SotD-AA’s “Because I’m Crazy”

It’s ooooout! New boyband AA (aka Double A) started performing their debut song, “Because I’m Crazy,” almost a week ago, and now they finally released the music video. I was very excited. I even watched it at school, which is where I am now. Shame on me.

So when this band first started performing, I watched it with low expectations. The only thing that caught my interest was that one of the band members composed the song, and another choreographed the dance. Also, there was one named Kimchi. Ha! He’s adorable.

Before you watch this video, let me warn you: the dance is a liiiiiittle weird. You will probably laugh. I know I did. But I also think it is somewhat awesome. Heck, I could never pull it off! And believe me, I’ve tried. It was an epic failure. So give them some credit. That’s pretty impressive, if they can move like that. Hehe.

So here’s the video:

Wasn’t that just the greatest thing? 😀 Okay, so it’s not mind-blowingly good, as MyName’s “Message” was. But I gotta say, I like it. The song’s really catchy, and the choreography is impressive, and all of the band members seem pretty talented (and good-looking). We’ll definitely be looking out for them.

BUT! We liked the song well enough for us to look up their debut album (which has a whole one other song on it) and we freaking looooooooved the other one. So much that after a minute, we had already decided it was our new favourite. It’s a pretty different style, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold. It’s called “Call Me” and I’ve listened to it about a thousand times already. It’s so beautiful :’D WOW. You don’t even know how much we love it.

Anyways, back to the song. I was really impressed with their debut performances. They seem really confident. This was something we immediately noticed about Aoora in particular. He seems to have no qualms about performing, and he’s totally out there. His voice is loud and clear, and he has an excellent stage presence. He’s totally confident and charismatic, and there’s something about him that you just have to love. He’s so awesome. Maknae Hoik is more on the stiff and awkward side, though, and has very little expression and acting skills, but he has the vocals to make up for it. His voice is really unique and catches you off guard. Joowon is immediately noticeable for his striking good looks–he makes you think that they only picked him for that reason. However, he shows his worth with some pretty strong vocals/rap as well. But seriously. Does he not have that perfect-looking face? Almost fake (and for all we know, some of it could be. Not that I’m judging). My favourite, however, has to be blond-haired Kimchi, who is just too cute and awesome to ignore. I don’t know what makes me love him. Maybe it’s the hyper maknae vibes he gives off. Maybe it’s his surprisingly strong, impressive vocals. Whatever it is, I love him.

But definitely the most–interesting member is Woosang. He choreographed the dance. He’s also worked with other, very popular bands to choreograph dances (I believe Super Junior included). But he has this vibe that I can only explain as…well, gay. Not that I’m judging him at all. But to be quite honest, of all the k-pop idols I’ve seen before, he is the most likely to be gay. I have nothing against gay people. I just can’t get over it. The way he dances and stands and poses is just extraordinarily feminine. Everyone’s calling the whole dance gay, but I think it’s just because you see Woosang strutting around and such. I can’t deny that I find his dancing pretty annoying. And a tiny bit on the creepy side. Sorry, man. I don’t hate you for it, like some people do. It’s just undeniable. And since it was he that choreographed the dance, well…it’s pretty feminine too. Aha.

Anyways, enough of that. Let’s move on to the video. Which is basically just them in flashy rooms wearing cool clothes, dancing. Go figure! (It reminds me slightly of most Super Junior videos…) Oh, plus some close-ups. Don’t forget the close-ups. Everyone likes to see the members up close in high definition when they’re watching it at school during class. Haha. Anyways, the outfits are pretty cool, but not too out there, which I like. Except for Aoora’s spine necklace. That’s just plain creepy. *shuddershudder* The lights and everything add a nice touch, too. Especially the way they’re coordinated with the music. Ohhh, fancy. I also kind of like the parts where it’s just a couple members. Also, those parts when they’re not moving but the background is…I always like those XD It’s so cool.

Okay, onto the English. There’s quite a bit, but it’s actually quite good. In fact, it’d be perfect if it wasn’t for this little rap part: “Everyday, Every single day nado jigyowo Baby/Let me love you down/Break my heart, Break your heart/Let‘s come back-back-back-back-back/To the start.” Ehhhh….it’s pretty awkward. Let me love you down? What does that even mean? Otherwise, the pronunciation is fine, and the extent of the understandable English is actually quite impressive. Overall, well done. The English translation is here, and it’s pretty easy to figure out on your own. I’m in a hurry, so I won’t elaborate now.

Okay, time to talk about the dance. It makes me laugh every time. I’m sorry, but they look slightly ridiculous. I mean, the dance is great, it’s quite impressive, and I love it. But those body waves are undeniably too smooth for guys not to look weird. Totally sexy, but more of a girl thing. Actually, no, not a girl thing. It just requires flexibility that most guys do not possess, nor show off in that way. Anyways, as much as I think it’s odd, I love it. The rest of the dance is pretty much awesome. I like it a lot. Not that I could ever replicate it without looking like an idiot, but that usually means it’s even better. They’re really talented–that much is obvious. I’m constantly impressed with their skills. But the choreography probably didn’t help them. Most people are calling it “too gay.” I don’t care what they say–I think it’s great. Anyways, I still laugh, but I’m laughing with them, not at them. Big difference. Good stuff!

Oh, one more thing. I really like the whole song, but my favourite part is definitely when Aoora and Kimchi are both singing different things at the same time. Like a song battle. It sounds really cool, and it’s just great every time. Ohh, and the end pose! haha ^^ They look so cool.

Okay, so enough of that. I’ll just list off the members now, and I’ll be done. I’ll go from favourite to least favourite, I suppose. The cute blonde main vocal Kimchi is at 1:03 and 2:02. The really-awesome main vocal/composer/rapper Aoora is at 0:19 and 1:41. The perfect-looking rapper Joowon is at 0:13 and 1:33. The awkward maknae-vocal Hoik at 0:48 and 1:48. And the feminine choreographer and leader Woosang at 0:34 and 2:33.

And that about wraps it up! I gotta say, I’m quite impressed with this group. Especially the two main vocals. They’re really good. And the fact that they produced and choreographed their own work. Very nice 😀  And”Call Me” is just amazingly awesome. So yeah, I’ll for sure be keeping an eye out for them. They seem like they could go really far. AA, fighting!



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