SotD-MYNAME’s “Message”

It’s been a while since we got this excited about a brand new group. In fact, the last time was with B1A4 in April. I’d heard a bit about this group “MYNAME” but didn’t actually think much of it, for some reason. I guess I just didn’t have high expectations. I didn’t even watch their music video when it first came out (though in my defense, I did plan on it, eventually). But then Maggie told me she’d liked it a lot, so I checked it out, and it was INSTANT LOVE. Go MYNAME (BTW, terrible name. So hard to look them up -_-).

So here’s the music video:

I don’t know exactly what it is about this song that I love so much. A big one goes to the dance–it’s so awesome XD I love the heck out of it. Seriously. Daebak. I loved it from the moment I saw it. But the song–it’s just inexplicably epic. It’s super-catchy and fun and great. It actually totally reminds me of Block B’s “Tell Them” (which I also love, and which also has an Epic Dance). The beginning is pretty average, song-wise, but then it hits the chorus and it’s like AMAZING.

There is no plot to explain in this video, which is a relief for poor old me. Just lots of dancing and some close-ups. And some awesome backgrounds and outfits. The lyrics (found here) are about…sending a message! Surprise surprise! No, but seriously, they’re cuter than that. This guy is saying he’s sending her a message with his heart, and he’s waiting for her reply. It’s sweet and hopeful, and I rather like them.

As for the English, it’s actually not tooooo bad. Most would beg to differ, seeing as they pronounce “message” as “me-sa-ji” but that’s actually the legit pronunciation in Korean. That’s the Korean word for message. So they’re technically not speaking English. Just  butchered anglicized Korean. But there are some other pretty bad (I mean funny XD) parts. The fact that they use “Just ri gi ding ri gi ding ri gi dong dong” as a line is funny enough. HA. It brings back memories of a certain SHINee song…hehe. I’ve always wanted that song as a ringtone. Now it has a contender. And they have one other offending line, which goes “Go to the top, we ain’t no stop.” Just…ha. Talk about double negatives. That make no sense. I’m so used to bad English by now. I no longer find it put-offish, but endearing and funny. Unless, of course, it’s embarrassingly bad. But this isn’t awful. This makes me giggle.

As for the dance–yes. Just yes. The dance is so epically epic. It’s vaguely reminiscent of 2PM’s b-boy style, with some flips and floorwork and headstands and such. And there’s jumping and other awesome things. And it’s just so fun to watch. Love the stomping. It’s simple enough at times to replicate, but at other times it’s quite ingeniously clever and complex. I love it so much. I’m extremely impressed with this groups dance skills and their synchronization, and I cannot WAIT to see what they come up with next.

As for the rapping, though–I’m not a fan. I don’t find their rappers particularly strong. Definitely room for improvement. In my opinion. Maybe I just don’t like their style–I don’t know, I know nothing about rapping.

As for looks–two thumbs up! I love the outfits they wear in this video, and all their hairsyles. The background sets are all really intense and epic, and there is pretty much nothing to complain about. The members are also pretty much extremely good-looking, for the most part. I love Seyong, who is constantly smiling. Like ZE:A’s Kwanghee and Block B’s U-Kwon. I love those kind of members. While everyone else is looking intense and serious or sexy, they’re just a-smilin’ away, happy as can be. Awesome. I also love his red hair and his mad dance skills. New favourite. (There’s also a fellow ’95-er in the group. So littleeeee!)

I will not lie–it took me forever to figure out who’s who. I still can’t quite get them straight. I don’t know why. I can tell them apart just fine. I just can’t figure out which one is which. I get their names all mixed up. But from what I can tell–Seyong is the one at the beginning with the red hair; he seems to be the main dancer and a rapper. Insoo is the one who sings next, and looks strangely like JYJ’s Junsu and Teen Top’s Changjo. He’s a main singer. I believe the next one is Gunwoo, at 0:39, who appears to be the leader and another main vocalist. He looks very much like Park Kiwoong, if anyone knows who that is (he’s an actor, now acting in the Musical). The first one to rap I believe is JunQ (Jun-kyu) who is, obviously, a rapper. At 1:51 is a sub-vocalist, Chaejin. I believe he’s the maknae. Anyways, that’s what I got out of this. Do not hold me to it. I could be wrong on some facts.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that this band was debuted by Hwanhee, a popular singer/actor. He used to be in the R&B duo Fly to the Sky with Brian Joo. So a lot of people were anticipating this group. (Alas, I believe Hwanhee is now in the military, and cannot see how well his boyband is doing). Anyways, the band’s been getting a really hot response, and they deserve it. What a SOLID debut. There are very few bands with such good debut songs and videos. I am majorly impressed.

So anyways, I’ll definitely be looking out for this band, because so far, I’m in love. Seriously. How awesome are they?? I’m just disappointed that they only came out with a single album. I was totally excited to see what else they had for me. So yeah, awaiting a comeback 😀 I have high hopes for these five boys. They have a lot of potential. Pure win.So for now, MYNAME fighting!



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