SotD-U-Kiss’s “Neverland”

U-Kiss Neverland (I like this better than the official album cover...)

Oh, hoorah! It’s out at last! I was so pumped for this music video and album after the release of their other track, “Someday.” This video actually came out about twenty seconds before I had to leave to go somewhere, so I didn’t get to watch it right away -_- I was bummed. But the moment I got home, you can be sure I went straight to YouTube. Woohoo! U-Kiss jjang! Here it is–“Neverland“!

I will not lie–I was a tiny bit disappointed by the new title track 😦 I hate to say it, but the MV was not the best in the world–it was mostly just (awesome) dancing and intense gazes from the members. As much as I like those two things (mostly the former) I was looking forward to another epic plotline like “0330”. Also, the song really didn’t do it for me in that it didn’t highlight their vocals at all. I really love U-Kiss’s vocals–Soohyun’s power, Kevin’s unique voice, and so on. But there was a bit too much autotune in this one for me. Boo.

Regardless, the song is really great. It’s very catchy, and the melody is interesting, and I think I’m going to like it a lot. It actually kind of reminds me of Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” in that while it’s kind of electronicized, it’s super catchy and gets stuck in your head right away. I wish I could hear their voices better, but I think the autotune was necessary to get the right feeling. I forgive them, but only because it’s U-Kiss and I love them.

Actually, one thing me and my siblings have agreed on after watching the music video is that as much as we really love the chorus, the verses are pretty forgettable. They’re not bad–the melody is cool and everything, but we feel like it’s a song we won’t be able to remember the tune to until we’ve listened to it a lot. That’s kind of too bad. But overall, I give it a 4 out of 5.

The official HD video is now out! take a look:

I actually really really love their dancing. They’ve never been a stand-out group for me in terms of dancing (though they always have very memorable dances) but this one is pretty epic. Their moves are very sharp and precise and I love the choreography. Very well done, U-Kiss. No complaints here. 5 outta 5.

Highlight of the song–Kiseop has lines! Yay for him! he actually has three whole lines, I think, and I can’t help but feel proud of him. Poor Seop never has lines. I anticipate hearing him sing them live, to see whether or not he’s deserved them. Anyways, good job man. Took long enough. Everyone else gets from four to ten lines (that Kevin stole them all) so he didn’t do too badly for himself. They did pretty well with distribution. Why didn’t Hoon get more, though? 😦

The English is…not even too bad! Whoa! U-Kiss isn’t known for having the best English in their songs, despite having 2 native and 1 fluent speaker. And although some of their lyrics in “Neverland” are a bit cheesy or awkward, there are no glaring mistakes. Well done, guys! You have recovered from your days of Denying your r²π. Okay, maybe not. I doubt you’ll ever live that down. I still love you though. (Let’s party on~)

As for the meaning of the song…yeah, I don’t even know. I looked at these lyrics for the translation (and for who sings what!), and I tried my hardest to get something out of it. It would seem to me that it’s about this guy telling a girl to follow him to Neverland so they can kind of live together…forever? What if they get sick of each other? Anyways, this song’s lyrics were more straightforward than most, so that makes me happy. I would find the lyrics cute if the song and video weren’t so intense. Excellent job, U-Kiss! Or rather, the writer of these lyrics. But U-kiss gets the credit for pulling them off. 😀

As always, I really must comment on looks. It’s a necessary observation. So here it goes. Clothes-wise, awesome. I really like their outfits. They fit the moody theme, all black and grey, and I genuinely think they look good. I did have to chuckle at the vests with no shirts underneath. That’s always funny. I also really loved the sets they used. The snow blowing everywhere looked pretty much awesome, and really set the mood for everything. The creepy rooms, the part where they’re dancing in an inch of water (cliche, but always cool),  it all really worked for me. Sweeet! I have no complaints concerning those things.

As for the boys…they are looking pretty good, I gotta say. I don’t love Kiseop’s haircut, but when it’s styled a certain way, it looks kind of epic. And I’m not loving Dongho’s bowlcut-like hair -_- I just don’t like bowlcuts, okay?? I miss his “Man Man Ha Ni” and “Bingeul Bingeul” hair… but it’s not as bad as his dreadlocks, thank goodness. Kevin looks amazing, as does Soohyun and Hoon and Eli. AJ just looks average. Sorry, dude. Anyways, I actually like their dark guyliner in this video–it really makes them look more…intense? I don’t know. But it looks awesome. Overall, I think they’re all looking pretty good. Props to their stylists. Yay for no horrible haircuts or outfits! 😀

Hm, anything else to comment on? I don’t think so. Just that this song will be stuck in my head forever. Oh, also, I’ve been listening to their album for a while, and it looks pretty amazing. I need to listen to it all the way through a few more times before I make any decisions, but it sounds pretty solid so far. Even though I’m not a huge fan of ballads and they have a few on this album, I’m not complaining. We’ll see. I’m very impressed so far. Yay for U-Kiss! ♥

One little thing–I’ve noticed that of all the bands I know, U-Kiss is the one that seems most…human to me. I don’t just see them as idols, almost like fictional characters. I see them as people, teenagers who are working hard and striving for their dreams and have flaws and imperfections and feelings. I think this has something to do with the fact that I’m subscribed to Kevin on Twitter, and since he Tweets a lot in English, I can actually see his personality and everything through that. He’s always responding to his fans and asking people to support them and getting excited about things and everything else. It makes their struggles and characters and everything very real to me. Very human and personal. I really like that about Kevin as a person, and U-Kiss as a band. Awesome.

Okay, I digress. Before I go, just gonna pinpoint the members… Kevin at 0:13 and 0:52 and 1:17. Soohyun at 0:43 and 2:04 and 2:45. Hoon at 1:29 and 1:44. Dongho at 0:39 and 2:14 and 3:20. Eli at 0:23 and 1:33 and 2:24. Kiseop at 0:19 and 1:20 and 3:13. AJ at 0:30 and 1:14 and 2:27.

Alright, that’s a wrap! I’m starting to really love this song, and I anticipate buying the whole album. Whoot! (Going to Koreatown soon, hoping to buy some CDs there ^_^) I’m really digging U-Kiss in general these days, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them in the future, whether it be live performances, more albums, or hopefully at the top of some music charts. They so deserve an award already. Go U-Kiss! Fighting!


PS-I saw a picture of Heechul with his head shaved, about to go to the military, and I almost cried. And I don’t even really like Heechul. Poor guy! He will be missed. Return safely, Heenim!


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