SotD-U-Kiss’s “Someday”

Today (well, now yesterday) is my birthday! And although we didn’t do anything special to celebrate, I did get one special present, which is this new song from U-Kiss 😀 I am super excited for their comeback on Sept. 1, because their last mini-album was fantastic. I have very high hopes. And from the sounds of this song…I will not be disappointed.

Yesterday I stayed up until 1:00 to watch their teaser for their song “Neverland” and while it looks and sounds awesome, I was a tiny bit disappointed they had strayed from their concept for Bran New Kiss, because I totally loved it. Now, I still can’t wait for Neverland, but when I heard “Someday” I was just like…awesome. This is what I wanted.

The first time I listened to this song (with the lyrics), I cried. Literally. I tend to cry a lot during songs these days, and this was no exception. The lyrics, the powerful vocals, the emotion and pure beauty and everything else combined–including my love for U-Kiss–just really did it for me. I was gone. I don’t know why I suddenly started crying from songs so frequently–I think it started with Super Junior, dang them–but some songs are just worth it. This is one of them. I love it so much.

Since this song has no video, there isn’t much to say. The vocals are outstanding, the song is gorgeous, the lyrics are fantastic, the English is perfect (though Soohyun’s pronunciation isn’t the best). I wish I could distinguish between everyone’s voices 😦 I have trouble with U-Kiss. Especially when there’s no rapping and I have more voices to choose from. I can always tell Soohyun’s and Kevin’s, but the rest are pretty tricky for me. Boo.

UPDATE: These wonderful people have made colour-coded lyrics for who sings which lines. I am happy now 🙂 I don’t know if they’re totally accurate, but I think I believe them. Yay for helpful internet people!

Dang. There really is nothing else to say. I’m super pumped for their comeback, and I hope they get a lot of recognition for once, because they are depressingly underrated. Love U-Kiss! Anyways. I’ll be off. Great birthday present ^_^ Can’t wait for Sept 1. Whoot! This song is so great. U-Kiss fighting!


PS-why is it that they’re releasing their album on the same day that Heechul leaves for the army? Happy and sad in one day…


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