Song Dump #2-Random Artists

I have another one! I like writing these because there are so many songs I love that don’t have videos, and will therefore probably never get reviews. But I still want to spread the love, y’know? I was actually planning on doing a song dump for each of my favourite bands, because there are always so many songs sans videos I’d like to review. However, I decided that before that I wanted to do one or two more of just random songs by those random artists I have a couple of songs by. Because their songs are awesome too! I’ll probably be leaving some out, though, because I might want to do mini-posts devoted to them specifically. Only the very best ones.

Anyways, here we go! I’ll just keep going until I think it’s long enough 🙂 I’ll be going in alphabetical order by artist, FYI. Go!

B1A4’s “Only One”

I really, realllly love B1A4. They have a special place in my heart. They have a lot of really fun, catchy songs, and there are no songs by them I don’t like But this one is different than their others. It’s slow and soft and a little sad. And the vocals are seriously beautiful. The background music (which has a lot of piano and guitar) is soft enough to really bring out the quality of their voices. It’s a really sweet song, and I have come to really love it. It helps that it has a ridiculous English chorus (“I pray no tears in your dreams. I know you’ll fly high in your life”) that is great fun to sing along to soulfully. I also LOVE Baro’s slow rap, especially with the vocals in the back. It sounds fantastic. And I love the “You are the only one” line. It’s so–perfect. This song is surprisingly emotion-inducing. Ahh, great. An excellent song that could be easily overlooked.

Block B’s “U Hoo Hoo”

Block B, B1A4’s greatest rookie rival 😀 They’re not as much my style, but they have a couple songs that I totally love, and dang if the band isn’t flipping hilarious. This is one of those songs. Their rapping is just so great. But there’s a little more real vocals in this one than their others. And they’re actually really good. It helps that this song is super-catchy, and has a lot of (pretty good) English that is easily imitated. Makes it even better 😀 I feel like this song could be easily overlooked next to all their loud, beat-heavy songs, but I like it better 🙂

C-Real’s “What Is This?”

A girl group! :O I love this song. My favourite part is probably that random guy’s rapping. He’s awesome! Who is he? He makes this song perfect 😀 And I love the melody. And the vocals. The song is soft and cute, but fun, and really catchy. There’s something about the chorus that I love. I also really like all the ad-libs by the members (and that guy ^^) and it really added to the mood of the song. Overall, a great song with a catchy tune and great vocalists, as well as rappers. Love it!

Clazziquai Project’s “Tell Yourself”

Something non-k-pop! I’m not sure what this band is. I guess it is pop, but it’s more of an Indie, experimental style. Well, they’re a pretty sweet band, and they have beautiful, whimsical music. Gorgeous. They also have both females and males, as well as several English-speakers. So the pronunciation is great. The fact that it often makes no sense, however, is unforgivable. Shame on you! This song is really cool nonetheless, and feels almost dream-like and calming and phantasmagoric. It’s something about the synth-y music and the girl’s voice and the background vocals blending together to make some realy whimsical, awesome music. It’s fantastic. I’ve also had this song since the very beginning of my k-pop days, so it brings back memories :’D

Co-Ed’s “Bbiribbom Bberibbom”

This song actually has a (really weird) music video, but I doubt I’ll ever get around to reviewing it. The song itself is really catchy and repetitive, and cool because of the use of autotune and intense synths. And the dance is quite cool, too. I really like the rapping and the blend of the males’ and females’ voices. And the colourful costumes 😀 Awesome! Such. A catchy. Song. Addictive, but really interesting. Not something you see often. It’s fun and easy to sing, and I really like it. Never fails to amuse me XD

Jang Geun Suk’s “My Bus”

Lol! This song is actually more funny than actually quality music. I’m not saying it’s bad. It just makes me laugh. XD It’s actually from the Mary Stayed Out All Night OST. I never watched the drama, nor did my sister. I don’t know how she found it. It’s kind of hard rock (his character’s in a rock band), and it’s so intense that it’s ridiculous. And it just sounds so weird, because Geun Suk has such a unique voice. The song’s almost haunting, in a way, especially paired with the background vocals (which I love) and the driving beat and loud guitars and drums. The English lyrics are a tad too laughable to take the song seriously, though. What’s he saying about his bus??  But it makes the song all the more enjoyable to sing along to. Very loudly, if possible. Good times 😀

Kim Jang Hoon’s “Breakups are So Typical of Me” (ft. Kim Heechul)

I’ll admit that I only listened to this song because it featured Super Junior’s Heechul. (Before he entered the army, of course.) And it’s possible that I only fell in love with it because Jang Hoon performed it with the help of my beloved Yesung. But I really like it a lot. And the video that went with it, which is really simple and not too exciting, but somehow emotional, especially because you know Heechul’s leaving for the army right after that. I like how you can see their friendship so clearly. They’re there for business reasons, but they’re having fun and enjoying each others’ company. They’re so cute 😀 The hug at the end is really what gets you. Aww. Anyways, I also really like the song for the catchy English (XD) and the shoutouts to SJ (Sorry sorry sorry…Simple simple simple). Jang Hoon’s voice is really unique, and Heechul’s is surprisingly strong and nice-sounding. And I also like the “Ha-ha-haha!” parts. It turned out to be a really really good song, and I like it very much. One of those songs you don’t get tired of easily. The performances are great fun to watch, too 😛 Those SuJu boys.

Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry”

This song does have a music video, but it is terribly sad and made me cry forever D: The meaning and visuals and acting are all gorgeous, and I love the video, but it’s just SO DEPRESSING. The song still gives me the shivers and teary eyes. Bom has a really powerful, emotional voice. The piano is really beautiful, but heartbreaking. The way the music often stops, then starts up again even louder makes it really emotional, somehow. The song sounds like it should be uplifting and all that, but it’s just too sad! Gah! So I love it, but I hate it for making me cry. The sadness is never ending. But it’s such a beautiful song, and a beautiful music video. Seriously.

Okay, I have many more, but I think I’ll end there. I think I’ll do one more random artists song dump, then some artist-specific ones. Okay? Okay! Ahh, so many to get through… Anyways, I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do. Good stuff, my friends 😀 To all these bands previously mentioned, fighting!



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