Live Performances of the Day

So I wasn’t really planning on doing any songs of the day until Super Junior’s new single came out (I’m so excited!) but then today I logged onto YouTube and I was just like, “Ohh! Infinite performed Be Mine live! Oh, and ZE:A performed Heart for 2! And asdjlksf I have to watch all these other ones too!” So I decided to share them with you, because it’s not every day that all my current favourite bands perform songs I love. Yay!

First I watched ZE:A’s performance of “Heart for 2”, below.

I really really liked this song ever since it came out, so I was happy when they decided to promote it after “Watch Out” (though I looooved “Why?” too). The song and dance are really intense, and I love how Minwoo gets more screentime and even some singing parts. I love Minwoo! I love their chic suits, I loooove the dance (so cool) and I love the vocals. And the song in general. Heechul dyed his hair back to black (yay!), Dongjoon dyed his brown (it looks great), and Junyoung kept his red, which is great, because it looks epic. Overall, the performance was really fantastic, and I plan to watch it several more times, just because I love it. Kya!

Next I watched Boyfriend’s “You & I.” I forgot this song even existed! It was the only other song on their single album apart from their intro and “Boyfriend.” I never liked it enough to download it, but I was excited to see a new side to them apart from their extra-cute aegyo. Watch below:

The boys (I can’t even bring myself to call them guys–they’re so little!) are looking adorable but mature in cool black and white clothes, and their dance is really great. I think this group has a lot of potential–they’re freaking cute, but they’re also quite talented. I actually surprised myself by being able to tell the six of them apart–thankfully the Jo twins kept their hair colours the same, even if they did cut it. Or maybe they switched colours, just to confuse us all! Anyways, Donghyun also dyed his hair dark again, and Jungmin no longer has curly locks, but somehow I know them well enough to know who was who. So, the song is really catchy, even if it’s not my favourite, and I’m glad they went for a more mature concept this time around (as much as I adooooored their cutesy concept). Sidenote: I love Minwoo and Kwangmin’s rapping! Especially Minwoo’s. He’s so cuuuuute. Kya! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pick a favourite. They’re all ridiculously cute and awesome. Love love love Minwoo’s solo dance, though.

Next up was Teen Top’s comeback stage, which I’ve been excited for since the MV came out. They kicked it off with a brief intro of another of their tracks, “Beautiful Girl,” and then went right into “Don’t Spray Perfume.” Watch below:

Can I just say that I looooove their outfits at the beginning? Especially the different-coloured ties/scarves and belts. I also laughed at CAP doing this cutesy, fun dance. That’s so not what I’d expect from him. But he actually pulled it off pretty well. I also adore L.Joe’s yellow glove. So cool. And his “It’s me L.Joe” line. Kekeke. I actually really liked the rapping in this song, and I didn’t even mind the girl being there (I loved hers and CAP’s high-five). And the last pose is so adorable. Super cute performance, and I hope to see them perform it again, hopefully the full song. Anyways, then they move on to sing “Don’t Spray Perfume.” Now they’re all wearing cool black clothes, and Chunji’s smiling away, as usual. Actually, all of them are super smiley and energetic, which I think is great. The dance is aaaaaaaaawesome. I could not be more impressed. They’re so talented. But awwww, Changjo hardly gets two seconds of screentime 😦 Nooo! Anyways, I love how during that one (hilariously sexy) move, they’re all trying to get their hands in their back pockets, but most of them are fumbling or struggling, especially with their mics in hand. Kekeke. Overall, I freaking loved this performance. Possibly my favourite of the day. So good. Teen Top=amazing.

And lastly, I watched Infinite’s “Be Mine,” which was preceded by an intro of “Amazing” which is one of my favourite songs from their new album. Yay!

The first song was fantastic, even if it was short. I love how rapper/dancer Hoya got a couple lines. He’s so multi-talented! Love love love the song, and they did a great job. Loooove it. Also, their outfits are so adorable. I like them so much. Why do they have to change? (Sidenote: I like how in the in-between member intro, they put lead singers Sungkyu and Woohyun together, rappers Hoya and Dongwoo together, and visuals/sub-vocals-who-get-no-lines Sungyeol, Sungjong and L together XD) Anyways, next is “Be Mine,” another amazing song. I love their clothes, which are mostly dark except for random bits of colour (like L’s green pants!). Also, Woohyun’s shirt-lift was pretty funny 😛 Not that he doesn’t have abs. It’s just funny how they feel the need to show them off when performing. Apart from the fact that the song is freaking great, all I can think of to say is this: I loooooove their dancing! Ah! They’re so good. I cannot get enough of it. Infinite blows my mind every time.

Anyways, that’s all for today. I hope this post was not a waste of your time. Overall, I just love watching live performances. They’re so cool. Why doesn’t America have any epic boybands? *sigh* I guess Asians are better anyways…



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