SotD-SuperJunior’s “Mr. Simple”

Super Junior's "Mr. Simple" Album Cover

YAYYYYYYY! It’s finally out! You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this music video, and this comeback in general. I am so happy. It’s almost ridiculous. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple.” Kya!

This is the very first time I have EVER stayed up to be there when a music video came out. I wanted to see it right away, even if it was kind of risky in my household. If my mom had seen me, I would have been dead. I kid you not. I didn’t even know when the music video was coming out at first. But I knew I had to watch it. Super Junior, I will never stop loving you. See what you’ve done to me? Turned me into a full-fledged fangirl.

I wasn’t initially planning on staying up to see it. But then, at around 12:30, I happened to read that the video was coming out at 3:00pm KST. Before  I knew what I was doing, I was looking up the time zones between here and there, and soon I discovered that it would be released at 2:00am. Only an hour and a half away! I couldn’t resist. I pulled out a book and a few other distractions and waited for the time, hoping my laptop wouldn’t die before then. Thankfully, it didn’t.

And then, before I knew it, the video was released, and I was all over that thing. When I clicked on it, it had been about a minute since release. It already had 1,000+ likes (the view counter is wacky, so I couldn’t trust it -_-). By the time I had watched the whole video three times, there were 4,000 more comments and 8,059 likes. Yeahhhhh! And now, the next morning at 10:00, it has over 56,000 likes. 😀

I watched the video three times–full-screen and HD, of course, and with earphones–before giving in and going to sleep. Let me tell you–it was REALLY HARD to keep in my fangirlish squeals. My life depended on it (my mother is a tyrant when it comes to bedtimes), and yet I found myself continuously biting on my knuckles to stop myself. When did I fall so in love with Super Junior? I surprise even myself sometimes.

Anyways, I was already acting like this when they released the album on the 1st. I was all over that album, I tell you. Had it playing on a loop all day. LOVE IT. There’s not a song I dislike. Not even the ballads. Whoo SuJu! 😀 I really like how not all the songs are about, in the words of some other random person, “I love you/y u leave me?” Very nice, SJ. You know how sick of those we are.

Okay, onto the video! Ahhhh! ♥

It’s so awesome! I wasn’t disappointed in the least. No, there’s no plot or anything, but who cares? It’s Super Junior! Pretty much anything with Super Junior is awesome. It’s an automatic thing, I tell you.

I’ll start with the meaning of the song, if I can manage to explain it. There are english lyrics here. The song is basically about how you can’t get angry when things don’t go your way, because that’s just how life is. They’re saying that life has its ups and downs, and that’s just how it is, so you shouldn’t get angry, you should just take a break and forget about it for a while. They’re saying you should just be “Mr. Simple” and live life, because no matter what people say you’re great the way you are. It’s about how you should smile because when you do it makes other people happy. It’s kind of just an inspirational song, lyrics-wise, and I really really love that about it. So awesome. This song just went up a little higher on my list. Love SuJu.

However, from the sound of this song, it doesn’t sound like an inspirational song at all. It’s fast-paced and electronicized with a heavy beat and the catchiest tune in the world. It’s really awesome. It sounds a little similar to Sorry Sorry and Bonamana, style-wise, but I’m not complaining. I think they did an awesome job with it, and I love the song already.

Hmm, English. Well, considering the first words are, “Because I naughty naughty,” I can’t say they did awesome. But they didn’t do horribly, either. They have some slightly awkward wording, but mostly there are just simple phrases, like “Blow your mind” and “I’m Mr. Simple” and “Just grab it, grab it.” So I’d say…3.5 out of 5? Maybe 4. Not too bad, but not the best.

Since the video and the dance are practically the same, I’ll kind of just mash them together. All the video is is them dancing. No complaints! Super Junior’s dancing is epic. But I gotta say, their backgrounds and clothing choices are pretty sweet. I love the ginormous rooms (it has to be, to fit all of them…) and the flashy suits and the colourful clothes and the pretty lights and everything. Very nice. And the dance is just–awesome. I love it. The first time I watched it, I was kind of like, “This is a little weird…” but after a few more times, I was like, “This. Is. AWESOME.” I really like it. It’s new and fresh, and nothing like other dances I’ve seen. It’s not particularly complicated at most parts, but it looks really cool and I am continuously surprised at how synchronized they can all be. There’s so many of them! O_O Though I gotta admit, that part at 1:59 is still a little strange. I’m not sure if I could do that with a straight face. And I heard each member got to choreograph a part of the dance, which is cool. I’m impressed.

Oh! And the solo dance! Eee, so awesome! It was a little surprising, because at first I was like, “Ahh, the dancing four; Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin and Leeteuk.” But then I looked closer and was like, “Wait…that’s not Leeteuk. That’s–could it be?–KYUHYUN! WHOA!” I had to look really close, because you never get to see his face clearly, but it IS him. Kyuhyun, you’re a dancer now! It’s funny, because when he dances freestyle, he’s super awkward and dorky. But I guess he can really rock the choreography. He does a great job, as do the other three, and the dance break turns out being epic. Everyone loves a dance break.

Okay, so I was really worried about how the boys would look in this music video, because their promo pictures were (in my opinion) horrendously ugly. Okay, not all of them. Mostly just Leeteuk’s and Siwon’s and a couple others. But I was pretty nervous about what their concept would be. If you haven’t seen the pictures yet, you can see all ten here. Anyways, I was a little bit scared by them. But it turns out they all look really great in the music video. I am especially glad Leeteuk didn’t keep his hair how it looks in the pictures. I can’t say I love Heechul’s perm, and Eunhyuk’s bleach blond took some getting used to, but overall I liked everyone’s looks this time around. They’re all so cute ^^ And I will not lie–I almost died when I saw Yesung. Not that he looks better here than he does other times. I just think he’s awesome. I don’t even know why. But I’m glad he kept his hair dark 🙂 Not that I have anything against lighter hair, but it’s nice having a  variety of colours, and it’s nice to be able to pick him out quite easily.

Before I go, I just want to point out a few of my favourite parts. I don’t know why they’re my favourites. They just are. The first is Donghae’s line at 1:22 to 1:29. Specifically the part at 1:24. Just the way he says it is so cool. 😀 Also, Yesung’s “Alright” at 1:34. Love his accent ♥ And the whole dance cut is awesome, but I especially like Eunhyuk’s b-boy freeze at the end. Ohhh, fancy. Love the spin at 2:13. So great. And when Shindong wiped Eunhyuk’s shoulder for him at 2:25. And the classic Donghae move behind Yesung at 4:02 (ohh, so sexy :P) Anyways, I should go now. Let me just say I love this entire video. So great. DAEBAK. ♥

Hmm. I think that’s all I have to say. No, I’m kidding, I could go on forever. But this post is getting so long o_O I apologize for that. So instead I’ll just list the members and then be on my way. First up, Leader Leeteuk–2:37 and 3:33. Then Baby Kyuhyun–0:59 and 3:49. Hottie Siwon–1:06 and 4:20. The strange Heechul–1:14 and 4:37. Sexy Donghae–1:22 and 3:43. The Awesome Yesung–1:28 and 3:58. Eternal Maknae Ryeowook–1:36 and 2:43. Dancing machine Eunhyuk–2:01 and 2:52 and 3:26. The Adorable Sungmin–2:07 and 2:29. Chubby but cool Shindong–3:41 and 3:45. That is in no order whatsoever.

Well, I should probably stop now. I am officially in love with the song and video, as if I wasn’t in love enough with the band. I have no complaints to speak of. So awesome. Can’t wait to see them performing live again. Return of the Superior! Can’t wait to buy the album 😀 SO HAPPY! Fighting!


PS-I’m thinking of devoting the rest of this week to SJ-related posts. So get ready for that.

PPS-I’m also thinking of spending the extra $3 to make sure I DON’T get the Leeteuk or Siwon CD covers. I love both of them a looooooot (they’re in my top 5) but their pictures are just so ugly. I’m sorry.


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