SotD-B1A4’s “Beautiful Target”

Hooooly crap. SO CUTE! I was mega-excited for this MV and album, and I was so not disappointed. B1A4–you have made my entire week. Ack! I love “Beautiful Target” in all it’s adorable cheesiness. The end.

I’ve been wanting to review this MV ever since the moment I watched it, but I really couldn’t. The first time I watched it, it was past midnight on a school night. Then I had school. Then I was gone for the day, came home late, was gone for the entire second day, came home late, had church, and ow here I am, with my first piece of free time. I really should be doing other things, too, but I really just wanted to post this already.

I was already excited when I watched the MV teaser. It sounded so good. Then the audio album came out, and it was AMAZING. I love it sooooo much. B1A4 is quickly becoming one of my favourite groups. And then, finally, the music video for “Beautiful Target” came out, and I almost died in a fit of overwhelming cuteness and hilarity. Eeeeek!

Here’s the wonderful MV, which I’ve been watching whenever I can:

Yay for understandable plots! šŸ˜€ It starts out with Jinyoung (wearing a monkey mask on the back of his head) creating something in his secret science lab–a girl! (wait, what?) As weird as that is, it’s cute how awed he is by her beauty. Aww. Outside his lab, the other four members are trying to see/hear what’s going on. When Jinyoung and his girlfriend come out, they are all amazed and immediately smitten, and therefore jealous. Hee.

They spend the rest of the day spying on Jinyoung and his girl on their cute date, looking bitter and jealous. Just when Jinyoung gets up the nerve to touch his girlfriend’s hand (awww) the hotel behind him catches on fire–all part of the other guys’ plans to tear them apart. His friends team up as professions that they obviously aren’t (firefighters, doctors, etc) to rush to the scene and try to grab the girl’s attention. There’s one other person there: the famous comedian, Kim Kyung Jin, who is pretty hard to mistake. I’m not sure what his purpose is. But he makes anything funny, just by being there.

Anyways, they all bring Jinyoung to court (assuming new fake professions, such as judges), I’m guessing for starting the fire. They lock him up–a pretty good way to make this girl single. And…that’s the end. If this was in any way a serious music video, it would be so sad and depressing. But the whole thing is so cheesy and ridiculous and colourful and funny that you just laugh. How does it all turn out? Nobody knows. But it doesn’t really matter, because the whole thing was ridiculous from the start. HA!

The dancing is SO. GREAT. And so utterly cute and cheesy. Also, at about 3:00, they break out their famous “bean sprout dance” which seems to be their signature move, and it’s friggin’ cute. I’ve seen them do it several times, on shows and at performances. Hee. I also adore the move at 1:13. The whole dance (when they perform live–the real choreo) is full of adorable epicness. Fits the concept perfectly, and the band. They are so awesome. I love them and their precious dorkiness.

The English in this song is nothing short of terrible, but you can’t even hate it, because it just makes everything that much more endearing. Seriously, it’s so bad. “Oh my beautiful target–you zoom-zoom my heart lick a rocket.” WTF?? They pronounce zoom like “joom” and Sandeul can’t even pronounce rocket–he says “locket.” There’s also the wonderful line “I’m like a Robin Hood what you gon’ make me do. Oh yes sir, gotta shot!” And they sing “I love you like a love song” but it sounds like they’re saying “I lub you like a lub-you song.” Kekeke. The producers brag that two of the members wrote the lyrics, but honestly–you can tell. But no, I’m not hating. Not at all. I LOVE the lyrics! They’re so awful, but fantastic! I just won’t sing it in public šŸ˜€ (However, I must give them some props in that I can mostly understand them, and their grammar isn’t too bad! So yeah. Beyond cheesy, but grammar-wise, not too shabby!)

The rest of the lyrics are just as cheesy. Here’s where I read them, conveniently colour-coded–>link. My favourite line might be “Come into ė‚“ ė§˜ ė‹· ģ»“ / ģ•„ģ“ė”” ķŒØģŠ¤ģ›Œė“œ ė„ˆģ˜ luv” which translates to “Come into / ID and password is your luv” Aww, it’s so terrible but so cute! The song is your average cute love song, but better because it’s so cheesy that you almost die. B1A4 never disappoints XD AWESOME! Also, I just want to say that I LOVE the vocals in this song, but I also really really like the rapping. I’m not usually a huge rap fan, but B1A4’s rapping is so great. šŸ˜€

As for looks—SO COLOURFUL! I love it! It almost hurts your eyes, because it’s so flashy and bright. They’re wearing totally crazy clothes, and ridiculous costumes, and Baro has a cup sticking out of his mouth, and Gongchan has a teddy bear stuck to his shirt at one point, and is wearing a tiger costume at another, and CNU’s shirt is covered in buttons, and there is just so much whimsical goodness that my brain is exploding from the greatness. The sets are awesome, the outfits are awesome–the only thing I don’t like is CNU’s strange dreadlock-ish hair. But I can even forgive that. Just this once. Loving Gongchan’s curls, and all the shorts they’re wearing (shorts may be the epitome of cute in k-pop) and Sandeul’s backpack and tie-dye onesie and everything else in this video. I cannot think of a single way to improve it. I can hardly even handle the adorableness.

This video definitely deserves a favourite moments section, no? I really loved the aforementioned dance scenes and such, but I also love Gongchan’s scream at 2:49, and CNU’s “Seoul, New York, Rome, Pra-HA!” at 1:04. And Jinyoung’s overwhelming bashfulness at 1:29-1:31. And Baro at 1:54. And Sandeul trying to impress the girl at 2:13. And the entire bloopers section after 3:21. SO MUCH AWESOME. *sigh* This is the cutest thing since SHINee’s “Hello” and F.Cuz’s “Wanna Be Your Love” and Joo & Leeteuk’s “Ice Cream.” Seriously, it’s right up there.

Okay, last thing: Members! From my past comments, it’d be pretty easy to figure out who’s who, but I’ll make things easier for you. Leader Jinyoung: 0:07, 0:27, 1:36. Rapper Baro: 0:40, 1:51, 2:35. Maknae and visual Gongchan: 0:44, 1:45, 2:23, 3:36. Rapper/vocal CNU: 0:57, 2:21. Main vocals Sandeul: 2:05, 2:50, 3:15. I found these guys quite easy to tell apart, except for Jinyoung and Sandeul. They look alike, no? But now I don’t have much trouble šŸ™‚ Maybe I should become a legit Bana…(That’s their fan name.)

Anyways, I obviously looooooooove this song to death, as well as the MV, despite the intense cheesiness of the whole thing. In fact, the cheesiness makes it even better. I know that’s totally my thing, and I always love this type of thing, but seriously, guys, 10 outta 10. WHOO! I think B1A4 has a ton of potential, and a lot of talent, and I think they could go really really far. The next SHINee? I can see it. In my opinion, best rookie artist of the year. Awesome. Pure, wonderful awesome. Can’t wait to buy the album! XD B1A4 fighting!


PS-The Super Junior “Mr. Simple Repackaged” Album came out today! Yayyyy!


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