SotD-MBLAQ’s “Mona Lisa”

Mona Lisa Album Cover

I am not a huge MBLAQ fan. I’ll admit it. I do looove “Cry,” and I really like “Stay” and a few other songs of theirs. I can tell the members apart and know who does what. And I do think they’re all super good-looking. But I’m not crazy about them. However, they just came out with a new album, and I’m already growing attached to it. I present to you their title track, “Mona Lisa.”

So, MBLAQ is going for a classy, artsy kinda style here. The album cover (which I posted at the top) depicts them dressed as Zorro, one of the Beatles, the Papillon, Boy George and James Dean, respectively. All iconic figures in entertainment. Plus, their title track is about the Mona Lisa. At first I was skeptical, but it turned out I really liked the whole concept. It’s new and fresh and intriguing, and they pull it off wonderfully.

When I first heard they came out with a new song and album, I was pretty excited, because I liked “Cry” so much. (Sidenote: I was also a little scared because it might mean I had to buy MORE music. FYI, Mags and I just spent over $80 on buying k-pop O_O) So I watched it, of course. I liked it–it was catchy and cool, with the accordions and all–but I didn’t love it. I guess it was that way with “Cry” too. Anyways, I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t totally satisfied either. Not at first. I did, however, immediately love another song from the album, “I Don’t Know.” Also, I really liked “One.” I hope to review both of them later at some point.

Now I’ve listened to “Mona Lisa” several more times, though, and I’ve actually rather started to like it. The instruments are sweet, it’s super catchy, and overall it’s just a good song. Not very much like “Cry,” though. Not that I’m complaining. It’s just a very different style.

Anyways, here’s the MV:

My first impression, admittedly: looking good, guys! For once, everyone’s hair is dark. I’m loving Thunder’s hair, especially. Awesome. Mir and Joon both went for short hair, and while I think it looks better on the latter, Mir can pull it off too (what can’t he pull off? Though I miss his Cry hair). I like Seungho’s hair too. Not loving GO’s ‘do, though. Emo-fringe. Kind of weird. Not ugly, but not the best.

Clothing, however, is a different matter. For the most part, it looks pretty good. Maybe a little odd (USA flag pants?) but pretty good. Even stylish. I do like some of their outfits. However, I have a couple problems. First of all, what on earth is Thunder wearing? A skirt? Leotards? Fishnets? Bleargh. Very bad combination, my friend. Also, at one point Mir’s wearing a very strange frilly wing-shirt. That is just–I don’t even understand it. How very odd. And unappealing. But for the most part…none of Thunder’s outfits are very good. I feel sorry for the poor guy.

Anyways, enough about looks. That’s shallow. I’d like to start with the English in this song, because it’s actually good! There’s quite a bit of it, but it’s all correct and understandable. Yay MBLAQ! The lyrics may be cheesy (“Everybody in the house…”) but at least they make sense. Well done.

Next: overall lyrics. According to this translation, they’re about a girl who this guy is deeply in love with, but is afraid he can’t have (like the Mona Lisa?). Nothing new or mind-blowing, but not awful. I actually have come to really like the chorus (“Baby say YES!”) and the couple of times they croon “saranghae saranghae saranghamda.” Also, I will admit to liking the “Say lalalalalalala” parts, even if they’re hardly words. They’re so catchy!

Dance! I totally like most of it, except for the crotch-grabbing (which always evokes laughter and ridicule from myself, and nosebleeds from other fangirls) and the fact that they use face/lip-rubbing as a dance move. Apart from that, I like it a lot. Especially the part at 0:59 (how do they do that?) . And I think the part at 1:15 to 1:20 is so funny 😀 They’re just kind of posing and moving their shoulders to the beat. Ahaha. Awesome. Anyways, cool dance. Nothing too stand-outish, but I like. Nice!

As for the video…I don’t get it. Why does this girl hate them? Why do they keep looking at her? Why are they in a gas station? I do not know! Also, how does this have anything to do with Mona Lisa? Hmm… Anyways, I do admit to liking the different locations, the grungy feel, the lighting and the colour use, the rooftop scenes…not badly directed at all. Just the plot. Can not compute.

As a sidenote, I love the instrument use in this song. The accordion, the spanish guitar–very cool. It’s a style I’ve never heard before in k-pop. It’s new and refreshing and really awesome. Daebak.

And I think that’s all I have to say. Except for members! Maknae/rapper Mir: looking like a boss at 2:21 and 0:27. Baby-face rapper/vocal/resident english-speaker Thunder (aka Cheondoong): 0:12, 1:30 and 2:51. Lead singer GO: looking soulful at 2:41 and 0:45 (he’s very soulful). Leader and vocal Seungho: 1:21 and 2:27. Super-popular and super-attractive vocalist Joon: 1:47.

And that is all. Not my favourite song of all time, but still very good. Well done MBLAQ. I was ultimately not disappointed, and I am pleased with their new album. Fighting!


PS-Infinite just released their new album and MV, so expect a review of that next! Also, Teen Top is making a comeback this month as well. Win! So excited! ^^


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