SotD-Boyfriend’s “Don’t Touch My Girl”

Ahh, I’ve been slacking on my song-reviewing duties. I now have four new music videos I want to review, and hardly enough time to ever do it. I still hope to review the other two–Infinite’s “Paradise”, FT Island’s “Like the Birds” and Kim Hyun Joong’s “Lucky Guy”–but for now I’m going to talk about Boyfriend’s comeback song, “Don’t Touch My Girl.” Here it is!

Yay for Boyfriend! They debuted in May with the adorable single “Boyfriend,” melting the hearts of fangirls with their adorable faces and even more adorable music video. I really liked the song, and I liked the band. So I was pretty excited for their comeback this month.

I mentioned in my post on their last song that they reminded me a bit of SHINee, and that happens again in this video. Especially the pastel-coloured pants. And their adorable faces. And I really like SHINee, so there was a good chance I would like this song and video. And I did. Who woulda guessed?

Here’s the video:

Because I’m in a hurry to write this review (seeing as I have so many other ones to write) I’ll keep it short and sweet and efficient. Go!

I find the song extremely catchy. At the beginning of the video, you think it’s going to be sad and slow, but then it gets all happy and bubbly and fun, which is awesome, because that’s the kind of song I love. It’s sweet and pretty, with a really nice melody and catchy lyrics and some pretty great vocals (I really like the “You are my girl!” by Donghyun). The boys’ voices are actually really nice, and I’m continually surprised by how much talent they have to go along with those adorable-beyond-belief faces. How can they have both???

The dance isn’t anything special, but I enjoyed it. You can see the dance version here. These guys are actually really good dancers (they have so many talents D:) and I’d like to see them doing some really impressive choreography rather than the cutesy stuff they’ve been going with since debut. I’m not saying that this isn’t hard too, but I think they could easily pull off the really difficult stuff. Infinite-style, y’know?

As for the video–mehhh. As much as I like the dancing and the nice outfits and close-ups of the guys, the video plot is nothing special. It’s mostly just scenes of the boys having fun with their girlfriend(s?), and then being sad when it turns out she’s either dead or just gone. I mean, yeah, it’s sad and everything, but I’ve seen so many just like it. The cheesy running at the end made me chuckle though. Except Kwangmin, who is on a bike. Hah. I gotta say, though, the video is pretty dang cute. How could it not be? It’s Boyfriend! I like the colourful balloons, too. One questions, though–why are Jungmin and his girlfriend living together? Isn’t he, like, way underaged? I think he’s 17. That’s a little weird. But the weirdest thing is–why do they all have the same girlfriend?? That’s definitely a problem! And also, why are they dancing in a crappy attic that looks like it’s about to collapse on top of them? That’s the epitome of sad and depressing.

The lyrics to this song are way sadder than the tone suggests. It’s about this guy whose girlfriend is either cheating on him or left him for some other reason, and he’s telling the other guys not to touch his girl, because he’s still waiting for her. You can see the colour-coded and translated lyrics here!

Ah, as for English–pretty good! And very little. Short, simple, clear phrases like “You’re my lady” and “She’s a liar.” No problems with the pronunciation. Oh! they do have some awkward wording, though. They say “She’s my lady–with you.” I think they’re trying to say that she’s his lady, but she’s with someone else, but it sounds a little weird. So marks have been docked! 4.5 out of 5.

As for looks–10 outta 10, baby! These guys could not look any cuter in their pastel-coloured, SHINee-esque pants, or sharper in their classy military blazers and epic black and white suits (why is Kwangmin the only one in white??). Just by changing their clothes, they can completely change their styles. I also love all the haircuts. And how twins Youngmin and Kwangmin have different hairstyles now, as well as hair colours. Very nice. And I like how none of them have any harsh makeup or eyeliner or anything. It kind of accentuates their innocent, youthful appeal. I have zero complaints here.

And lastly, names! I have learned more about the members of Boyfriend since their first single! There’s leader Donghyun at 2:26 and 0:56, maknae Minwoo at 0:02 and 1:36, blond twin Youngmin at 0:24 and 0:42, brunette twin Kwangmin at 0:07 and 1:27, Jungmin at 0:36 and 1:42, and main vocal Hyunseung at 0:49 and 1:47. I don’t know much about their personalities or anything, but I still find them all way too adorable. I love them already.

Well, that’s about it. I think these guys are really cute, and have a lot of potential to go with it, and I’m glad their not all just looks, because they probably could be. They’re a lovely bunch, and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with. Boyfriend, fighting! (I still can’t stand that horribly cheesy name.)


PS- I am a little bit stressed out about all these reviews I have to write! I’m entering a writing contest next month, so I won’t be able to write really at all for all of November. So I have to write three reviews in the next two weeks, plus anything else that comes out within that time. Egad!


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