Best Dance Versions

So when I was writing my list of Best Music Videos yesterday, I kept coming across music videos that weren’t really special–except for the dances. Dancing while singing is something that I hadn’t seen since the N*SYNC days, and for me it’s somethign that really stands out and makes me love k-pop (I know not everyone dances, but the majority). Somehow, dancing became quite unpopular in the Western world–at least, the boyband sort. And I, personally, LOOOOOVE boybands. A lot. So when I discovered k-pop, it was my favourite part of everything. The epic, epic dancing. It continues to blow my mind each and every time. It’s so awesome!

So I decided to make a list of the best Dance Versions of songs (or songs with the best dances). This list won’t be as long as my Favourite MVs List. No worries. (Again, this is personal preference. I am in no way bashing anyone). This’ll be in no particular order. Well, maybe alphabetical. And I went through all the trouble of finding links (or multiple links) for each song! Aren’t I nice? Go!

A-Peace’s “Lover Boy” (This one is purely amazing because of the sheer number of dancers. Holy cow!)

Beast’s “Fiction” (This one is pure epicness. Well, just the one move. You know the one.)

Beast’s “Shock”

-Beast’s “Beautiful” (This one is made of pure win. They’re so adorably ridiculous and hyper and awesome. Such a fun dance.)

Block B’s “Tell Them” (Okay, this has no dance version, but the dance is so great ^_^)

Co-Ed’s “Bbiribbom Bberibbom”

G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” (The running XD)

Infinite’s “Before the Dawn” (Holy Moses. Maybe the best one out there. Or one of.) Link 2

Infinite’s “Come Back Again” (SO EPIC) Link 2

Infinite’s “Be Mine” (Infinite=amaaaaazing O_O) Link 2

Infinite’s “She’s Back” (Seriously, just all of Infinite)

Infinite’s “Nothing’s Over” (This one’s just cute ^_^ And so in sync, as usual) Link 2

Jang Woo Hyuk’s “Time Is [L]Over” (This is possbily the ultimate best one out there. Seriously. Wow.) Link 2

MBLAQ’s “Cry” (This dance makes me chuckle…but I still love it)

SHINee’s “Love Like Oxygen” (Loving the props. Awesome)

SHINee’s “Lucifer” (Another all-time best. Wow.)

SHINee’s “Replay” (And it was their debut O_O) Link 2

SHINee’s “Juliette” (SHINee…are awesome dancers. Period.)

SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” (It’s so…hilariously awesome)

SS501’s “A Song Calling For You” (Oh my gosh. I just cannot handle the cheesiness XD)

Super Junior’s “Wonder Boy” (Again–cheesy, but great)

Super Junior’s “Bonamana” (Gotta love SuJu)

Super Junior’s “It’s You” (SuJu may not be as complicated and crazy, but dang–they’re so good)

Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” (Makes me laugh a little…but still epic)

Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” (The dance that took the world by storm…)

Super Junior’s “No Other” (Not even sure why I love this one so much)

Super Junior-Happy’s “Cooking? Cooking!” (This one is just too cute to ignore)

Super Junior’Happy’s “Pajama Party” (So lame…but so cute ^_^)

Super Junior-M’s “Perfection” (Literally)

Teen Top’s “Clap” (Again, debut. So impressive O_O)

Teen top’s “Supa Luv” (Amazingly synchronized. Whoa!)

Teen Top’s “No More Perfume” (They never disappoint) Link 2

TVXQ’s “Mirotic” (I am continuously impressed with this)

U-Kiss’s “Man Man Ha Ni” (It’s nothing crazy–but so fun :D)

U-Kiss’s “Bingeul Bingeul” (It’s also very fun XD)

-ZE:A’s “Watch Out!” (Lol, they’re so cheesy…)

ZE:A’s “Love Coach” (Love it :D)

ZE:A’s “Here I Am” (Not enough recognition)

2PM’s “I’ll Be Back” (Hahaha…love it)

2PM’s “Take Off”

Hm. I feel like I missed some. So I may have to update this. But for now, enjoy! Longer than I thought πŸ˜› I love boybands! πŸ˜€ Finding some of these again…makes me so happy. By the way, yes–I find that the best dance groups are Infinite, SHINee, and Super Junior. The first two for talent, the last for the most interesting and enjoyable dances. I also find that 2PM are amaaaazing dancers, but not really my style. I wish I could put more of their videos on…but I don’t know them well enough yet. I assure you, they are also very very impressive. And I didn’t put any girl groups dances, because I personally don’t like girl groups. No offense! Anyways, those are, in my opinion, the best ones. Do you agree? Now my sister and I just have to get around to learning all of these…hey, we’ve done 8 or so already! Whoo!


PS-Happy birthday to Yesung! I know that’s totally random, but how could I not say Happy Birthday to my favourite person of all time? (Pretty much) I love him! β™₯


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