SotD-Infinite’s “Be Mine”

"Over the Top" Album Cover. From left to right: Hoya, Sungkyu, Woohyun, L, Sungjong, Sungyeol, Dongwoo

Yayyy! Infinite’s back! I’ve grown really quite fond of them since I discovered “Nothing’s Over”. Now, after a brief hiatus, they’re back with a their first full album, “Over The Top”, and a new MV, which I present to you today: Infinite’s “Be Mine.”

I had high hopes for this song, because I love pretty much all of Infinite’s stuff up till now. They’re a pretty solid band, I must say. I actually reaaaaaaally like several songs on this album, specifically this one, “Julia“, “Because“, and “Amazing.” I have to listen to the rest more yet, but those ones really stood out to me. They are seriously awesome.

So this MV came out on July 20th (yesterday). I’ve only watched it two or three times, but I’ve listened to the song a couple times on its own. I usually only do reviews after several more listens/views, but I really wanted to write a post on it today 😛 It’s really awesome, I swear. Well, in my opinion. I suppose I shouldn’t force it upon you.

So here’s the MV:

I will not lie: I was a tiiiiiny disappointed by the music video. I mean, from Infinite I expected kick-butt choreography and mind-blowing synchronization. Don’t get me wrong, the video is still pretty great. But not amazing. Ah well. They’ve been working hard to produce a good album (going as far as to trash 30K copies due to a printing error). I forgive them, because the song is stellar.

I really love how the whole video is in black-and-white, except for random flashes of colour (most noticeably Sungjong’s blue shirt). That’s pretty dang cool. And the choices of dancing locations–though not very wise–are also sweet. Crime scenes? Maybe not the best idea, safety-wise, but it makes for an epic video.

The plot of the video is confusing, but very straightforward: there is a girl. She crosses the Do Not Cross tape and proceeds to be shot at relentlessly. Yikes. She goes into freak-out mode–for good reason–but does not make any moves to retreat. I do not know who is shooting at her or why, but that’s what it’s about. Occasionally the band members will spontaneously join her on the battlefield, but they do not seem fazed by the fact that there are bullets flying everywhere. Huh. In the end, I do not believe any conflict is resolved. Did she die? We will never know…

Anyways. The song is about this guy who loves this girl, and he sees her being hurt, so he’s asking her to “be his” instead so that she can be happy. I think. You can read the translation I used here. (This person is awesome. I get a lot of translations from them.:)) The lyrics are really kind of sweet, in a slightly desperate sort of way. Doesn’t quite match up with the video, though… Unless, of course, the guy in the song is talking to the girl being shot at and is saying, “I know you’re hurting, but if you’ll be mine, I’ll come save you!” Which is a little morbid and creepy, if you ask me.

The English in this song…is exactly four words! They say them twice, though. They are: “Do you hear me?” Sung by Sungyeol. Those are his only lines, too. Poor guy. Anyways, I think it’s a good thing that Infinite stuck to little-to-no English this time around, because “Nothing’s Over” did not turn out well. Or should I say, “Nuh-ting Sober?” Ahaha. I love Infinite. But their English has not been top-notch. I’m proud of them for avoiding it. (Though I haven’t found problems in their others songs so far…)

(As a sidenote, I find it rather sad that everyone gets two lines, except Sungyeol, who gets one very short one. Awww, poor guy. At least he starred in the last video. Also, Dongwoo and Hoya, the rappers, get six lines each, but that makes sense because, well, they’re the only rappers and there are twelve lines of rapping.)

As for the dance…it’s very cool. Not hfubljksfAWESOME like “Come Back Again” or “Before The Dawn”, but still very cool. But I don’t want to say much about it until they perform live or release a dance version, because it’s quite hard to see it well enough in the video. But from what I can see, it looks pretty much epic, and they look as dang synchronized as ever. As I’ve said before, in my opinion Infinite is one of the BEST dance groups in Korea. They are seriously amazing. “Be Mine” was no exception.

As for looks…I will not lie, they are all looking freaking great. I like how none of them went for crazy hairstyles or anything this time around. They all have fairly normal, average, attractive haircuts and colours, and they’re all wearing attractive and flattering clothes. There seem to be a few cases of animal-print pants and so on, but as a whole I am pleased with how they look. All…so…cute o_O Very nice, Infinite. I’m pleased.

So I really really like this song. It’s really catchy, and I love the style they’re going for. The chorus is awesome, the rapping is good, everything is really great. I’ve been singing it ever since the teaser was released. “Naeggeo ha-ja!” Also, I love the “Oh!” parts during the chorus. Loving this song a lot. No complaints whatsoever (apart from the fact that poor Sungyeol only gets one line. I mean, I don’t looove him or his voice, but I feel bad for him). I am glad SungJONG got some lines this time, though. His voice is so soft and sweet compared to the others’, but he never gets to sing enough. Kind of like SHINee’s Taemin (Sidenote: too many Sung- names!)

And now for the member line-up! First to sing is L, at 0:23, and again at 1:37. Next is lead vocals Woohyun, at 0:29, and then again at 1:56. Then is maknae Sungjong at 0:37, and again at 1:50. Then is other lead singer and Leader Sungkyu at 0:43 and 1:43. You also see him at 2:46, right before you see L again. Sungyeol gets his one line at 1:22. Rapper #1 Hoya is seen at 1:28 and 3:13. Rapper #2 Dongwoo is seen at 1:32 and 3:06. Hoya also gets a dance solo at 2:33. (One thing I truly love about Infinite is that both Hoya and Dongwoo also sing, not only rap. Hoya is also a triple-threat–he’s the lead dancer as well. Wow!)

Anyways, that’s all for now. I’m seriously digging this song, this video, and this whole album. Infinite is one of my favourite bands these days. I’m really lookign forward to them performing it live, and also anything else they can come up with, because they are so freakign awesome. No lie. Fighting!


PS-Today I heard Infinite’s Sungkyu sing “Insomnia” on a radio show. This is an entirely English song. He did an amazing job, and I really like the song. There’s a clip of it here. Also, I saw Super Junior’s Ryeowook sing the exact same song live just a couple days ago. Weird. But awesome anyways.

PPS-Teen Top released their teaser today! So excited for that! 😀


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