Korean Things That Make Me Cry

I have always been one of those people that cry at anything even slightly emotional. Except not real life things. Mostly just movies, books, and things of that nature. Before k-pop, it was usually just books and the occasional movie. Maybe one or two really depressing songs. But it seems like since I started getting into k-pop, I cry at everything. Seriously. Even Tweets. And pictures. How sad is that?

To be honest, it’s usually when it’s really late (like right now…it’s almost 2am) but I seriously think I’m getting worse. The thing that reminded me was when I read this article and I started crying. Not, like, sobbing. But there were plenty of tears. Though I have sobbed at ridiculous things before. So I decided, since I’ve been making so many lists lately, that I would write another list, of all (or some of) the things k-related that have made me cry, or still make me cry. (Note: The music video for “Cry” by MBLAQ did not make me cry. But pretty close. They’re so…sad)

I think the first k-pop related thing I cried at was the MV for Big Bang’s “Haru Haru”. Seriously. That’s some depressing stuff. I cried the first several times I watched that, actually. And I showed it to some other people and cried then too. So…sad! I love you G-Dragon! (I think I actually sobbed a little when I watched this one on my own. That’s when you know it’s really sad.) It all went downhill from there.

I also cried during the music video for 2AM’s “I Did Wrong” (several times). And Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress.” And Bang Yong Guk’s “Remember.” Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” (that’s ironic) and “You and I”. Super Junior’s “It’s You” always makes me teary-eyed, especially the drama version. Very emotional. What else? FT Island’s “Love Love Love” was slightly tear-inducing. Oh, when I found out LeeU was leaving F.Cuz, and then watched their MV for “Never Let You Go,” I couldn’t help but tear up. That’s so sad!

Another thing–k-dramas. A lot of them, actually. But some of the worst ones were definitely My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Daewoong! TT_TT) and Dream High (Samdong! TT_TT) Thank goodness I don’t watch the sad ones, or else I would be a hopeless sobbing wreck. Oh! Also, I have a confession. I didn’t watch 49 Days. But I did read the recaps for a couple of the episodes, including the last one. And let me tell you–I really, really sobbed. Honestly, I cried so much. Saddest friggin’ thing I ever saw in my life. Why????? It was a good thing I was home alone that day. Because I was a mess. Tears everywhere. Wow. Oh, and I also watched a movie called “4th Period Murder Mystery” which literally made me cry from the cuteness. Seriously. I loved it that much.

I cry a lot when I see other members crying. Leeteuk cries a lot onstage, and that just breaks my over-sensitive heart. When SHINee won an award and Jonghyun cried, so did I. When the SHINee boys cried at the end of Hello Baby, I was gone. When Donghae talks about his father, I usually end up bawling. When the Beast boys cried during their documentary, talking about their parents around the fire, I cried. I’m actually crying right now, just reading about Super Junior’s last show before Kangin left for the army…and I haven’t even watched the video yet. One second. Yup. I’m crying. A lot. I really shouldn’t watch these things at 3 in the morning. Let me go calm down now.

I thought I was ridiculous when I cried during music videos, but it started getting really ridiculous when I started crying during songs. Songs that I don’t even understand all the time. I cried during U-Kiss’s cover of “As Long As You Love Me.” I don’t know why. It was very late. I cried during Super Junior’s “Miracle.” I cried during U-Kiss’s “Someday.” I cried during Kyuhyun’s cover of “7 Years of Love.” And FT Island’s “Bad Woman.” There have also been times when I’ve cried because songs were just so beautiful. That was “As Long as You Love Me”, “Miracle” and some others, like U-Kiss’s “0330” and Super Junior’s “Marry U” (which was probably the first non-MV that I cried over). And sometimes I’ll just read the lyrics to some songs (translated) and cry. That happened with Super Junior’s “Superman” and “Good Friends.” But that’s because it’s Super Junior and they make me very nostalgic somehow. Seriously.

Which leads me to my next point. The reason I cry so much due to k-pop things is because I grow so, so attached to the groups themselves. Super Junior especially. They can do pretty much anything and make me cry. Especially when they cry themselves. I am helpless when it comes to their tears. Live performances. Interviews. Anything. I die every time. Because I just love them so much, I care about them on a personal level, which is somewhat creepy but true. You become so invested in them after watching their shows and all that. I watched this video of Kyuhyun talking about his accident the other day and bawled my eyes out. If I’d known SuJu around this time, I would have been crushed. I also read this thing of SuJu’s 5th album “Thanks To”s and cried all over the place. They’re so amazing! I cried several times while watching Super Show 2. And that one episode of EHB where Ryeowook and Eunhyuk were crying. Sometimes I cry because of happy things. When groups achieve things and win awards, sometimes I cry, but mostly because the members themselves are crying. When they mention things that are nostalgic or meaningful, or bring back memories, or make me proud of them, I cry. (It seems like the bands that make me cry the most are Super Junior, then U-Kiss, SHINee, and then Beast somehow.)

When else did I cry? I cried when Lee Seung Gi gave his message to his fellow members on 1N2D recently. When Siwon performed “Who I Am” live, I started crying when Kyuhyun joined in for the harmony. Oh, and I think this might be my most embarrassing moment of all time, but I actually teared up when I was looking at a SHINee photobook….yeah. I have no idea why. It was reaaaaaally late that night. But still. WTF? I don’t even understand it. Anyways, this list will undoubtedly grow as I remember the other dozens of times I’ve cried. Because it happens all the time. No lie.

I never cried so much before k-pop. I don’t know if it’s that I’m just closer to these bands, or if I’ve just opened up to letting myself cry when I feel the need to, but I cry all the time nowadays. Like, maybe every day. Sometimes the things I’m crying about are actually sad or emotional. Sometimes I have no idea why I’m crying. But it’s the truth. I cry a freakin’ lot. And I’m not ashamed. I will continue to cry at every little thing. Because that’s just who I am. Nothing is going to change that.

Now I’m going to go wipe my tears and go to bed, because it’s 4:34am. Whoo!


PS-I literally just saw a Tweet from U-Kiss’s ex-member Xander, who said he cried when he watched SuJu’s ending on Inkigayo. I can guarantee I will do the same. Now, to go watch it… [EDIT: I watched it. I cried. A lot. Oh sad, sad me. The tears will not stop.]


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