Underrated K-Pop Groups

My sister and I are quite dedicated to giving every band a chance. When a new group debuts, we listen to their song before making any assumptions. When a band we don’t like makes a comeback, we listen to their song to see if we like their new concept. When we find a group we don’t like, we listen to their older songs to see if we like their old concepts. We ignore haters and fans alike, because we have our own opinions and tastes in music. So we listen to a wide variety of music, and we end up buying a whole lot of songs and albums. But even though we ourselves always make sure to listen to every band and judge them accordingly, a lot of people only listen to one or two selectively and ignore the rest, because they’re not popular.

I always feel so bad for the bands that obviously work so hard and put so much effort into producing music, and then don’t get any recognition for it. Even the bands I don’t like. The life of a k-pop idol is extremely hard, from what I’ve heard, and extremely pressuring. They have to risk a lot to get where they are. And yet people don’t pay any attention to them because they aren’t as popular as the rest.

So I’ve decided to make a list of k-pop groups that I think are underrated in terms of talent and potential. I won’t even go into bands that I find overrated–because there are plenty–and I’ll try to be un-biased and all that, but I guarantee that this will be very opinionated. This is based on my preferences and opinions, so don’t think I’m bashing or anything. Here goes!

Dalmatian. Where’s the love for this band? They’re actually one of my favourite k-pop bands ever, even though they only have one mini-album. They have loads and loads and loooooads of talent, and one of the most solid debut albums I’ve ever encountered. I know they’re rookies, but still–give the guys some recognition! They’re totally amazing, and I can’t wait for their comeback. Their vocals are outstanding–better than a lot of popular bands–and I really like their rapping style. I think they deserve lots of attention in the future.

F.Cuz. These guys aren’t the most top-notch band out there, but I still really like a lot of their songs and I respect them a lot. When I found out LeeU was leaving, I almost cried. I fell in love with this band the moment I saw “Wanna Be Your Love” and I have loved them ever since. People never give them enough credit, and that makes me sad. Go F.Cuz! I believe in you!

Infinite. I know these guys have garnered quite a following in the past year or so, but still–why have they not won any awards? They are one of, if not the, best dance groups out there, and they have a really solid vocal- and rap-line as well. I make fun of SungJong, SungYeol and L a lot for being useless, but the truth is, how talented must they be to even be in this group? Their dancing is so mind-blowing. Their live performances still awe me. I have so much respect for this group. I love love love their music, and I think they have the potential to be one of the most popular groups in Korea. They have an overwhelming amount of talent, and you can tell how much hard work they must put into each comeback just by watching them. How do they get so synchronized? I do not know. I will never know. But they are freaking amazing. EDIT: Infinite won an award! Ah, I’m so proud of them 😀 Well done, boys. You so deserved it. (When they won, all of them started crying like crazy, and I almost teared up myself…)

Teen Top. I will feel sorry for these six little boys until they become very popular, because they deserve it. The fact that they’re all so young, and all so talented and impressive, but never get any recognition whatsoever, just breaks my heart. They must work so, so hard, and yet they’re always just sitting on the sidelines. Their dancing is seriously really good, and super-synchronized. I admit that they only have two really good vocalists–but maybe the rest would improve if the company gave them a chance. And I think their rappers are really good as well. They’ve come out with two solid single albums and one solid mini-album to date. They do not have a single song I dislike. It helps that they are all friggin’ adorable. This band may be one of the most underrated ones out there. Seriously, guys. They’re good.

U-Kiss. This is one of those bands that I have always loved to death, and always thought was really super popular, but it turns out they weren’t. Well, not as popular as I imagined. I don’t believe they’ve ever won an award–wait, I believe they won a Best Rookie Award once, which is good, because they so deserve it. Anyways, they’ve never gotten a whole lot of recognition, and it’s such a pity, because I think they’re one of the most solid bands out there. They’re totally underrated. They have a great vocal line, some great rappers, and a whole bunch of really awesome songs. Now, I’ll admit that they don’t have the most talent, especially in terms of dance, but they’re so much better than people think. I am always impressed with them. Especially recently, since they’ve been straying from their overuse of autotune. They’ve been through a lot, especially after replacing two members, but I feel like they’re stronger for it. I am thoroughly excited for their comeback, and I hope they finally attract some attention for their obvious talent. Awesome.

ZE:A. I really like this band, even though they’re not always really my style. I think they have a lot of talent and potential as a band, and I think they deserve more recognition for it. I can’t say I always love their rapping, but I think they have really great vocals, and some pretty awesome dancing. They also have a talent for creating super catchy songs that I can’t help but love. These boys definitely need more attention, because I think they’re a lot better than most people think.

Lastly, I want to say Beast. I shouldn’t, really, because in the past year they’ve shot to stardom through their hit track Fiction and also On Rainy Days. But before that, they were suuuuper underrated. I don’t know why, because we totally loved them. They were made up of misfits and recycled members, but they had the talent and they had all the potential. Me and Maggie recently agreed that Beast is the most solid k-pop band we know. There are only one or two of their songs that we’ve ever not cared for. Ever. They just keep coming back with albums full of songs that we love, and they have never disappointed. They have amazing vocals, a fantastic rapper, and really awesome dancing. I’m so proud of them for finally getting some attention. They certainly deserve it. Maybe more than any other band. They’re amazing, and I hope everyone knows that.

I’m sure there are more bands that I missed or forgot to mention. But those are just some of them. (And I didn’t put any girl group bands because, as I’ve said before, I don’t usually like girl groups, so I don’t know a lot about them. I still listen to their songs and give them a fair chance, but I simply don’t have an interest in most girl groups. No offense.) Also, I didn’t mention any super-new bands, like B1A4 or Block B or Boyfriend, because they haven’t had time to make a name for themselves. We’ll see how they do. Anyways, I really wish k-pop fans would make more of an effort not to just stick to one or two bands, and spread the love a little. I know it’s hard to love so many bands equally (and I admit it empties your wallet a lot faster), but really, people. They work hard. They deserve it.



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