SotD-Infinite’s “Paradise” and FT Island’s “Like the Birds”

Lately I’ve been really depressed because I don’t get a lot of blogging done, and yet all these new songs and videos are coming out that I desperately want to review. It’s become a habit, and I never have the time or patience to review them. So right now I have this line-up of songs waiting to be reviewed, and it just keeps getting longer. So today I decided to do a double-feature and just shorten both reviews up. I chose these two songs–Infinite’s “Paradise” and FT Island’s “Like the Birds”–because both have pretty average videos and I don’t have a lot to say about either. Okay? Okay!

So I’ll start with Infinite. This song was their follow-up to “Be Mine” and was included in their repackaged album. I was pretty pumped for it to come out, because I totally loved their last album. But when it did, and I watched the music video, I was kind of disappointed, I won’t lie.

There were a few tiny problems with this comeback. 1-NO DANCING (in the music video). I love Infinite’s music, but I also love their dancing, because they’re freaking amazing. Seriously. And when I watched the video, all I could think was “Where’s my epic dancing??” When they perform live, they have a suitably amazing, mind-blowing dance to go along with the song, but the video lacked one.

2-The song just isn’t that catchy. Or maybe it’s just not my style. I think the vocals are amazing, and the song is really good and everything–I love it–but it wasn’t a song I’d be singing all day. That was kind of too bad. My sister fell in love immediately, and was pretty much obsessed with the song from the start. At first, I just thought it was “pretty good” but I eventually really warmed up to it. I don’t know what I don’t love about it, because it has everything I love–falsettos, English words to sing along with, a fairly catchy chorus. I don’t know. I now really love it, but not to the extent that I thought I would. I just don’t know why.

Anyways, enough about that. The video was just okay, with everyone looking really sad as ghosts(?) in their girlfriend’s (the same one?) home as she walks by without noticing them. I don’t know. I don’t really get it, nor is it that great. Okay, so the lighting and clothes and mood and atmosphere are really good, I’ll give them that. And I must admit I like the train scenes, because even though they’re kind of odd and cliche, they’re kind of epic and cool.

I love the vocals and rapping in this song. Surprisingly, Hoya only sings, and doesn’t rap. Huh. Dongwoo does a great job with the rapping, though. Sungyeol and Sungjong each get a single line. Oooh. (BUT, Sungyeol does get quite a few rapping lines in their other song, “Cover Girl.” Good for him!) Sungkyu’s voice is awesome, as always, and Woohyun’s is amazing. As impressive and emotional as Woohyun’s voice is, though, I find that I prefer Sungkyu’s. They just sound so–cool. I don’t know why. Love it. Sungjong sounds like a girl. As always. The falsetto at the chorus is fantastic. They sing it live so well too. And they do a great job making it sound emotional. Nice. The lyrics (found here) are really depressing, but I can’t quite figure out what they mean. They make me feel sad, though.

English–very very little. Pretty much just the words “Paradise” and “hopeless world.” No problems, fellas! Well done! I’m proud of Infinite for mostly staying away from English, and thus avoiding negativity due to terrible accents or ridiculous nonsense. Except in “Nothing’s Over” (or should I say “Nothing Sober?”)

The dance is pretty much awesome, as usual. There’s the live version here. Lots of hip-thrusting. Therefore I doubt I will ever be able to learn it. Noooo! But they’re crazy in-sync, of course, and super impressive. They’re so good at dancing! Gah!

Oh, looks! To be honest–they look amazing. Haircuts, outfits, makeup, everything. I have zero complains. Except that during their live performances, L wears this ridiculous open-backed sweater. Made me laugh XD The background sets are awesome, the clothes are awesome, the lighting is awesome. I think they did a fantastic job, styling-wise. Very visually appealing in every aspect.

And quickly some names: Leader Sungkyu at 0:33 and 0:56 and 2:00. L at 0:22 and 2:21 and 2:59. Lead singer Woohyun at 1:07 and 1:19 and 2:10. Baby Sungjong at 0:42 and 2:29. Sungyeol at 1:50 and 2:35. Rapper/dancer Dongwoo at 2:45. Triple-threat Hoya at 1:14 and 1:24 and 1:39.

And that’s it for that song. I love it, I do, but maybe it’s just that I don’t love it as much as my sister, and that makes me think I don’t like it that much. I still listen to it a lot, though. The live performances are better. I just don’t know anymore 😛


Next, FT Island’s new song, “Like the Birds”! It’s actually a remake of an older song (originally by Byun Ji Sup in 1988) from their remake album, “Memory in FT Island.” I’m not totally sure why they made a remake album, but hey, not complaining! I love FTI!

I really like this song. It’s catchy and upbeat and heck, I just love FT Island. I really like the rapping, too (Seunghyun!) (and Jaejin!) There’s no dancing in the video, of course–they’re not a boyband–but that doesn’t take away from their obvious talent or the awesomeness of the song itself. I’ve never heard the original, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the new version.

Vocals are, of course, amazing. Hongki, Jaejin and Seunghyun team up to make a flawless vocal/rap line. Hongki is mind-blowingly awesome, I tell you. I can’t even fathom it. The song is quite light-hearted and starts off pretty peaceful, then gains some momentum. Ahh, love it. Very different from the last song, though. Very different style and feel.

The video is nothing special in terms of originality or creativity, but I still really like it. FT Island (or rather, the people who make their music videos) have a great way of setting the mood with the lighting, clothing and locations. There’s a somewhat washed-out, sepia look to the video, which goes right with the fact that it’s an old song. They’re wearing simple clothes and they’re in some desert somewhere, or in a odd old building that lets light stream in through the walls. For a large part of the video they’re riding on this big…all-terrain vehicle? I don’t know what it is. I’m no car expert. Regardless, I think they did an awesome job with it, even if there’s no plot or anything. It just makes you smile, because they all look so happy and like they’re having loads of fun.

I’ve actually never looked up the lyrics for this song yet. Here they are! Ah, it appears they’re about wanting to get out of the normal routine of life and be free and fly “like the birds.” Very refreshing break from the normal “I love you!” or “Come back to me!” messages that permeate k-pop. There’s also very little English, which I like, and what there is all makes pretty good sense. FT Island isn’t exactly known for their understandable English, so I’m more than happy. The only problem I have is the line “Oh yes I wanna touch the cloud.” Not only is Jaejin’s accent a tad strong, but it sounds like he just forgot the ‘s’ on the end of ‘cloud’ which is a common thing for Koreans to do, because their concept of plurals is very different from ours. So that makes it sound a little awkward.

I’ve already talked about the looks a little, but I’ll just wrap this up by saying I still love Jaejin’s blond ‘do, as well as Hongki’s curly hair. So cute! And the others look fantastic as well. What a good-looking band. The clothes are great as well, with nothing weird or even stand-outish, but still chic and really cool. And I like the scenes when they’re literally just wearing t-shirts and jeans. It looks so good, somehow. I like the natural, comfortable look of it. I wish you saw idols in normal clothes more often. It almost makes them seem more human, you know? Not to always be dressed up and crazily styled. All their clothes are dark, average colours, with shades of brown, black, grey, and white. I like it a lot. A lot a lot. 😀

Okay, now all that’s left is names and then I’ll be done! Yay! (This double-feature stuff is exhausting -_-) We’ve got lead singer Hongki at 0:10 and 0:41, Rapper/guitarist Seunghyun at 0:21 and 1:52, drummer Minhwan at 0:17 and 0:31, rapper/bassist Jaejin at 1:00 and 2:00, and lead guitar Jonghun at 0:13 and 2:05.

And that all! I’m done. I love this song, and the entire album is quite beautiful. FT Island never disappoints. They’re such a great band. I feel like they don’t get enough recognition. I also find that I like them better when I’m actually listening to them, while I forget how much I love them in the meantime. The song is really good, and I like pretty much everything about it. Nicely done, FT Island.

Okay. I’m done. Two very excellent songs, people. Two excellent bands. Very different, but both awesome in their own ways. Now I only have…a bajillon other songs to review. Oy. And NaNoWriMo (a writing conest in November) is coming up, so I won’t be able to post at all, or at least very often, for a month. Plus, that’s my 1-year K-pop/drama anniversary, which I was planning to write something special for. Awwww 😦 We’ll see what happens.



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