SotD-Super Junior’s “A-CHA”

The two "A-CHA" album covers. Left to right: Ryeowook, Donghae, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Yesung, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Heechul, Sungmin, Shindong

YAYYYYYY! I’ve been waiting for SO LONG for this music video to come out. Seriously, ever since the album came out, I’ve been stalking allkpop to see if it had come out yet, or to see if anyone knew when it was coming out. But no luck. And I was very disappointed today when I came home from school to find it already out, whereas for Mr. Simple, I was able to stay up all night to watch it the moment it was released. So sad. What’s even sadder is that our internet connection is reeeeeeeally slow right now, so while I have the video loading, it’s only buffered, like, four seconds in the past two minutes. Whyyyy meeeee????? D:  And my sister, who barely even likes Super Junior, watched it before me! Anyways, still waiting to watch it. Everyone, I introduce to you Super Junior’s “A-Cha.”

First, a bit about the song, because that does not require me to watch the video. The song came out, what, a week ago? On the 18th (in Canada). And I loved it a lot. Even more so when I saw them perform it live. But nothing compares to a music video, even if it is all just dancing. It was for their “A-CHA!” Mr. Simple Repackaged album, and with it came three other songs, “Andante” “Oops!” and “A Day.” I seriously loooooove Andante and A Day. Even though they’re slow songs, I loved them since the very beginning. Oops, though….is just too weird for me. Maybe I’d like it more if I listened to it a few more times, but I was just like…“WTF is this??” Regardless, I was ecstatic that SuJu was already back. (Those poor guys seriously need a rest though…) I was hoping they’d choose a funner, cuter song for their follow-up, but I do like A-Cha. It’s electronic and similar to their past songs like Mr. Simple, Perfection and Opera, but I really like all those songs, so…no complaints.

Okay, so here’s the video, even though I haven’t seen it yet…

Is it good, people? Please tell me!

Some more info…the word “A-Cha” is a Korean exclamation, like “Oh my gosh” or “Oops!” like when you do something you didn’t mean to or something. Keep in mind that I am no genius in Korean exclamations. The lyrics…I’ll have to look up later, because my internet won’t even pull up Google at the moment. TT_TT The future link will go here–> link Ah, got ‘em! They’re about this guy telling his girlfriend not to leave him, not to say something, not to do something, because she’ll regret it. That sounds kind of mean, but they’re doing it as much as a plea as a warning. Not so much a rude command. Anyways, the lyrics are nothing revolutionary, but I like the use of the word “a-cha.”

I can’t really say anymore until the video loads or my internet stops being a jerk. I am so sad. 😦 Eff my life.

Assa! It works now! ^^ Only took…four hours. Boo. Anyways, I have now gotten a good watch (one where I can watch it all alone in the dark and fangirl to my heart’s desire) and let me just say—awesome!  I do wish they’d go with a video with a plot rather than just dancing for once, but hey—as long as it’s Super Junior, I’ll probably love it. That’s just how being a fan works. Anyways, here’s my opinion.

The video was pretty great, I gotta say. There were a lot of close-ups and slow-mo dropping/breaking/throwing things and duplicates and even some lame CG flames (I’m lookin’ at you, Yesung!) but somehow it turned out really epic. I totally loved it. And the dancing was, as always, totally stellar. I love their dance moves in this one. There aren’t a lot of memorable dance moves, like there was in Mr. Simple, but it looks great and they’re totally in sync and they look fantastic. Love the dance, especially the chorus and dance break parts. Yay! I’m even a fan of slow-motion jumping 😀 And the move at 2:10 makes me chuckle. Hehe. Oh, and of course Donghae’s obligatory sexy-move at 3:15. HA! Anyways, not the most memorable choreo, like a lot of SJ’s past dances, but really awesome nonetheless. However…how sad is it, seeing only eight members onstage? 😦 So depressing. Come back soon, all you missing members!

The English is…well, there’s not a lot of it. Mostly just some random words thrown in (such as “tornado” and “spider”). There’s one line, though, that sounds totally awkward. Actually, a whole part. It goes “Oh My Gosh. 너의 어둠 밝혀/Do It Do It/난 Original/Hey, Baby Love Crash” I gotta say, I love the use of “oh my gosh” in place of the less-friendly “oh my God” (which I don’t use myself). But the whole thing sounds weird. Especially the last line. What does that even mean? But oh well, I’ll leave it.

They did a pretty good job at splitting up lines in this song, I must say. Everyone gets from 3-5, if I’m not mistaken. Even the 3 lead vocals (though they also get some fancy ad-libs, of course). Also…Heechul! I’m so glad he got included, even though he’s in the army now. I don’t even like Heechul that much, and I’m starting to miss him. That message he sent today…totally got me. Awww! I love that Leeteuk finally got a power-line (in the second chorus) and that someone other than Donghae, Kyuhyun or Siwon started the song. And that during live performances, since Heenim and Siwon are gone (due to military service for the first and drama filming for the other) Sungmin and Donghae get their lines, because both of them don’t get a lot in this song, even though they’re underrated vocalists.

I actually think I like this song more than Mr. Simple. I think Mr. Simple was extremely catchy and epic, and I really enjoy listening to it, as well as dancing to it, but quality-wise, I prefer A-Cha. I really am starting to think it’s an amazing song, especially because they combine all the elements of an electro-pop dance track, but then they have some amazing belting and awesome vocals to back it up. And it’s not as all-over-the-place and synth-heavy as Mr. Simple. Overall, starting to seriously LOVE this song. Awesome.

Now, for the looks! Plenty to talk about just clothes-wise. They have pretty basic suits and weird accessories during half of the dance scenes (what is Leeteuk wearing around his midsection??) and then some slightly more-colourful ones on during the other half. I like Shindong’s random red pants against everyone else’s black and white ones. Awesome! During their solo shots, though, they have some pretty weird outfits. Like Hyukkie’s hat. WTF? I think he got stuck back in his Perfection days. And their recent infatuation with wearing a jacket over their other jacket. And furry collars. They’re pretty strange, but nothing extremely crazy (for SuJu standards, at least). I really like some outfits, but others are just…weird.

Haircuts are generally pretty solid. I love what Shindong’s done with his. In fact, Shindong is looking mighty fine these days! He’s slimmed down a LOT, and he got double eyelid surgery (not that I approve. But every man to his own), and he just looks great lately. Seriously. Wow. I love Donghae’s messy ‘do, and same goes to my beloved Kyu, but I am so disappointed in Yesung’s hairstyle. It’s sooooo ugly! I love Yesung to death, but that hair is awful. The haircut is fine—I’ve seen it looking awesome during live perfs—but this style is terrible. Blehhh. Also, Sungmin’s red bowlcut. So not a fan. It looks very not-good.  The rest of the band—looking good. I still love Hyuk’s blond hair. 😀 But I have one question—what is with Koreans and having hair in front of their ears at all times? Even in Yesung’s case, where the style calls for one side to be behind-the-ear, there’s like one strand in front. I know it’s the style—you never see them without it—but I just don’t understand it. Huh.

And last but not least, members. Here they are! My favourite Yesung: 0:44 and 1:33 and 2:42. My baby Kyuhyun: 0:23 and 2:35. My angel leader Leeteuk: 1:16 and 1:22 and 1:46. My baby-faced Sungmin: 1:25. My arrogant Heechul: 0:09 and 0:16. My slim-and-trim Shindong: on the left at 2:08 and 2:20. My dancing king Eunhyuk: 0:01 and 1:43. My uber-sexy Donghae: 1:10.  My little Ryeowook: 0:32 and 1:52 and 2:55. My good-looking Siwon: 0:13 and 0:21. I am genuinely surprised that Donghae gets so little extended screentime. And Sungmin. Huh. And then you see ‘em together at 2:50….

Anyways, that’s all I have. I need to go do something more useful now. I love the song, love the video, love Super Junior. I am totally psyched about this comeback. I can’t WAIT to buy the album. It’s gonna be epic. Please support them! Watch the video, buy the music. Love them. That’s what they need. Super Junior, fighting! I love you guys!


PS-Infinite also just came out with a repackaged album! Looooove it! ^^

PPS-I find it slightly funny how on one album cover, you have EunSiHae and YeWook (two popular SuJu pairings/love triangles) and on the other you have KyuMin (another popular one) and Leeteuk and Heechul, who are Forever Alone since Kangin and Hangeng left. And Shindong, who has a girlfriend. Ha.


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