Super Junior – Memories FMV

In a recent post, I mentioned that Super Junior is the band that makes me cry the easiest. It’s true. I don’t know why, but they can set me off at any given time. They’re not even my favourite band, music-wise. I just love them. So friggin’ much. Why? Why?????

Anyways, I stumbled upon this fan-made video by chance today, and it made me get more than a little emotional, for some odd reason. TT_TT I love just sitting alone in our basement, crying to myself…

Anyways, the person who made this is both a genius and really awesome. To be honest, all it is is pictures, short video clips and the translated lyrics to the song playing in the background, “Memories.” It’s from their newest album, “Mr Simple,” and it’s not even one of my favourite songs on the album at all. It’s a slow, sad ballad, which isn’t really my thing, but I do like it more than most ballads. It’s very beautiful and touching and emotional. It fit the theme of the video perfectly. I think that was the point.

This is the video. If you’re a serious SuJu fan, prepare to tear up a little. Or maybe that’s just me.

There’s not a lot to say about this. It’s not like it’s an official music video or anything. All I can say is that I LOVE the picture selection, and I would love to now where that person got all those excellent photos, and also where they got some of those video clips (though I recognize some of them).

This video is especially heartbreaking because Heechul, our beloved milky-skinned Heenim, has just left for his two-year mandatory military service. Now, I have never been a huge Heechul fan. I find him slightly creepy and annoying at times. I understand that that’s what he’s trying to go for–to be stand-outish and not care what other people think–and I even find it appealing sometimes. But at other times he’s a little overwhelming for me. But even so, I was truly sad when he had to leave. Especially when he shaved his lovely hair, which he loves so much. That was sad. And when he left a message for all SJ fans, and when all of Super Junior cried at their last performance before he left. WOW! I cried during that one.

Anyways, this video has been dedicated to him, and what the poster/creator said in the info box of the video made it all so much more tear-jerking. Here it is:

I’ll be waiting.
This is dedicated to our milky white skin Kim Heechul. sigh. It took me a while to grasp the fact that he would really leave.. I was hoping all this time that he would be exempted because of his injuries. but that’s not how the world goes doesn’t it?

Well, I would be crying my eyes out, but Heechul doesn’t want us fans too. He tried his best to smile in his goodbye stage so not to cause anymore pain. Heechul seems to be the type to hide everything – his happiness, his sadness, his true loyal self.. For all we know he can be smiling but hiding a great pain inside.. that’s why I worry so much about him.

Somehow it feels like a dream.. This army thing, them leaving one by one.. If only time would stop..

Yet somehow, I’m relieved that heenim would still live in the dorm, he’ll be away from us, but not from his members. Them being together is enough for me.. In those two years.. I hope he can rest well, and be well. No emochul. 🙂 Surely he would become an even greater person after this, and I will too, we will too. So that when he returns he will see how strong we have been all this time. Let’s wait with a smile, the way our Heenim wanted us to. 🙂 Smile because he’ll surely return. :))

Far away, if you’re ever you’re worn and tired, think of the beautiful memories.
Be safe Chul-ah, for a short while, goodbye.

Awww! What an awesome person. And I love everything she said. *sigh* Why am I always so emotional? I suck.

I know this isn’t the first time a member has left SJ. It’s actually the fourth. But I wasn’t a fan at those times, so this is my first time experiencing a departure as it happens. Though things I’ve seen about Kangin and Hangeng leaving have also made me cry.

On the same note, the same person made this video for Heechul; I enjoyed it greatly. No I didn’t. It made me want to cry. But again, her comments were lovely. And the video almost made me cry, but then my dad came in so I couldn’t…haha. -_-

Well, I think that’s all. I never even meant to do a post on this. But I figured it was necessary, since it was k-pop-related, and because it moved me so much. Blah. I need a life. But really–Super Junior kills me. Eottoke? Stay safe, Heechul-ah! We’ll be waiting!


PS-school has started back up again….so I won’t be posting quite as often, methinks. Oh, so sad…


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