Album Review-Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple”

"Mr. Simple" album cover

More Super Juniorrrrr! Can you tell who I love the most? I’m kidding. I just like to talk about them the most. And I was so, so pumped for the day that their new album would come out. I was also a little nervous, because Super Junior was never my most reliable band in terms of music, and I didn’t want to get my hopes up. There was rarely an album from them that was really solid for me. But then this one came out (and I had just fallen really in love with SJ not too long ago) and I was so happy, because it was amazing. Way better than I expected. Go Super Junior!

Alas, I have not bought this album yet! Shame on me! It’s because I was waiting for the repackaged album, “A-CHA” which just came out a while ago. And now I’m waiting to order it online, from here. Please do the same, for the sake of Super Junior’s awesomeness. And because you should be a good fan. They ship internationally! I should know!

I’m going to be talking about the album “Mr. Simple” today, and saving their repackaged album, “A-CHA” for later, just because I can tell this one’ll be a long one. I’ll be following the tracklist for Mr. Simple Version B (because I want to include “Superman”) and then adding the four new songs in my next post. Okay? Okay. Also, I talked more about the title song and album here. I’ll try not to repeat myself. Here we go!

The first song on the album is “Superman” which the band used as an intro when they were performing “Mr. Simple.” It is epic. And it has a music video! BUT the live version is better, because the dancing rocks. And the English subtitles make it better.

At first, I didn’t like this song. It wasn’t my style, and I didn’t think it was that great. Although, the lyrics totally made me cry when I first read them. It’s quite emotional for SuJu and ELFs. But if you’re neither, then you’ll probably find us crazy. Anyways, I kept hearing the song because they sang it before every performance of Mr. Simple, and I loved that song. And suddenly, I found it permanently stuck in my head. It’s super catchy, and super epic. The lyrics are really straightforward and boastful, but in a way you have to give it to them. Yeah, it’s a little cheesy. Yeah, it’s insanely full of bragging. But it’s so epic and powerful that you can’t help but be in awe. It’s like, a “stick-it-to-the-man” song. The vocals are really low and steady and pounding, the bass is really strong, and the rapping is amazing. I grew to love this song, mostly because it was SuJu singing it. The vocals are really interesting, too. Overall, I’ve decided that I quite like this song after all. And it’s a great start to an intense album.

The next song on the album is their title track, “Mr. Simple.” I talked about it in-depth here, so I won’t say it all again.

This is another loud, in-your-face song, but in a different way than Superman. It’s very electronic, and has a real dance feel to it, and is also really catchy. A lot of SuJu’s past title tracks have been (see “Sorry Sorry”, “Bonamana” and now “A-Cha”). It’s a cool, synth-heavy song that gets stuck in your head and has a sick dance to go with it, and I really love it. The intriguing, surprisingly meaningful lyrics are also an upside. A very good follow-up to the intro.

Next on the tracklist is “Opera” which is another of my favourites from this album.

This song is almost like a re-hashing of the past two songs–it has the intensity of Superman, with the electro-synth of Mr. Simple. It also bears a resemblance to SJ-M’s “Perfection,” I find. It follows the pattern of loud, throbbing, chaotic songs thus far in the album. It’s very heavy and pulsing, and I love the whole thing. I love all the vocals, all the high lines in the chorus, all the hammering synths, all the shivers I get when I listen to it. It’s amazing. And a little scary, and threatening. And the perfect lyrics to match. Nice.

Fourth on the list is “Be My Girl” which was produced by America’s GoodWill and MGI. Not my absolute favourite on the album, and not so stand-out-ish, but still pretty great.

Another fast-paced, intense, synth-heavy song. Don’t worry, it’ll change up soon! But this song, while not as catchy or interesting as the past three, is a pretty solid listen. It’s quite climatic and suspenseful, and there are certain phrases (“aikoo aikoo game over!”) that are impossible to get out of your head. It’s the last in a series of electronica songs, and it’s a good, solid finish. I really like the biting vocals in this song, and the raucous chorus. Just sayin’.

Finally, we get a slower, sweeter song, with “Walkin'” I like it! A lot!

I find this song somewhat reminiscent of “No Other” but with a different feel to it. it’s very optimistic and fresh, and it makes me feel warm and happy. It’s also the first song of the album that you have the chance to really appreciate SuJu’s vocals. As a whole, I feel like SJ is terribly underrated for their vocal talents. Even if some of their members aren’t particularly strong int that department, others are extremely so. Anyways, this song is a nice break from the previous four aggressive songs, and Super Junior sounds like a boyband again. It’s a really pretty song, and I love it. The message is nice, too. And the fact that even the rappers get a singing part, even though there’s no rapping. Yay!

After that comes their first ballad, “Storm.” It’s a huge, 180 degree change from the start of this album, I can tell you that.

I’m not a fan of ballads of this sort. I usually dismiss ballads after a listen, because they’re not my thing. I think it’s mostly because a lot of the focus of ballads are on their powerful or emotional lyrics, and I don’t understand Korean nearly well enough to get that from them. But even though I feel this way, I do really like Storm. It’s beautiful and emotional, and the vocals are amazing, as always. The instrumental is really sad, with the strings and piano, and the melody is slow and soft but heartbreaking. I especially like the parts where they get louder and stronger, and their voices really start driving. It’s a beautiful contrast to their otherwise soft vocals. Really nice song, but not altogether stand-out-ish on this album. Your basic SJ ballad, I’d say.

Their next song is a funky, chuckle-inducing but touching track called “Good Friends.” I love it. Seriously.

This song is a really different style than pretty much anything you’ve ever heard from Super Junior. It’s really strange. Like, groovy and jazzy and Western and all sorts of other weird styles. While my sister doesn’t like it, I happen to love it. It’s different and quirky and a lot of fun, but the truth is, the lyrics are heartbreaking. They’re really sweet and touching and meaningful and awesome, but that emotion is somewhat masked by their fun, strange vocals. (I cried when I read these lyrics D: No lie) I love the trumpets and guitar, and the funny delivery of the lines (especially during the chorus) and the hilarious “I love my friends!” And I love SuJu’s sincerity. Awesome.

Next up is another driving, dance-y track, “Feels Good.”

This song is very similar to the styles of the first songs in this album–biting, intense, loud, synth-heavy. I like the use of autotune to give it that robotic, electronica feel. But I also really like the background vocals by Yesung (as always) to balance out the repetitiveness and heavy synth. The “Hot hot hot like fire” line is a little funny, but surprisingly catchy. I sing it whenever the word “hot” is mentioned, and I always get weird looks. Ha. It’s not that much of a stand-out song, amidst all the other similar-styled tracks, but I still really like it. It brings out Super Junior’s intense, epic side.

Following that song is the starkly contrasting ballad “Memories,” which I like even more than the last one. Gorgeous.

This song is so pretty. It brings up a feeling of longing and sorrow, and Yesung (of course) really drives the beautiful vocals during the chorus. And Shindong sings! Whoo! He sounds really good, too. KRY definitely carries the vocals on their shoulders, but the others really pull through for this one too. Overall, a beautiful and touching song, even if you don’t understand the lyrics. It’s gentle and smooth, but all the more powerful for that. Very nice. I like that it isn’t quite so slow as Storm, and more memorable.

Next up is “Sunflower,” a song that never fails to make me smile, especially after the previous sad song.

This song is really uplifting with its gentle melody and sweet vocals, and it’s an overall extremely pretty song. It’s bubbly but not really fast-paced or cute, in a way that makes you think of soft summer days. It’s peaceful and generally just a really nice-sounding song. The instrumental is colourful and cheerful, but soft. By this point, I’m really starting to feel like SJ’s jumping around from style to style, but I really don’t mind, because I feel like they have a lot to offer and shouldn’t try to stick to one thing. Anyways, it’s a really beautiful song that makes me feel warm and fuzzy, but it’s kind of hidden by all these other powerful, driving tracks. Still, I really love it.

The next song is called “White Christmas” which is kind of ironic because the album came out in the middle of Summer. I think that was the point, though.

This song is backed by a rock arrangement, and I really like this new style Super Junior’s trying out. It’s a fun, cheerful song, and I enjoy the whole thing a lot. It’s really upbeat and sounds like a summery song, even if it’s about Christmas. I really like the rap by Shindong and Eunhyuk, and also the yelling during the chorus. The whole thing makes me want to smile and to rock out, and I really like that about it. It really sounds like they’re having fun. There’s nothing outstanding about the vocals or anything, but the point is that it’s a really good song.

After that comes the song “Y,” which was co-composed by Donghae and One Way’s Chance. Ohhh!

I like the slow, R&B style to this song, but to be honest this isn’t an extremely stand-out song to me. I like the rapping by Donghae and Eunhyuk (EunHae!) and the soft feeling, and the way they mixed the ballad feel with something a little more SJ’s style. I’m not usually a huge rap fan, but I like the way they blend it in with the singing. They don’t overuse powerful ad-libs or huge sweeping motions, and keep it simple but very refreshing and pretty. Nice! (Well done, Donghae!)

And lastly, from this album, comes “My Love, My Kiss, My Heart” by Super Junior-KRY. I may not be big fan of ballads, but I’m a huge fan of this song. Love it.

I know I talk about Yesung a lot, because I love his voice (and him) to no end, but to be honest Kyuhyun really stood out for me in this one. Wow. All three of their voices are absolutely perfect, and the song is stunning. It’s a cool way to end an album that started with such a different style. It’s almost chilling in its emotion and power, and the power of those three voices is overwhelming in a way that gives you goosebumps. I cannot say enough about this song’s amazing quality and vocals. WOW. (Even if the English lyrics are a liiiittle bit cheesy.) Anyways, a truly fantastic song to finish off the album.

So there you have it. I was very excited when this album came out, and I was not disappointed. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the awesome quality of every song. Sometimes I’ll download an album and then delete the ones I don’t like (and buy the ones I do) but I didn’t delete any of this album. Maybe it’s just because I love Super Junior–they are pretty amazing, after all. But I really like this album as a whole, and I’m totally stoked to buy it. I can’t wait to see what SJ has in store for the future, whether it be SJ-M’s activities, solo promotions, or what-have-you. I always look forward to more SJ. Always. Prom15e to 13elieve! Whoo! Sapphire blue FTW! ^^ Fighting!



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