Video of the Day-B1A4’s “A Chance Encounter”

Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t even. I don’t know how I haven’t seen this before now, but today I watched the video of B1A4 (the cutest rookie band to ever live) practicing their performance of “A Chance Encounter” (which isn’t their song–originally by Song Gol Mae) and I just about died laughing. Best thing I ever saw. HA!

It would appear that they did this performance for a “retro day” on Star King. Maybe elsewhere as well, I’m not sure. This particular video was shown on their show, BABA B1A4. I want to watch it. Anyways, it’s a super old song, from the ’80s. It sounds familiar, though…I think I’ve heard others sing it. Maybe…Super Junior?

So the video is simple–five adorable, hilarious boys doing a adorable, hilarious dance. OMG SO FUNNY. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. They make full use of their infamous “bean sprout dance,” which I mentioned in my “Beautiful Target” post. They also do plenty of butt-shaking, hip-thrusting (lol!), shuffling, jumping, and yelling. They also referenced a LOT of moves from other bands’ popular dances–you can find some of Beast’s Soom, T-ara’s Roly Poly, Big Bang’s Tonight, MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa, G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker, Jang Woo Hyuk’s Time is [L]over, Miss A’s Breathe, 2PM’s Hands Up, SNSD’s Gee, Orange Caramel’s “Magic Girl”, and possibly more. And the best part is that they keep a totally straight face through the whole thing. HOW??? I’m laughing my head off. The make some faces, but they never laugh or really smile, even. It’s makes it so much funnier ­čśŤ

Super, super dorky. Super hyper and lame. Super cheesy. And super awesome. I had to watch it like four times to make sure I caught everything. I cannot get over how ridiculously funny this is. HAHAHA. Ohh, B1A4. They must be one of their strangest groups out there. Seriously. What a bucnh of dorks. LOVE THEM. B1A4 FTW!

Oh, and for all you new fans out there, that’s Jinyoung in all black, Baro in the dark blue shirt, CNU with the long hair, white shirt and grey bottoms (shorts? Pants?), Gongchan in the white t-shirt and black pants, and Sandeul in red. They are my new favourite band. Seriously, they’re getting pretty high up there on my charts. They are amazing.

Anyways, useless post. Just wanted everyone to know about it. Because it’s daebak. No lie. I beg someone to show me something more┬áridiculously┬ácute. (I’m kidding. There are plenty out there. But I’d love to see them, so feel free to send them to me ­čśë Oh, k-pop…)



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