Watch Out” and their mini-album “Exciting!” both of which I happen to really really like. As a sidenote, Maggie and I JUST finished learning the dance to Here I Am. Excellent. We are very proud. (This is the 3rd ZE:A song I’ve reviewed. I really like them lately 😀 )

So, when this MV came out, all I could think was SO CHEESY. But so hilarious and adorable. I think a lot of people were disappointed because while ZE:A used to be pretty manly and cool, they are now going for a cute and fun concept, with “Here I Am” and now “Watch Out.” I also think they didn’t like how unbelievably lame and weird the dance was. I happen to adore it. It is awesome. Anyways, before this MV they released a teaser for their other song from this album, “Heart for 2” which was more serious and cool and intense. I was very surprised when I saw this MV, because it is nothing at all like the teaser. Not sure if they’ll release a full video for Heart for 2, though. Anyways, people had been expecting a much different concept for their comeback, and I think a lot of fans were disappointed. I am not one of them. I love them 😀

So here’s the MV for “Watch Out.” As a warning, it is very lame. Also, it is very cute.

Another thing is that ZE:A’s company likes to release a lot of behind-the-scenes videos. There’s one of them dancing around and being funny (the “funny version MV”) here, one of them playing with helium here, and one of them being dorky and playing with a swordfish and pretending to die and/or surf here. I’m seriously falling in love with these guys. Wow. Also, there is a video of Hyungshik falling off the yacht here. This was before the MV, when they were doing their photoshoot. It is random, and kind of sad and kind of funny. Poor Hyungshik! He cannot swim, and therefore had to be saved by Dongjoon and their manager. Ahaha. Awww.

Anyways, the song. It’s super fun and upbeat and cute. It’s about a guy who’s fallen in love with a girl and he’s telling her to “watch out” because he’s getting ready to confess (translation here). I love the catchy rhythm, the cheesy lyrics, and the overall happy bubbliness of the song. It’s great. Definitely a song that puts you in a good mood, and very summery.

The video is amazing. Not mind-blowing or anything, but I really like it. They’re way way way adorable, and everything’s so hyper and cheerful and cute. At the beginning, there’s a girl in a chair at the beach, listening to music. Then you cut to the boys on their boat waking up and busily getting their boat ready for some special event, and being very lame (like carrying around a plastic swordfish and running around clapping). At 0:39, the epic cheesy dancing starts. So cute! Then they’re watching this girl through their window (creepy!) and it seems like they’re all deeply in love with her…but don’t seem to mind that they’re all competing. Why is that always the case? If it was me, I’d be a bit bothered by that…

Anyways, they all go about changing into their spiffy clothes and then invite this oh-so-desirable girl onboard (cue more epic, HILARIOUS dancing at 1:11! Cracks me up every time :D) They then all try to woo her with flowers, cheesecake, heart-shaped cookies, and a necklace. I don’t know about you, but that would DEFINITELY work on me. After that, they all line up and hold up their flowers to see which one she’ll pick. And in the end….she picks SIWAN! Good choice, my friend! I love that guy. So cuuuute. Anyways, he’s very surprised, but pleased (I should hope so). (Also, at this moment, there’s a little shoutout to their past song, Mazeltov, where they sing “Friday Saturday Sunday.” I’m not sure what the point of this is, but it makes me laugh.)

The guys don’t seem to beat up about losing, and go about preparing a cute wedding for the new couple (fast enough for ya?) and the two kiss behind a bouquet of flowers. Awwww, so sweet. Heehee, I loved it. But then there’s a strange little outro I usually skip where it turns out this girl (who is kinda chubby and not-so-desirable…) was actually dreaming, and then she scares four of the ZE:A boys (Kwanghee, Heechul, Siwan, Kevin) into doing stuff for her…it’s weird. Also, in the background, you can hear a female version of their song “Heart For 2.” It is pointless and strange, but oh well.

Anywho, I already talked about the dance a lot, because it’s the best part of this video, but mostly because it’s ZE:A doing it. The chorus is by far the best. It’s so, so lame and cheesy and awesome. It cracks me up every time. The birdy-fluttering, the tummy-rubbing, the finger-shooting. It’s all great. The guys are so cute. To get the full extent of the dance’s awesome, you kind of have to watch them perform it live. So funny. I cannot get over it. Ahahaha. I love ZE:A! ♥ (PS-somehow I get the feeling this dance would not get a lot of good feedback in the American market. Why are Westerners so boring?)

There’s a lot of English in this song, as is usual for ZE:A. But it’s mostly simple, easy-to-understand stuff (come on come on come on; lady lady lady; baby baby baby; la la la la la la; watch out!, etc) so I can’t really deduct too many points. Their pronunciation is fine, their grammar seems pretty solid. They do have a native English-speaker in the group (Kevin!) but that doesn’t seem to stop some other groups I know (*coughU-Kisscough*) Way to go, ZE:A!

And lastly, members. They have nine of them! I have a couple favourites; lead singer Hyungshik (1:08, 2:13), the adorable Siwan (0:39, 1:43, 2:01), lead dancer Minwoo (0:49, 2:42) and Maknae and lead singer Dongjoon (0:35, 1:53, 2:21). I believe in that order, but it changes. Those also happen to be the four youngest, so I could be somewhat biased. Then there’s Leader Junyoung (0:59, 1:50), third lead singer and resident Aussie Kevin (0:24, 1:58), the ever-smiling diva Kwanghee (0:45, 1:48), rapper Heechul (1:21, 1:34), and other rapper Taehun (1:17, 1:26). This band’s really growing on me, to be honest. I love them a lot. 😀

And I think that’s it. I loooove this song, and the whole album (which is only three songs, sadly; this one, Heart For 2, and Why?, which I also really like). I plan on listening to it a lot. Happy about their comeback, with zero complaints. Go ZE:A! Fighting!


PS-as a totally off-topic sidenote, Maggie and I spent over $80 on music yesterday. It’s a lot, but at least now we won’t have to buy more for a while. Also, more CDs on the way! A copy each of Beast’s “Fiction and Fact” and one of CNBlue’s “First Step”


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