SotD-MBLAQ’s “I Don’t Know”

When MBLAQ’s album “Mona Lisa” came out, I wasn’t immediately very impressed with their title track (though now I love it). Regardless, like the good fan I am, I gave the whole album a chance and listened to each song, and the one that I loved right away was “I Don’t Know.” So I’m really happy that they decided to promote it after Mona Lisa, because it’s awesome 😀 Yay MBLAQ!

I’ve been wanting to review this song for a while, because I like it so much, but there were just too many other songs to review. Aww, sad. And since this one didn’t have a musiv video or anything, I had no reason to choose it over the rest. But then today they performed it live for the first time, and the performance was just so cute that I couldn’t pass it up. So here it is!

As I mentioned before, I liked this song from the first time I heard it. Enough to download it immediately after. I eventually also downloaded Mona Lisa and One from that album, but this one was my favourite from the start. I’m not sure what it is about it that I like so much. I love the chorus, but at the same time I find the verses really catchy and I love Mir’s rapping. Also, I love the use of falsetto by GO and I just adore the last couple seconds, where there’s a hilarious but brief interaction between Mir and Thunder.

There is no MV of this song (unfortunately) so I can’t really say much for that. However, I just want to say: I love love love their performance. It’s funny and adorable and lame, and they somehow manage to pull it off. The dancing is wonderfully cheesy, but awesome. Their interactions with each other onstage (like the hand-kiss at 1:43) are super-cute and funny. Though I gotta admit–those back-dancers that randomly popped up confused me a little, because quality was too low for me to even realize that they weren’t part of the band at first.

The lyrics of this song…I found here: link. They’re basically about this guy who is just totally confused about what the girl could be thinking. He just doesn’t know! So the whole song he’s asking her to tell her what she’s thinking and explain to him. Not bad. I kind of like them.

As for the English, there’s mostly just a couple random words thrown in (everything, fire, etc.) And then there’s one part that’s repeated several times, which is, “I don’t know what’s in your mind” and “let me know what’s in your mind.” I can’t really take points away for this, because technically the grammar is correct and it does make sense, but it sounds a little awkward. We would never say that in English. If anything, we would say “what’s on your mind.” However, I always thought they were saying “I don’t know, I see your mind” which didn’t make sense to me. So that’s an improvement. Overall, not badly done, MBLAQ. You are coherent, and I respect that.

There is no video to comment on, so Ill just talk about the dance again. It’s so cute! The strange hand-shaking move at 0:43, the epic finger-pointing move at 0:56…one thing though. What on Earth are they saying at 1:14? I always thought they were saying “Switch!” but that doesn’t even make sense. Huh. Anywho, the robot-move at 1:34 is sweet, the matrix at 1:43, the head-tick move at 1:55, which I find hilarious in it’s obvious simplicity. This song is just chock-full of awesome dance moves. Props to the choreographer, who is a genius, and extra props to MBLAQ, who could totally pull it off without looking like idiots. Heehee.

Best moments in this live performance: Thunder not knowing the choreography at 0:59, Mir hitting his hyungs at 1:32, Mir kissing Seungho at 1:43, Joon smiling like a little kid at 2:25, GO having to push up his glasses at 2:41 and 2:46, and Joon running like a weirdo at 3:05. AND, of course, the last little bit, as Mir says “Cheondoong-hyung!” And Thunder (Cheondoong) turns and says, “Wae?” like he really doesn’t want to bother with little Mir. And Mir says, “Hyung-eun argesseo?” (Do you know?) and Thunder just says, all annoyed, “Nado molla~!” (I don’t know either!) and Mir looks so sad at his rejection. Ha. Ah, they’re so cute.

Speaking of which–everyone looks so dang good! I’m totally digging the glasses going on with Mir and GO, and Mir’s hat, and Seungho’s cap, and Seungho’s and Thunder’s blond hair, and Joon’s rhinestone on his cheek that somehow doesn’t look gay on him. They all look really great. I have absolutely zero complaints. Their clothes, too. Their outfits are all normal and casual and look really good. Many many props to the stylist. Awesome.

Also, while their live singing isn’t the best ever, I thought they did a pretty good job. Especially Mir with his rapping, GO with his high notes, and Seungho with his steady vocals. I’d like to hear an MR Removed version of this. Anyone?

Anyways, to finish things off, here’s the members: Baby-face Thunder (aka Cheondoong) at 0:03 and 2:17. Cutie maknae rapper Mir at 0:43 and 1:31. Leader Seungho at 0:09 and 1:15. Lead vocal GO at 0:56 and 1:45. And our good-looking Lee Joon at 0:25.

And that is all! Excellent song, excellent dance, awesome performance, I love it so much. Well done, MBLAQ. I am very impressed. Whoot! Fighting!



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